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This site will be taken down June 30, 2018.

The Penn Online Research Tutorial (PORT) site was built with old software that is neither sustainable nor secure.
The pages have not been maintained, but they can be consulted for historical reference on the Internet Archive.
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The first step in the research process is often to develop a research question that is appropriate for your assignment, interesting and neither too broad nor too narrow. Although researchers have different techniques for developing topics, this section guides you through a standard path.
Online citation style guides.
There are laws protecting intellectual property: texts, music, art, multi-media, etc. You can avoid plagiarism and still violate copyright law.
Did you know?
...that there are a number of offices on campus that can help you understand and avoid plagiarism. Good places to seek assistance are the Office of Learning Resources and the Office of Student Conduct.
Scholarly Documentation
Before you can use any citation style appropriately, you need a basic understanding of the concepts involved in proper documentation.
Penn's plagiarism policy
Penn's definition of plagiarism and the possible consequences of committing it.
Paraphrase examples
Copying the exact words of another scholar isn't the only way to commit plagiarism.
Common Knowledge
Some facts don't need to be cited.
Documentation Tips
Tips and practices that will help you avoid plagiarism (and be a better researcher).