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This site will be taken down June 30, 2018.

The Penn Online Research Tutorial (PORT) site was built with old software that is neither sustainable nor secure.
The pages have not been maintained, but they can be consulted for historical reference on the Internet Archive.
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Relevant information is about your topic and helps to answer your question. Some of the information may be related to the concepts in your topic and yet still not be relevant. To make good relevance judgments you need to know a good deal about your topic and what sorts of information are available. To determine the relevance of information you need to answer the following questions and use the answers to make smart decisions:

Answer the following questions to determine the relevance of information

  • What is your research question?

  • What information would help to answer it?

  • Do you need popular or scholarly resources?

  • Do you need opinions or more objective information?

  • What formats (book, journal, magazine, newspaper, etc.) of information resources would be useful?