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Types of Information
Different sorts of questions require different types of information to answer. In order to gather evidence to support an argument, you first need an idea of what types of information are suitable. You can gain a sense of which types of information are appropriate for your project by answering the questions in this section.
Do I need popular or scholarly resources?
Scholarly resources are appropriate for some sorts of research, popular resources are appropriate for others. Which type is most appropriate for yours?
How current does my information need to be?
Information about an event appears over time. You may need to consider the time frame in which information has been published.
Did you know?
...that the Library organizes its electronic resources such as databases, ejournals, and online reference works by discipline here.
What is my assignment and what are my opportunities for research?
In order to research effectively you need a solid understanding of what sort of evidence your assignment requires and what is available.
Which academic disciplines does my research touch upon?
Research papers are usually written with the goal of contributing to the dialogue of a particular discipline. To do so, a paper must follow the standards of research and evidence for that discipline.