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Keyword Search
Keyword searches allow you to search for any word(s) or phrase(s). In a Keyword Search, and is automatically added between search terms. Since Boolean operators and, or, and not are treated as search terms, do not use them unless they occur within a phrase, such as "savings and loan." For more advanced searches using Boolean operators, see Keyword Expert. Search terms can also be truncated to search for word variations.
Results are ranked using a relevancy algorithm (see below). Sort search results from new to old or old to new to locate the most relevant works by year.
* Select distinctive words (use truncation as necessary):
alchemy newton
dante petrarch sonnet?
globalization india economic
* Use quotation marks to search for phrases:
"single mother"
* Rank order of results in a relevance ranking search is determined by a relevancy algorithm. The factors that make a search result rise in the ranking are: uniqueness of search terms within the database, proximity of search terms to each other within the bibliographic record, number of different search terms present in a bibliographic record, and the fields (e.g., subject heading, author field, title field) in which the terms occur. Some of these, such as subject, carry extra weight.