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This site will be taken down June 30, 2018.

The Penn Online Research Tutorial (PORT) site was built with old software that is neither sustainable nor secure.
The pages have not been maintained, but they can be consulted for historical reference on the Internet Archive.
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Sources of Information
  Author Audience How to Find Type of Info. Time Frame
Books Scholars and specialists General public - scholars Printed books
Books online
In-depth analysis and/or overview of events and theories, good source of references Two+ years after an event
Journal Articles Scholars and specialists College students -Scholars Printed books
Books online
Presentation of research, in-depth analysis of a specific topic, good source of references 6 months+ after an event
Magazine Articles Reporters, professional writers General public Printed magazines
Magazines online
Information about popular culture, news of general interest Week/Weeks+ after an event
Newspaper Articles Reporters General public Printed Newspapers
Newspapers online
Current events, local news editorials, cultural reviews Day-Days+ after an event
Documents People and agencies affiliated with or sponsored by governments Varies by document Government documents Varies by document Days-years+ after an event
Pre-prints/ Conference Papers Scholars and specialists Scholars and specialists Finding grey literature Similar to books and journals A couple of months+ after an event
World Wide Web Anyone Anyone WWW search engines and directories Any Seconds/minutes+ after an event