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Sources of Information
  Author Audience How to Find Type of Info. Time Frame
Books Scholars and specialists General public - scholars Printed books
Books online
In-depth analysis and/or overview of events and theories, good source of references Two+ years after an event
Journal Articles Scholars and specialists College students -Scholars Printed books
Books online
Presentation of research, in-depth analysis of a specific topic, good source of references 6 months+ after an event
Magazine Articles Reporters, professional writers General public Printed magazines
Magazines online
Information about popular culture, news of general interest Week/Weeks+ after an event
Newspaper Articles Reporters General public Printed Newspapers
Newspapers online
Current events, local news editorials, cultural reviews Day-Days+ after an event
Documents People and agencies affiliated with or sponsored by governments Varies by document Government documents Varies by document Days-years+ after an event
Pre-prints/ Conference Papers Scholars and specialists Scholars and specialists Finding grey literature Similar to books and journals A couple of months+ after an event
World Wide Web Anyone Anyone WWW search engines and directories Any Seconds/minutes+ after an event