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David Azzolina

David Azzolina
Collection Development & Liaison Services Librarian
David Azzolina
David is a librarian in Van Pelt Library's Research and Instructional Services department. He is also an instructor in Folklore at Penn. He earned his BA, MA, and PhD from Penn in Folklore, concentrating on the study of oral narrative in everyday life. He also holds an MS from the School of Library Service at Columbia University. David worked in the Reference departments at Columbia, Johns Hopkins, and Rice Universities, where he was also the Social Science and Map librarian. Presently David's collection responsibilities include Religion, Folklore, and the History and Sociology of Science. He also has broad experience with U.S. and British government publications. David manages the Reference collection at Van Pelt, and is the bibliographer for the Yarnall collection, a specialized Anglican studies collection. David has published articles on multiculturalism in the American West, and has contributed to the Guide to Reference Books and a range of other library publications
Office 208 Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center
Contact info | 215-898-5322 | IM: Azzolina19104
Contact for assistance with Folklore | History & Sociology of Science | Political Science | Religious Studies | Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies
Collection Responsibilities Folklore | History & Sociology of Science | Religion | Van Pelt Reference Collection
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