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Lauris Olson

Lauris Olson
Librarian & Coordinator, Social Sciences Collections
Coordinator, Area Studies
Lauris Olson
As the Penn Libraries' social sciences bibliographer since 1998, Lauris is responsible for selecting books, journals, electronic resources, and other media supporting Penn research and instruction in sociology, political science, economics, linguistics, psychology, and related fields. Lauris coordinates collection development and management activities of subject librarians for anthropology, business, criminology, education, and social policy and practice. Lauris is also the Penn Libraries' African studies bibliographer. Lauris started at the Penn Libraries in 1991 as a Van Pelt reference librarian, but Lauris's presence at Penn began in 1975 as an undergraduate, earning BA and MA degrees in Anthropology here, alongside a Drexel library degree.
Office 203 Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center
Contact | 215-898-0119
Areas of Specialization International, Foreign, U.S., State, Local Government Documents | Nonprofit Leadership | Numismatics | Philadelphia Studies | Regional Science | Social Policy | Social Sciences Data | Social Work | Sociology | Urban Studies
Collection Responsibilities African Studies | Communication | Economics | Law | Linguistics | General Social Sciences | Political Science | Psychology | Sociology | Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies
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