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Sasha Renninger

Sasha Renninger
Digital Humanities Specialist
Sasha Renninger
Sasha works with the Office of the Deputy Director at the Museum and with Penn faculty, staff, students, librarians, and the international community, to facilitate the creation, use and re-use of Penn Museum data in both instructional and research environments. She provides expert advisory services for the creation of digital materials, and she helps to organize symposia and participates in conferences and projects internationally in support of the missions of the Museum and the Library.

Sasha's background combines academic and field experience in archeology with computer science. Before coming to Penn Libraries, she was the database administrator and web application developer for the Ur Digitization Project, a collaboration between the British Museum and the Penn Museum, where her work focused on building a comprehensive online research tool that incorporated archival, conservation, analytic, and general object research and description data types. Sasha also worked at the Penn Cultural Heritage Center and at the Penn Museum. She has done research and has been involved in excavations in both the US and Egypt.

Sasha has a BA from Penn in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and Anthropology and a Master of Computer and Information Science degree from the Penn School of Engineering.
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Contact info | 215-898-9331
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