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Bedouins showing the photographer's shadow, photographed by L. Fiorillo, fl. 1870-1889

The Holy Land Digital Image Collections and the Lenkin Family Collection of Photography

The Lenkin Family Collection comprises over 5,000 original photographs, primarily of Jerusalem and Palestine taken from 1850 to 1937, which serve as primary source materials for teaching and research across a broad spectrum of disciplines, including the history of photography, architecture, regional planning, religious studies, history, and political science. The collection also includes 813 additional photo-reproductions, a reference library of nearly 100 secondary sources, and an extensive archive of notes and documents.
Edward Lenkin, C'71, PAR'12; Dror Wahrman, Dean of the Faculty of the Humanities and Vigevani Professor of European Studies at the Hebrew University; Oren Weinberg, Director General of the National Library of Israel; Louise Strauss, C'82
National Library of Israel
03-29-2016 Lenkin Family Collection of Photography
William the Conqueror

Genealogical Chronicle of the Kings of England to Edward IV

Known as UPenn Ms. Roll 1066, this scroll was likely produced in London in the third quarter of the fifteenth century. It comprises thirteen vellum membranes, sewn together for a length of nearly thirty-seven feet, and chronicles the lineage of Yorkist king Edward IV, beginning with Adam and Eve and ending with Edward IV (born 1461). The work contains a complex illustrative schema, comprising 174 bust-length portraits in color, five mandorlas with tinted full-length portraits, and eighty roundels containing crowns as well as several classic chronicle-type scenes including the Temptation of Adam, Noah after the Flood, and the city of Jerusalem. The site offers a full transcription of the text as well as an index to the images.
08-01-2012 Genealogical Chronicle of the Kings of England
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Philadelphia General Hospital Photo Collection

Philadelphia General Hospital Photo Collection

The photo collection of the Alumnae Association of the Philadelphia General Hospital School of Nursing totals over 1500 images spanning the years 1880 to the 1970s. The collection features not only the School of Nursing, but also the wards and campus of the Philadelphia Almshouse and the Philadelphia General Hospital. The uniqueness of this photo collection lies in its impressive portrayal of life in a tax supported municipal institution as it transitioned from an almshouse to a fully fledged hospital.
05-13-2013 Philadelphia General Hospital Photo Collection
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OLAC: Open Language 
Archives Community

OLAC: Open Language Archives Community

This catalog, developed by the Open Language Archives Community (OLAC), provides access to a wealth of information about thousands of languages, including details of text collections, audio recordings, dictionaries, and software, sourced from dozens of digital and traditional archives.
12-13-2010 OLAC: Open Language Archives Community
for PACSCL Finding 

PACSCL Finding Aids

This Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries (PACSCL) site provides access to finding aids for manuscript and archival collections held by its members, a group of 35 libraries and archives, whose collections offer primary resources on national, regional, and local history; the natural and social sciences; world history; literature; religion; art and architecture; business and industry; and the performing arts.
08-23-2010 PACSCL Finding Aids
Image for Print at Penn

Print at Penn: Selected Printed Works

Print at Penn is the online repository for digitized facsimiles of print materials held by Penn's Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Penn holds enormous print resources dating from the fifteenth through the twenty-first centuries, and their digitization is an ongoing project.
Nearing completion is the Print at Penn presentation of the Fairman Rogers Collection. This collection from the personal library of Fairman Rogers (1833-1900), comprises 1,054 rare volumes on horses and horsemanship. Primarily published in the 19th century, with some imprints dating to the 16th century, these materials serve as a foundation for scholarly study of the role of the horse in the technical, scientific, and social evolution of 19th-century European and North American history.
09-26-2012 Print at Penn: Selected Printed Works
Image for South Asia 
Image Collection

South Asia Image Collection

Penn has been involved in the study of South Asia for over a century and a half. Its rich collection of materials relating to South Asia is not limited to books and journals - it includes a sizable collection of Sanskrit manuscripts, as well as large numbers of images from a variety of sources. To date, the site includes the Wheeler Image Collection and images of Buddhist architecture from the American Institute of Indian Studies.
11-19-2010 South Asia Image Collection
Image for The Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts

The Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts

The Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts (SDBM) makes available data on medieval manuscript books of five or more folios produced before 1600. Drawn from over 12,000 auction and sales catalogues, inventories, catalogues from institutional and private collections, and other sources that document sales and locations of manuscript books, the SDBM assists in locating and identifying particular manuscripts, establishing provenance, and aggregating descriptive information about specific classes or types of manuscripts.
03-18-2010 Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts