Judaica Online Exhibitions

13th Century Entanglements:
Judaism, Christianity & Islam

An Online Exhibition from the Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic
Studies 2012-2013 Fellows at the University of Pennsylvania & the Penn Libraries
Exhibition cover design adapted from a decorative incipit and illuminated motifs found in a 13th-century Latin translation of an Arabic medical treatise by a 9th/10th-century Jewish physician (Isaac Israeli/Abu Ya'qub Ishaq ibn Suleiman al-Isra'ili)) to the Fatimid Caliph Ubaid Allah al-Mahdi (909-34) in Qairawan (found in present-day Tunisia). The original codex, a miscellany of the fundamental medical textbooks of thirteenth-century Paris, is found in the Lawrence J. Schoenberg Collection at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries, manuscript 24 (decorative elements on folio 51 verso, 52 recto and elsewhere). Design credit: Leslie Vallhonrat.