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Nature between Science and Religion:
Jewish Culture and the Natural World

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from Uraltes  chymisches  Werk: Youth or Hermes, with caduceus and wearing petasos. He is being scythed down by Death, flying and wearing a flying loop of drapery and, as a hat, a winged hourglass. A small dragon sits nearby, shooting flames from its mouth
The image shown here is taken from the second edition of Uraltes chymisches Werk... (Age-Old Chymical Work) published (according to the title page) in Leipzig in 1760. The work was first published in Erfurt in 1734 and is attributed on the title page to R. Abrahami Eleazaris, a Jewish alchemist. The Jewish Encyclopedia states that Eleazar's name is likely to have been fictional, and the real author might have been Julius Gervasius of Schwarzenberg.