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Anthropology and Archaeology - Selected Websites

The following links bring you to resources within anthropological subdisciplines and related fields. The links include particular resources that are restricted to current Penn students, faculty and staff as well as selected web sites. Web sites are updated periodically. Most recent update: 10/20/98.
  • General resources in anthropology - This includes library catalogs, indexes and abstracts for article searching, electronic journals, anthropology museum web sites and more.
  • Archaeology - Includes Databases, References Sources and archaeology related web sites pertaining to both Old World and New World Archaeology.
  • Cultural and linguistic anthropology - Includes Indexes and Abstracts as well as Reference sources and selected web sites pertaining to cultural antrhopology.
  • Physical and medical anthropology - Includes links to Indexes, Abstracts, References sources, as well as a few selected web sites.
  • Egyptology - Includes links to Indexes, Abstracts and References sources, as well as several selected web sites.
  • Museology - Links to References and other related web sites.