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EAS 545/546: Engineering Entrepreneurship


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For help with bibliographic citations use PORT: PENN Online Research Tutorial

Executive Biographies

Who is the company head(s)? What is their background, education, past work experience, and product invention? In addition to the sources listed below, do a patent search by the inventor's name to see what other products they have patented and for what companies.

  1. Thomson One. (Note: works only in Internet Explorer 7.0 and above.)
    Includes SEC filings. Links to Analyst Reports.
    From Thomson ONE, type a ticker or company name in the left search box. For information on founders do a Filings Search for thecompany's S-1 filing(s) (the registration). You can also search the Proxy for executive and director bios.

  2. Bloomberg
    Available only at Lippincott Library or Huntman Hall. Includes biographies of management as well as links to news stories about individuals
  3. Westlaw LivEdgar.
    SEC filings.
    Sample Search: Do a global search. search by company name and filing type = s-1.
  4. Lexis/Nexis Academic Index
    Another source for executive biographies. Search by executive name for articles about this individual.
    Sample Search: Go to Reference and select Biographies.
  5. Hoover's
    Provides detailed executive biographies.
  6. ZoomInfo
    Free web site.
Company Information

*  Directories

  1. Hoover's Online Provides company histories, financial snapshots, competitors and other company information.
    Sample Search: Search by Company Name.
  2. Mergent Manuals
    Includes detailed company histories including acquisitions, mergers and divestitures. These were previously called Moody's Manual and go back to the early 1900's. Also includes Global Industry Reports.
    Print volumes are located at the Lippincott Library Reference area. Older editions are in the Lippincott Peck Collection.
  3. Orbis
    Connects you to company financials, peer comparisons and Datamonitor Reports.
    Sample Search: Search by a company name.
    Sample Result: Use the tabs at the top of the page to link to financials, comparison reports. Click on the red arrow to access the Datamonitor reports.
  4. Privco. Database of information on 21,000 private companies with revenue of 10 million $ or more annually.
  5. SDC
    Available only in Lippincott Library, provides detailed information about IPOs, Mergers and Acquistions, and any VC funding.
  6. Thomas Register
    The most comprehensive online resource for finding companies and products manufactured in North America. (Requires free registration)
  7. RefUSA

*  Analyst Reports

Although meant for Investors, Analyst reports are a good way to get information about companies and industries.

  1. Thomson One. (Note: works only in Internet Explorer 7.0 and above.)
    Access via Thomson ONE Banker. Analyst Reports. Click on the Research link under Company Analysis. Then click on Conduct Research. Search by ticker, name or keyword.
  2. Note: this resource only works in Internet Explorer 7.0 and above.
Industry Information

Industry Overviews and Market Research Reports provide detailed information about market share, trends, leading companies and new product developments. Industry Classification is one way to begin a search.

*  Industrial Classification Codes

  1. NAICS
    The industry classification system used by the statistical agencies of the United States.
    Sample Search: Do a keyword search: electromedical.

*  Industry Information

Industry Reports can be found in several databases above, including Business Source Complete (Datamonitor. Select Industry Overview), Orbis (Datamonitor) and Mergent Manuals.

  1. BCC Research. Covers Biotechnology, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Energy
  2. CleanTech. Focus on alternative energy innovation.
  3. Datamonitor 360.
    Market Research Reports. Strong emphasis on pharmaceuticals and biotech.
    Sample Search: In Search box, type: Drug Delivery.
  4. Datamonitor Reports can be accessed via Osiris
    Contains Datamonitor Industry and Company Reports, United States focus. To access the reports use the Expert Search.
    Sample Search: Click on the red chevron at the top of the page. Click Industry tab and select "alphabetical list" or click "Company" and type in a company name.
  5. Faulkner's Advisory for IT Studies
    Reports on areas of interest to IT, communications managers, and specialists in the areas of computer and communications technologies.
    Sample Search: Click on Healthcare IT. Select RFID. Review articles and product reviews.
  6. Forrester
    Requires registration. The first time used, you must register from this Library link. After that, go to and log in. Technology and market research company that provides information on technology's impact on business and consumers.
    Sample Search: Keyword Search: RFID. Narrow results by topic or industry.
  7. IBIS World. Access to detailed reports on over 700 United States industries. Reports include information such as industry outlook, products and markets, competitive landscape, and statistics.
  8. IDC. Information technology. Do a keyword search and then click on my research to access reports included in our subscription.
  9. Inteleos. Search for worldwide pharmaceutical market intelligence and regulatory coverage. Details include clinical trails (sponsor, status, study design) committee names, company names, development timelines, drug class drug name geographic location, product type and regulations
  10. Academic
    Good coverage of biotech industry
  11. Medical eTrack. Focused on the medical device and medical equipment industries. Very detailed information on companies, deals, products.
  12. Mergent Manuals.
    Global Industry Overviews.
  13. Standard and Poor's Net Advantage
    Industry reports and more.
    Sample Search: Click on Industry. Use alphabetical hierarchy. Select Biotechnology.
*  Articles: Business
  1. ABI/Inform Proquest
    Sample Search: First search box: Adhesives. Second search box: (trends or outlook). Look at Suggested Topics for additional search terms.
  2. Business and Industry
    Good place to find new product introductions and industry trends. Use the menu options to set up your query. Product Codes let you search by the product. Use the Look Up feature to locate the correct code. Use the search menus.
    Sample Search: Title Words: drug delivery.
  3. Business Source Complete
    This is a good place to find trade and industry publications, including product reviews (use Document Type to limit to this.) Use the Subjects Tab to look up database specific descriptors.
    Sample Search: RFID OR Radio frequency identification systems
  4. Dow Jones Factiva
    Covers news as well as company information. You can search for articles back to the early 1980's.
    Sample Search: Click on the "Search" tab. Select the company tab to limit search to a company. Change the date range to "all dates". Add a keyword.
    Sample Search: Sample Search: Click on the "Company Markets tab". Search by a company name or ticker.
  5. Promt
    Includes many trade publications; covers new product announcements, marketing strategies, and other information.
    Sample Search: Search by a company name, such as Imaging Dynamics.

*  Articles: Scientific/Technical
  1. Compendex The broad subject areas of engineering and applied science are comprehensively represented.
  2. Faulkner's Advisory for IT Studies.
  3. INSPEC. Covers physics, electrical engineering, electronics, communications, control engineering, computers and computing, robotics, and information technology.
  4. Scopus . Indexes most peer reviewed journals in science, technology, and medicine.
  5. Pubmed Plus.
Company Financials

Use these databases to find SEC Filings and financial data. Filings will offer company assets and liabilities in dollar figures, income data, operating expenses, sales, etc. S-1s will give you prospectus/founder information; 10-Ks offer annual accounting; proxy statements include executive compensation; annual reports often include management discussion.

  1. Dow Jones Factiva
    Sample Search: Click on Companies/Markets and search by ticker symbol or company name.
  2. Osiris
    Comprehensive directory of United States publicly traded companies.
    Sample Search: Search by company name or ticker. Click on Company Report. Check financials. Look at Peer Analysis.
  3. Thomson ONE. (Note: works only in Internet Explorer 7.0 and above.)
    International database of public companies and their filings.
    In Thomson ONE, search by company name or ticker.

Financial Ratios/Business Plans
  1. Bizminer. Small business financials by industry and metro regions. Includes failure rates for start-ups.
  2. RMA eStatements
  3. Business Expense Report. U.S. Census. Updated every five years.
  4. Industry Norms and Key Business Ratios
    Lippincott Ref Desk HA 214. D815
  5. Financial statements of small business.
  6. Business Plans Handbook. Real examples of business plans.
    Lippincott Library Reference Desk HD62.7 B865.
Venture Capital
  1. FactSet. Available at Lippincott Library only. Ask at the Reference Desk.
  2. Thomson ONE. (Note: works only in Internet Explorer 7.0 and above.)
    Click on Screening and Analysis in left frame. Then click on Private Equity.
    Sample Search: Search by Funds or Firms and Industry Focus.

  3. Private Equity Info. Directory.
  4. Private Equity Analyst.
  5. Westlaw Business (formerly LivEdgar). Click on the Private Equity tab. News, deals, forms.
  6. SDC Platinum. Another option for searching Thomson Private Equity. Available in Lippincott Library.
  7. Galante's Venture Capital & Private Equity Directory
    Lippincott Library Reference DeskHG 4961 V36 (Also CD-ROM: ask at Lippincott Reference Desk).

Searching the current patent literature will give you an idea of similar technologies in existence and the companies that produce them. If there are several patents in existence for related technologies, then maybe your idea is not new. Check the claims information in existing patents to make sure your idea is not infringing on those patents.

Patents also give you a large amount of technical information, with detailed descriptions and diagrams. Operational information, along with names of founders and competitors, can often be gleaned from patents.

If you are doing a patent search as preparation to filing a patent application, it is critical to consult a patent attorney and not just rely on searching the following resources.

  1. Derwent Innovations (DII).
    DII allows you to search against enhanced titles and abstracts, as well as the Derwent Manual and Derwent and International Patent Classification (IPC) codes for patents from 1963 to the present from 40 major patent-issuing authorities. You can use the assignee field to search for a competitor's patents.
    Sample Search: (RFID or radio frequency identification) AND drug test* in Topic.
    Sample Title: Disposable container maintenance/tracking/identification method in drug testing industry, involves separating radio frequency identification device from vial for reuse, after scanning RFID.

    Sample Search: Assignee Search: IBM or International Business Machines in Assignee field.
    Sample Search: Inventor Search: Gorte RJ in Inventor field.
    Alternative Inventor Search: Gorte R* in Inventor field - broadens search to include any or no middle initial.
  2. Derwent Innovations Index Tutorials & Guides
  3. Patent Term Guarantee Overview.
  4. FAQ: Are Patents Renewable?
  5. FAQ: How long does patent protection last?
  6. Thomson Guide to Kind Codes
    Status of the patent (application, examined, granted, etc.)
  7. Delphion Guide to Kind Codes
    Includes EP and WO codes.
  8. Patent Kind Codes
    The letter or letter-number code that appears after the Patent number indicates whether the patent is at the application, examination or granted (issued) stage.
    Search for patents from the USPTO from 1790 onward. Pre-1976 you can only search by patent number or class and patents are only available in TIFF page image format. Patents from 1976 - present can be searched in a variety of ways including full-text and are available full-text. Please note that there are 2 separate databases here, one for Issued (granted) patents and one for Applications (from Mar 15, 2001 forward.) Information and a link to download the TIFF Viewer ( required to view all images.
    Sample Search: (RFID or "radio frequency identification") and drug test$ in All Fields.
    This worldwide database enables you to search for information about 60 million published patent applications from over 80 different countries and regions.
  11. British Library patent searching guide< /li>

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