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Finding Newspapers at Penn - Research Guide

The Penn libraries subscribe to newspapers from around the world. The libraries also have access to extensive collections of older newspapers in print and on microfilm here on campus, and at area libraries. In addition, we subscribe to many online databases that aggregate newspapers and, in some cases, index them. An attempt has been made to include in this guide the most useful print and online resources for finding newspapers. However, in some cases, the most useful source will be the reference librarian.

Finding Newspapers Generally

Finding Newspapers Through Franklin 

When you know the title(s) of the newspaper(s) you want to see:
Do a Title search in Franklin for the name of the newspaper, e.g. new york times. Always check the holdings record to see which issues we hold and in what format. Most older newspapers are available only on microfilm. To locate older (pre-1968) newspapers by title, it is important to also check the Old Serials Catalog and the Main Card Catalog in the Van Pelt Reference Room.
When you don't know the title(s) of the newspaper(s) you need:
To identify newspapers from a particular city or country held by the Penn libraries, try a Subject search in Franklin with the word "newspapers" and the name of the country or city. So, for Indian newspapers, search for newspapers india, or for Parisian newspapers, newspapers france paris. It may also be useful to search by language, e.g. french newspapers or hebrew newspapers, and/or to limit your search (through the Post a Limit feature) to titles in a particular language.
Use this link to find newspapers that the library holds on microfilm. Results can be limited by holdings date range and/or the presence of a keyword, e.g., "boston", or "france".
To locate indexes, bibliographies, and books about newspapers:
Try Franklin subject searches such as:
american newspapers indexes
american newspapers bibliographies
american newspapers connecticut hartford
chinese newspapers indexes
german newspapers indexes
newspapers bibliographies
newspapers india bombay
newspapers jordan amman
newspapers indexes
tabloid newspapers



Online Newspapers - General  

Online is a good place to find recent newspapers. In "Select by Type" in the Penn E-Resource Locator, choose News Sources to see a list of the recommended online news sources from Penn's Library. These include subscription databases and free sites. Here are some examples of the online news sources accessible through the Penn Library website.
National and international newspapers in fulltext, including the New York Times and other major papers like the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. Also includes business information, biographical data, and some selected legal materials. Newspapers, magazines, broadcast transcripts, and wire services. Does not include Knight Ridder papers.
Link: []
The online database of the Knight-Ridder Papers. Searchable fulltext of U.S. national, regional, and local newspapers, including the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News.Coverage for current issues (i.e., yesterday in most cases) with extensive backfiles in some cases into the 1970's. Papers owned by Knight-Ridder is included in Newsbank.
Link: []
National and international sources covering business and general information Newspapers (including the Wall Street Journal), magazines, media transcripts and wire services, as well as several financial databases. Includes some Knight-Ridder papers, but without coverage as far back in time as Newsbank.
Link: []

Online Newspapers - Alternative.. 

Provides fulltext for U.S. alternative and independent newspapers, weeklies, magazines, and journals. 1990-present online.
Link: []
Indexes over 250 alternative, radical and left periodicals, newspapers and magazines. 1991-present. See below for print counterback dating back to 1969
Link: []
Full-text access to almost 200 ethnic, minority and native press newspapers, magazines, and journals. Publications are published in English or Spanish. Covers 1990 to the present.
Link: []

Online Newspapers - Translations of Foreign Sources 

English translations of non-U.S. media sources. The WNC website provides a list of sources translated and indexed. Coverage from July, 1994 to the present. Information about earlier reports is available from the FBIS Daily Reports guide.
Link: []



Identifying Newspapers by Geographic Area 

Greater Philadelphia media guide. West Point, PA : Balset.
Lists "primarily local interest mass-communications media -- newspapers, magazine, cable television, websites and broadcasters" in the Greater Philadelphia area.
Location:[Van Pelt and Annenberg: P 88.8 .G732.] Latest at Reference Desk.
The Working press of the nation. Burlington, Iowa : The National Research Bureau, 1945.
Includes circulation and other basic info on newspapers for the United States. Volume 1 is the Newspaper Directory.
Location: [Van Pelt Library Reference Desk Z6951 .W6]
Gale directory of publications and broadcast media. -. Detroit, Mich. : Gale Research, c1990
For the United States, lists publications, including Newspapers by town. Includes advertising rates, circulation figures, and other information about newspapers in the US. Also one international Volume.
Location: [Van Pelt Library Z6956.E5 W5] Latest edition at Van Pelt and Annenberg Reference Desks
Link: Included in the Gale Ready Reference Shelf at To find newspapers, select "Extended Search -- Publications"
Willing's press guide.-. London, Willing's Press Service
Three Volume work. Volume One covers the United Kingdom. It includes an index to periodicals by region and locality. Volume II covers Europe other than UK. Includes and index by country which lists national and some regional and local papers. Volume III covers the rest of the world. Includes an index by country for national and some regional papers. Includes advertising rates, and circulation figures.
Location: [Van Pelt Library Z6951 .A97] Latest edition at Van Pelt Reference Desk

Finding Historical U.S. Newspapers 
When looking for historical newspapers, a good place to start is the Research Guide to 18th and 19th Century Periodicals in the Penn Library. This guide offers suggestions for locating 18th and 19th century periodicals, including newspapers, in the Penn Libraries and contains a list of collections, indexes, and bibliographies.
Link: []


Here are some other resources to search when looking for historical newspapers.


This historical collection of newspapers is available both online as a Penn Library Database and on CD-ROM in the Van Pelt Reference room.
The Pennsylvania gazette. Malvern, Pa. : Accessible Archives, 1991. Vols. 1-3.
Full-text material from the Pennsylvania Gazette for the period 1728-1783, and some material from the Pennsylvania Packet for the period 1766-1783. The CD also includes images of all articles and most advertisements pertaining to the western hemisphere. Articles pertaining to Pennsylvania and the middle colonies are available in full text.
The Civil War: a newspaper perspective. Malvern, PA : Accessible Archives, Inc., c1994.
Contains the full text of over 11,000 articles from over 2500 issues of the Charleston Mercury, the New York Herald and the Richmond Enquirer published between Nov. 1, 1860 and Apr. 30, 1865. Contains news articles, eye-witness and official reports of battles, editorials, advertisements, biographies and over 700 images of battlefield maps and illustrations.
The Pennsylvania newspaper record. Malvern, Pa.: Accessible Archives, 1993. Vol. 2.
Includes material for Delaware County 1819-1870, from the Delaware County American, Delaware County Republican, Upland Union, Delaware County Democrat, and the Post Boy.
African-American newspapers : the 19th century. Malvern, Pa. : Accessible Archives, 1997. Vol. 1.
Contains full-text material from major 19th century African-American newspapers, including news articles, biographies, essays and editorials, poetry and prose, and advertisements. Includes Freedom's journal, 1827-1830; Colored American, 1837-1841; North star, 1847-1851; and National era, 1847-1860.
Focusing on newspapers that began publication prior to 1820, this collection includes over 700 newspapers. All newspapers are available online in fulltext.
Alternative Press Index
Indexes over 250 alternative, radical and left periodicals, newspapers and magazines, 1969-present.
Location: [Van Pelt Library Stacks: AI1 .A27]
Link:1991- Present at []
American newspapers, 1821-1936, a union list of files available in the United States and Canada, edited by Winifred Gregory under the auspices of the Bibliographical Society of America. New York, Kraus Reprint, 1967.
Lists holdings of print newspapers in 5,700 depositories. Continues Brigham, above.
Location: [Van Pelt Reference Desk Z 6945 U5 N43]
Balay, Robert. Guide to reference books, Chicago: American Library Association, 1996.
Includes a fairly comprehensive listing of printed newspaper indexes.
Link: [Van Pelt Reference Desk Z 1035.1 G89]
Brigham, Clarence S. History and bibliography of American newspapers, 1690-1820. Worcester, MA: American Antiquarian Society, 1947. 2 vol.
Lists alphabetically by state and town 2120 newspapers published between 1690 and 1820, and locates original print copies around the country. Continued by Gregory, below.
Location: [Van Pelt Reference Desk Z 6951 .B86]
Full text of the Chicago Defender from 1905 to 1975.
Link: []
A list of domestic and foreign historical newspapers available online from the 17th century to the present.
Link: []
Full text of the LA Times from 1881 to 1985.
Link: []
Milner, Anita Clark. Newspaper indexes: a location and subject guide for researchers. Metuchen, NJ and London: Scarecrow, 1977-82.
A three-volume index mainly to card files and unpublished indexes.
Location: [Van Pelt Reference AI 3 M55]
The National newspaper index [microform], 1979 - June 1988. Los Angeles, Calif. : Information Access Cor.
Provides subject subject indexing of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and Christian Science Monitor.
Location: [Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks AI 3 N385]
Full text of the NYT from 1851 to 1999.
Link: []
Newspapers in microform: United States, 1948-83. Washington, DC: Library of Congress, 1984.
Although outdated, these volumes are still very useful for identifying newspapers available on microfilm by place and date of publication. The U.S. volumes are arranged by state and city; Each entry lists libraries known to hold microfilms of that item, and the coverage of the holdings. Note that because these volumes were published in the early 1980s, they should be supplemented with RLIN or OCLC searches for microfilms acquired by libraries since then.
Link: [Van Pelt Reference Desk Z 6945 U516]
Newspapers on Microfilm
Newspapers on Microfilm at the Penn Library - You can sort by title, place, beginning date of holdings, ending date of holdings, and place/beg date holdings. Results can be limited by holdings date range and/or the presence of a keyword, e.g., "boston", or "france".
Link: []
Full text of the Pittsburgh Courier from 1911 to 2002.
Link: []
Full text of the Wall Street Journal from 1889 to 1985.
Link: []

Finding Philadelphia Area Newspapers -- Current and Historical 
Penn holds many current and older Philadelphia newspapers. See the guides listed below and other resources.


To find all of Penn's newspaper holdings with regard to the Philadelphia area, use the link below, type "philadelphia" into the search box, and choose "all available dates."
A guide to subject indexes to various Philadelphia newspapers, past and present.
Link: []
Searchable fulltext of the Philadelphia Inquirer, 1981-present (i.e., yesterday). Images, advertisements, and classified ads are not provided.
Link: []
Philadelphia Daily News
Newsbank provides searchable fulltext of the Philadelphia Daily News. Images, advertisements, and classified ads are not provided. Just enter "Newsbank" in the E-resource locator to access this database.
Early American Newspapers includes fulltext searchable contents of almost 60 Philadelphia newspapers, including the Philadelphia Inquirer, 1860-1900
Newsbank provides searchable fulltext of the Courier-Post 1999 - present (i.e., yesterday). Images, advertisements, and classified ads are not provided.
Link: []
The Urban Archives at Temple holds collections of newspaper clippings from the Evening Bulletin (dates range from 1900 through January 1982 when the Bulletin closed its doors), Daily News (for the approximate time period 1958-1962), and Inquirer (a few files for individuals and topics for scattered dates, mostly in the 1920s and 1950s). An internal newspaper index for the Bulletin (1908-1975) is available in manuscript volumes and typed cards. There is also a collection of photographs produced by the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, Inquirer, and Daily News newspapers, covering a broad range of sites, activities and topics representative of the interests of the news media.
Link: []
CCC contains 4,000 journal, newsletter, and newspaper titles and 5,000 books and pamphlets.
Link: []
This historical collection of newspapers is available both online as a Penn Library Database and on CD-ROM in the Van Pelt Reference room. It includes The Pennsylvania Gazette, 1766-1783. and Christian Recorder, 1861-1902.
Link: []
Rossell, Glenora E. Pennsylvania newspapers: a bibliography and union list. 2d ed. Pittsburgh: Pennsylvania Library Association, 1978.
Identifies and locates newspapers published in Pennsylvania. Arranged by place of publication. Access also by title.
Location: [Van Pelt Z 6952 P4 S3]
Hannah Roach Card File. (On microfilm)
Index to Philadelphia newspapers. 1718-1795, 9000 entries
Location: [Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfilm 3978]
The University of Pennsylvania Index (UPIX) is a card file that lists articles by subject from several University publications, dating from the end of the nineteenth century to the mid-1980s. The UPIX card file is housed in the Van Pelt Reference Department.Use the UPIX Research Guide for help using the Index.

Finding Historical Non- U.S. Newspapers 
Indexes to Newspapers
In addition to the Times (see below) check Franklin for indexes to other foreign newspapers, by doing a keyword search for newspapers and indexes.
Also check the related guides listed below for the area of interest, or look at International Affairs.
British Library. Newspaper Library, Colindale. Catalogue of the newspaper library, Colindale London: British Museum, 1975. 8 vol.
Lists London newspapers published from 1801 onward and English provincial, Scottish, and Irish newspapers published from 1700 onward. Also many Commonwealth and foreign newspapers.
Location: [Van Pelt Reference PN 4731 B75]
British Newspapers and Periodicals: 1641-1700/Nelson and Secombe. New York : Modern Language Association of America, 1987.
Short Title Catalog of over 700 periodicals published in the 17th century. Magazines not available at Penn can sometimes be accessed on microform through interlibrary loan.
Location: [Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: PN 5115 N44 1987]
Lists foreign newspapers available (usually in microfilm) through interlibrary loan from the Center for Research Libraries.
Link: []
Location: 1992 edition also available in hardcopy, [Van Pelt Reference Desk Z 6945 C43 1992]
Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS)
English translations of non-U.S. media sources. Online from 1994- present via the World News Connection. CD-Roms contain more content than World News Connection from 1996 to present. Disc holdings are incomplete, but mostly held at Van Pelt Library Reference Moelis CD Area D856 .F357. Search for earlier reports on Microform (1978-1994) by using the FBIS Index. Information about earlier reports is available from the FBIS Daily Reports guide.
Links: Online from 1994-present -- []
Index to Microfilm from 1975-1996 -- []
Penn Guide to FBIS -- []
Joint Publication Research Service (JPRS) Reports
English translations of non-U.S. media sources (1958-1978). See the JPRS Reports Research Guide for information on finding JPRS publications on microform.
Link: []
Link: []
Newspapers by Title
To find out if Penn has a particular foreign newspaper in print or on microfilm, check Franklin and Newspapers in Microfilm.
Newspapers in microform: foreign countries, 1948-1972. Washington, DC: Library of Congress, 1984.
Although outdated, this volume is still very useful for identifying newspapers available on microfilm by place and date of publication. It is arranged by country and city. Each entry lists libraries known to hold microfilms of that item, and the coverage of the holdings. Note that because these volumes were published in the early 1980s, they should be supplemented with RLIN or OCLC searches for microfilms acquired by libraries since then.
Location: [Van Pelt Reference Desk Z6945 .U515 1973]

Finding News Wires 

LexisNexis includes the fulltext of the AP newswires from 1977 to present. Factiva has coverage of AP from 1985 to present. Both sources also include fulltext of many other newswires from around the world.

To limit Lexis Nexis to Wire Services, choose News Wires from the drop down menu on the search page. For Factiva, click on Search, select Source, then choose "Publications by type" as source category. Once you have selected wires, then news wires, click on the up arrow next to News Wires. Or type rst=TNWR AND before your search term.

Locating Newspapers at Penn and in the Philadelphia Area 

These guides may be helpful in identifying and locating older or more obscure papers in print or microform at Penn and elsewhere. A list of newspapers that are currently received at the Penn Libraries is available in the Current Periodicals Section of the Van Pelt Library.

Center for Research Libraries (U.S.). Serials and newspapers currently received at the Center for Research Libraries as of April 1991. Chicago, Ill. : Center for Research Libraries, [1991].
Lists U.S. and foreign newspapers and other periodicals available from the Center for Research Libraries. Indexed by title.
Link: [Van Pelt Reference Desk Z 6945 C43 1991]
The Free Library contains the largest collection of current American newspapers in the Delaware Valley, including over 400 local Philadelphia newspapers on microfilm dating back to 1720.
Link: []
Newspapers in the University of Pennsylvania Libraries : [Philadelphia, Pa. : Van Pelt Library, University of Pennsylvania, 1982?].
This guide is divided into two groups: Northeastern US and US other than the Northeast. Each section includes an alphabetical, chronological, geographic/chronological (by state and then chronologically within each states) and geographical/title (by state and ten alphabetically within each state) list.
Location: [Van Pelt Reference Desk at Z 6945 P453 1982]
Newspapers in Microform. Ann Arbor, Mich. : UMI, 1995-.
Comprehensive list of newspapers and newspaper indexes available in microform from UMI (and therefore probably available through Interlibrary Loan). Includes ordering information.
Location: [Van Pelt Reference Desk Z 6946 N487]
Newspapers in Philadelphia area libraries. 2d ed. Philadelphia: 1972.
Lists newspapers available in print or microform at Penn, Temple, the Philadelphia Free Library, Drexel, Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania Historical Society, and Villanova. There are two complementary files: one by title, the other by place of publication. Notes holdings and, for Penn, gives call numbers.
Location: [Van Pelt Reference Desk Z 6945 P45 1972]

Related Guides 
The following research guides include sections on finding news sources:
American Politics The Old South
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Civil War Philadelphia Newspapers by subject
Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports 18th and 19th Century Periodicals
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