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Good Starting Points for International Statistics - Research Guide

This guide is designed to help users find International Statistics. The first section points user to the major repositories. Included are directions for finding national statistics for non-US countries, and the statistical holdings of United Nations.



Europa World Year Book London, England : Europa Publications Limited, c1989- 2 vols

This source provides basic overviews of countries, including basic statistical information including area and population, health and welfare, agriculture, forestry, fishing, industry, finance, trade, transport, toiurism, the media and educations.
Holdings: 1961 - 2002 -- Van Pelt Library JN1 .E85. Latest year at Van Pelt Reference Desk

Statistical Yearbook = Annuaire Statistique

This publication of the United Nations collects data from over 35 international and national sources. It includes world and regional summaries, population and social statistics, economic activities, and international economic relations

Holdings:Van Pelt and Lippincott HA12.5 .U63; latest at Van Pelt Reference desk; latest 10 volumes in Lippincott Reference) Library has 1948-1997.

UNSTATS, or United Nations Common Database
Statistical information for countries collected from UN and related international governmental organizations. To find out what information exists on a give topic, select "Topics List." To see all of the data for a particular country, select "Countries" from the list on the left of the page. Search by country to see a list of time series for social indicators, development finance, economic growth, labour force, population, international trade, environment, and age distribution. Time series go back up to 50 years depending on the country.
Use the advanced data search for more detailed tables in excel and cvs format. Also check the United Nations Publications - Research Guide
Holdings:UNSTATS -

National Statistics
United Nations links to the main statistical sites of various countries.

Statistical Yearbooks for individual foreign countries
Titles of the Statistical Yearbooks of foreign countries. Try searching for the title in Franklin.

Northwestern University Library
Links to IGOs
Foreign Governments Statistical Sources

University of Michigan, Documents Center.
Statistical Resources on the Web Foreign Government Data Sources -

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  • UN Centre for Human Settlement, Global Urban Indicators - searchable database of indicators for world cities includes population, literacy, school enrollment, also urban indicators such as access to water, tenure, transportation (latest available year), some comparisions by region/country.

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Economics and Development

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  • UNESCO Institute for Statistics Includes World Education Indicators, Database of figures on enrollment, expenditures, and literacy; and UNESCO Yearbook 1999.
  • UNESCO Statistical Yearbook a subfile of the UN Common Database.
  • National Center for Education Statistics Note Education Indicators: An International Perspective
  • Third International Mathematics and Science Study
    From National Center for Education Statistics. Full text of publication in html and PDF formats, statements of the Secretary of Education and the President, test questions, and other related materials.
  • International Archive of Education Statistics
    Sponsored by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and hosted by the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), at the University of Michigan, this archive collects and disseminates data "pertaining to all levels of education in countries for which data can be made available." Holdings include Elementary/ Secondary Surveys, Postsecondary Surveys, Longitudinal Surveys, and Library and Education Assessment surveys.

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  • Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) CIESIN is a private, government-sponsored research organization dedicated to disseminating information on global environmental change and demographics.
  • EarthTrends the Environmental Information Portal Provided by the World Resources Institute (WRI) with assistance from several sponsors, EarthTrends offers searchable databases, data tables, country profiles, maps, and feature articles in ten topical sections. These include Coastal and Marine Ecosystems, Climate and Atmosphere, Agriculture and Food, and Forests and Grasslands, and more. Search by country, region, variable, and year. Data tables and country profiles are provided in .pdf format.
  • Living Planet Report Published by the World Wildlife Fund, this report analyzes environmental data in conjunction with global consumption patterns to calculate the cumulative effect that humankind has on the earth's ecosystems.
  • World Resources Institute

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  • United Nations Centre for Human Settlement
  • Citibase comprehensive city statistics on population, households, gender, land, housing, infrastructure, environment, all have subcategories (latest available year).
  • Global Urban Indicators - searchable database of indicators for world cities includes population, literacy, school enrollment, also urban indicators such as access to water, tenure, transportation (latest available year), some comparisions by region/country.
  • Human Settlements Statistics Database - categories include demography, economy, land natural resources, housing, and infrstructure resources (latest available year).

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Military and Defense

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