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French History - Research Guide

This annotated, selective bibliography lists primarily reference works on the history of France from the early times through the modern period. Most titles in the bibliography are in the Reference collection; material in the stacks is so designated. Many other reference works are available and are not listed in this bibliography. For assistance in finding and using both the material listed here and other useful works, please ask for assistance at the Van Pelt Library Reference Desk.

I. Encyclopedias and Dictionaries
II. Bibliographies
III. Franklin, Penn's Library Catalog
IV. Indexes to Scholarly Articles
V. Chronologies
VI. Biography
VII. Histories
VIII. News Sources
IX. Statistical Resources
X. Atlases and Maps
XI. Primary Sources

I. Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Encyclopaedia Britannica: a dictionary of arts, sciences, literature and general information. 11th edition. Cambridge, Eng., New York, At the University press, 1910-11.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: AE5 .E36], v.1-29.

Medieval France: An Encyclopedia. Edited by William W. Kibler. New York : Garland, 1995.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: DC33.2 .M44 1995]

Historical Dictionary of Napoleonic France, 1799-1815. Edited by Owen Connelly [and] Harold T. Parker, Peter W. Becker, and June K. Burton. Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, c1985.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: DC201 .H673 1985]

Historical Dictionary of France from the 1815 Restoration to the Second Empire. Edited by Edgar Leon Newman New York : Greenwood Press, c1987.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: DC256 .H57 1987]

Historical Dictionary of the Third French Republic, 1870-1940 . Patrick J. Hutton, editor-in-chief. Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, c1986.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: DC337 .H57 1986]

Historical Dictionary of World War II France: the Occupation, Vichy, and the Resistance, 1938-1946. / edited by Bertram M. Gordon. Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1998.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: DC397 .H58 1998]

Historical Dictionary of the French Fourth and Fifth Republics, 1946-1991. Wayne Northcutt, editor-in-chief. New York : Greenwood Press, 1992.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: DC401 .H57 1992]

Encyclopedia of Contemporary French Culture. Edited by Alex Hughes and Keith Reader. London ; New York : Routledge, 1998.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: DC33.7 .E53 1998]

French Culture, 1900-1975. Series Dictionary of Twentieth Century Culture. Edited by Catharine Savage Brosman. Detroit : Gale Research, c1995.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: DC33.7 .F726 1995 ]

Aplin, Richard. A Dictionary of Contemporary France. Chicago : Fitzroy Dearborn, c1999. 1993.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: DC415 .A65 1999]

Dictionnaire des Intellectuels Francais : les personnes, les lieux, les moments . sous la direction de Jacques Julliard et Michel Winock ; avec la collaboration de Pascal Balmand, Christophe Prochasson. Paris : Editions du Seuil, c1996.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: DC33.7 .D53 1996]

II. Bibliographies

French Bibliographies

For additional listings of older, classic bibliographies of French history, see Guide to Reference Books, 9th edition [Van Pelt Library Stacks: Z1035.1 S43 1976], pp. 637-639.

Bibliotheque nationale (France). Dipartement des imprimis. Catalogue de l'histoire de France. Paris, Firmin Didot freres, 1855-79.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: Z2176 .P23]
Comprehensive catalog of books, pamphlets, etc. printed before 1875 on the history of France. Listed subject groupings with an author index. There is a table of authors [Reference: Z2176 .P23 Table] and six supplements [Reference: Z2176 .P231]

Ripertoire bibliographique de l'histoire de France.. Paris : A. Picard, 1923-1938.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: Z2179 .R43] Standard bibliography for France to 1914, listing books and periodical writings in various languages. Arranged by subject with name and place index. Followed by:

Bibliographie annuelle de l'histoire de France du cinquieme siecle `...1939, 1945, 1958... . Paris : Iditions du Centre national de la recherche scientifique.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: DC38 .B535],1953/1954-1963, 1964-1974, 1975-1999 Of the last set (h 1958) earlier volumes in Van Pelt Library Stacks]

Bibliographie Annuelle de l'histoire de France du Cinquieme Sihcle ` 1958. Paris: Editions du Centre national de la recherche scientifique.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: DC38 .B535], latest five years, earlier in stacks.

Recent Bibliographies

American Historical Association's Guide to Historical Literature. 3rd ed. New York : Oxford University Press, 1995. 2 v.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Desk: D20 .A55 1995]
Contains nearly 27,000 annotated citations (primarily to English language works) divided into forty-eight sections; most citations refer to works published between 1961 and 1992. Includes indexes. Section 26 covers France since 1789, pp. 842-869. The first edition from 1931 [Van Pelt Library Stacks: Z 6201 G94] and the second edition from 1961 [Van Pelt Library Stacks: D20 .A55] will provide other useful listings.

Bibliographie de l'histoire midiivale en France (1965-1990) / textes rznis par Michel Balard Paris : Publications de la Sorbonne, 1992.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: DC61 .B53 1992]
Works published on medieval France. Mostly works in French, some in other languages.

Barbier, Fridiric. Bibliographie de l'histoire de France. Paris ; New York: Masson, 1987, c1986.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: DC38 .B3 1987]

Evleth, Donna. France Under the German Occupation, 1940-1944: an Annotated Bibliography. New York : Greenwood Press, 1991.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: D802.F8 E95 1991]

Handbook of French Popular Culture. New York: Greenwood Press, 1991.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: DC33.7 .H29 1991]

Young, Robert J. French Foreign Policy, 1918-1945: a Guide to Research and Research Materials. Rev. ed. Wilmington, Del. : Scholarly Resources, 1991.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: DC369 .Y686 1991]

Ross, Steven T. French Military History, 1661-1799: a Guide to the Literature. New York : Garland Pub., 1984.
[Van Pelt Library: DC46.7 .R68 1984]

Caldwell, Ronald. Era of the French Revolution. New York : Garland, 1985.
[Van Pelt Library: DC148 .C34 1985]

Osburn, Charles B. Research and Reference Guide to French Studies. 2nd ed. Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1981.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: PC2071 .O82 1981]

III. Franklin, Penn's Library Catalog

Franklin lists books, journals titles (but not articles within journals), conference proceedings, and other library materials at the Penn Libraries. When looking for works on a topic in Franklin, try searching both by subject heading and by keyword(s).

Use Subject Heading searches based on the formal subject headings listed in the four printed volumes of the Library of Congress Subject Headings located at the Van Pelt reference desk. Some sample headings are listed below.

France--foreign relations
France--politics and government
France--economic conditions
France--social life and customs

art--france art, french
art, renaissance--france
catholic church--france
church and state--france
france edit de nantes
french--north america--history
henry IV, king of france, 1553-1610
honor--france--history--19th century
land tenure--france
labor and laboring classes--france
middle class--france
world war, 1914-1918--france
world war, 1939-1945--france

Keyword searches look for the search terms anywhere in the record, i.e. the author, subject, title fields, etc. Once you have found a record of interest, look at the "full view" to see the subject headings assigned to that work.

"resistance" AND "world war 1939"

IV. Indexes to Scholarly Articles

Use the following indexes to identify journal articles and other works that have been published on a topic or by an author. Major indexes for history and related fields are listed here. Networked indexes are underlined and accessible from the databases page; call numbers and locations are provided for printed indexes.


Historical Abstracts.
Covers the history of the world outside North America. Indexes books and journals published since 1973. Excludes book reviews. Printed version of Historical Abstracts began in 1955, See [Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: D299 .H52] for years not covered online.

International Medieval Bibliography.
Covers book and journals about the Medieval History of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Publications from 1967 to the present.

America: History & Life. Santa Barbara: ABC-Clio, 1964 - .
Covers U.S. and Canadian history. Publications from 1964 to the present.
Useful for works on French exploration and colonization in North America.

C.R.I.S.: the Combined Retrospective Index Set to Journals in History, 1838-1974 . Washington: Carrollton Press, 1977-1978. 11 v.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: D1 .C18]
Indexes 243 English-language journals covering all areas of history. Volume III covers France; sections include France to 1609, 1610-1785, 1800-1815, 1815-1869, 1870-1913, 1914-1919, 1920-1939, 1940-1945, 1946-1974, economics and agriculture, military, religion, social and cultural, biography and geneology. Within each section, listings are by keyword.

International Bibliography of Historical Sciences. Paris: Librairie Armand Colin, 1926-1992. 61 v.
[Van Pelt Library Stacks: D1 .B565] Latest 5 years in reference.
v.1 (1926)-v.14 (1939),v.16 (1947)-v.61 (1992). No longer published. Major ongoing bibliography for history in first half of this century.

Multidiciplinary (and older peridicals)

19th Century Masterfile
Provides indexing to nineteenth century periodicals, books, newspapers, and government documents.
The main index is Poole's Index to Periodical Literature (1802-1906), which includes date and title information not available in the print version. Poole's Plus also includes Stead's Index to Periodicals (1890-1902), known as the "British Poole's"), Jones and Chipman's Index to Legal Periodicals (1786-1922), and Richardson's Index to Periodical Articles in Religion (1890-1899).

covers a wide range of multilingual, multidisciplinary information in the humanities and social sciences. It is strong in religion, the history of art, and literature with emphasis on current trends in European and world literature. Other subjects covered include: art and archeology, business, education, economics, geography, health, history of science, Latin American Studies, linguistics, management, philosophy, prehistory, and sociology. English, French, German, Spanish and some other languages.

International Index to Periodicals.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: AI 3. R49], 1916-1992/3.
Index to scholarly journals in the social sciences and humanites. Before WWII, some foreign titles were included. Title varies: International Index to Periodical, v.3-52, Social Sciences and Humanities Index, v. 53-61, then Social Sciences Index and Humanities Index, 1974 - .

Bulletin of the Public Affairs Information Service. New York : Public Affairs Information Service.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: JA1 .P357]
Covers from 1915-1990. International affairs, public policy, economic development. Cumulative Subject index available. Also available online for recent years (see below).

Periodicals Contents Index.
Includes citations to many journals in the humanities and social sciences.
A good tool for finding contemporary narrative accounts and older book reviews.

A combined index of EBSCO's Academic Search Premier and Masterfile Premier. Indexes both scholarly journals and popular periodicals. Strong from 1990s forward, although many titles are indexed back further.

ISI Citation Indexes.
The ISI Citation Indexes include the Science, Social Science and Arts & Humanities Citation Indexes. The database covers 1945 to the present and is updated weekly. Both keyword and citation searching are available. The database covers journals in the sciences, social sciences, arts & humanities.

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences.
IBSS provides bibliographic citations and subject indexing for the international periodical literature in anthropology, economics, political science, and sociology. Covers approximately 3700 periodicals from 105 countries in 95 languages, from 1951 to the present.

Culture - Art, Literature, Music

Art Index.
Art. Coverage includes English-language periodicals, as well as periodicals published in French, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, and Swedish. Reproductions of works of art that appear in indexed periodicals are also included. Covers 1984 to the present. For earlier years see the Art Index Retrospective and the print: Art Index, [Fine Arts Library Reference: Z 5937 .A78], 1929-1992.

Bibliography of the History of Art.
Covers European and American art from the fourth century to the present.

MLA Bibliography.
Covers literature, languages, folklore, and linguistics. Includes English and foreign languages. Covers 1963 to the present.

Music Index Online.
Music Index draws its current contents from more than 640 international music periodicals. Covers 1979 to the present. For earlier years, see Music Index, [Van Pelt Library Marian Anderson Music Study Center: ML118 .M84]

Economic History

Major index to journals and books in economics; economic history is covered.

History of Science

History of Science, Technology, and Medicine.
International bibliography on the history of science and technology from pre-history to the present.


French Periodical Index. Westwood, Mass.: F. W. Faxon Co., 1974-1995.
[Van Pelt Library Stacks: AI7 .F735], 1973/1974-1978 -

V. Chronologies

Journal de la France et des Francais. [Paris] : Gallimard, c2001.
[Van Pelt Library: in process]
Contents: [1] Chronologie politique culturelle et religieuse de Clovis a 2000 [2] Index.

Charmasson, Thirese Chronologie de la France midiivale : (481-1515). Paris : Presses universitaires de France, 1998.
[Van Pelt Library Stacks: DC61 .C63 1998]

Charmasson, Thirese Chronologie de l'histoire de France. Paris : Presses universitaires de France, c1994.
[Van Pelt Library Stacks: DC35 .C48 1994]

Lelorrain, Anne-Marie. Chronologie de la France contemporaine : de 1815 ` nos jours. Paris : Presses universitaires de France, 1997.
[Van Pelt Library Stacks: DC35 .L45 1997]

Theis, Laurent. Histoire du Moyen Age francais: chronologie commentie de Clovis ` Louis XI, 486-1483. Paris : Perrin, c1992.
[Van Pelt Library Stacks: DC33.2 .T48 1992]

VI. Biography

Biographie universelle (Michaud) ancienne et moderne .... Nouvelle ed., publiie sous la directio de m. Michaud, rev., cor et considirablement augm. d'articles omis ou nouveaux ouvrage ridigi par ne sociiti de gens de lettres et de savants ... Paris, Madame c. Desplaces; [etc., etc.], 1854-[1865].
[Van Pelt Library: CT143 .M5], v. 1-45.
One of the most important of the large universal biographical dictionaries. Often compared with Hoefer (below). Has longer articles, signed with initials. Articles include bibliographies. More names from N-Z.

Nouvelle biographie genirale depuis les temps les plus reculis jusqu` nos jours, avec les renseignements bibliographiques et l'indication des sources ` consulter / publiie par mm. Firmin Didot frhres, sous la direction de m. le dr. Hoefer ... Paris, Firmin Didot frhres, fils et cie, 1853-1866 [v.1, 1857].
[Van Pelt Library: CT143 .H5], v.1-46.
Another larger biographical dictionary. Rival to Michard (above). More names from A-M.

Dictionnaire de biographie française. Paris, Letouzey et Ani, 1933-.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: CT143 .D5], v.1-19. An important dictionary of national biography. Most articles have bibliographies.

World Biographical Index
The entry for each person contains the name, variations of the name, pseudonyms, the years of birth and death or years mentioned, occupation, source quoted (archive, fiche-no and page) and bibliographic information about the sources used. The microfiche editions of the archives containing the complete texts of the biographical entries are in the Van Pelt Microforms Department.

Dictionnaire des parlementaires français, comprenant tous les membres des assemblies françaises et tous les ministres français depuis le 1er mai 1789 jusqu'au 1er mai 1889, avec leurs noms, itat civil, itats de services, actes politiques, votes parlementaires, etc. Paris, Bourloton, 1891.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: JN2771 .R7], v.1-v.5.

Dictionnaire des parlementaires français, notices biographiques sur les ministres, sinateurs et diputis français de 1889 ` 1940. / Publii sous la direction de Jean Jolly.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: JN2785 .D5], t. 1-8.
For 1940 -1958 see [Van Pelt Library Stacks: JN2785 .D5 1988].

Dictionnaire biographique français contemporain. [2. id.]. Paris, Pharos, agent pour les Etats-Unis: Stechert-Hafner, New York, [1954].
[Van Pelt Library Stacks: DC406 .D5 1954]

Nouveau dictionnaire national des contemporains. Paris : [S.n.]
[Van Pelt Library Stacks: DC412 .N58], t.1-t.5

Who's Who in France. Paris, J. Lafitte.
[van Pelt Library Stacks: DC705.A1 W46],1e ed. (1953/1954)-date, lastest in Reference Stacks.

VII. Histories

Lavisse, Ernest, 1842-1922. ed.
Histoire de France depuis les origines jusqu'` la Rivolution . es contemporains. Publiie avec la collaboration de MM. Bayet [et al]. New York, AMS Press, [1969].
[Van Pelt Library Stacks: DC38 .L434], t.1- t.9. Earlier prints available at DC 38 .L43.

VIII. News Sources

Le Temps. Paris.
[Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfilm news 68], Jan.1919-Nov.1942.
Has index: Tables du journal Le Temps. Continued by Le Monde.

Le Monde. Dernihre ed. Paris : Le Monde, 1944-.
[Van Pelt Library Microtext Area: Microfilm news 43], 1944 - present (paper issues kept until microform received), some years incomplete.
Index: Le Monde. Index Analytique. [Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: AI21 .M65], 1944/1945-1951,1958,1965-1968.

Le Monde Diplomatique. [Paris] : Le Monde, 1954-
[Van Pelt Library: Microfilm news 155], 1954 - present, some years incomplete.

London Times Online, 1785-1985.

New York Times Online, 1851-2004.

LEXIS/NEXIS Academic Universe
Includes access to major national and international news sources. Includes the full-text of Le Monde from 1/1/1990, London Times from 1/1/1990, and the New York Times from 6/1/1980.

IX. Statistical Resources

For additional works, try the keyword search

skey france and skey statistic? and history
Perrot, Jean-Claude. State and statistics in France, 1789-1815. Chur [Switzerland] ; New York : Harwood Academic Publishers, c1984.
[Van Pelt Library Stacks: HC110.E5 N4 1984]

Les sources statistiques de l'histoire de France : des enqujtes du XVIIe sihcle ` 1870. 2e. id. Genhve : Droz, 1980.
[Van Pelt Library Stacks: DC3 .G5 1980]

X. Atlases and Maps

For additional atlases, try the keyword search:

skey france and (map? or atlas?) and histor?
Atlas de l'histoire de France. textes de Pierre Aubi ... [et al.] ; prisentation de Reni Rimond. Paris : Perrin, c1996.
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: G1844.21.S1 A743 1996]

Atlas historique: Provence, Comtat venaissin, principauti d'Orange, comti de Nice, principauti de Monaco / [par] Idouard Baratier [et al. Paris], A. Colin, [1969].
[Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: G1843.P7 A3 1969]
Historical, geographical, and linguistic maps of southern France.

Boussard, Jacques. Atlas historique et culturel de la France. Paris, Elsevier [1957].
[Van Pelt Library Stacks: DC35.5 .B65]

XI. Primary Sources

Searching Franklin

There are many printed volumes that are collections of primary source materials. To locate these and other resources, try subject searches
and look for the keyword "sources" within the subject field
france--foreign relations--1914-1940--sources
france--foreign relations--great britain--sources
france--history--17th century--sources
world war, 1914-1919--sources
World War, 1939-1945--underground literature--France

Or add the word "sources" to a keyword search.

france and history and sources
skey france AND skey "world war" AND skey sources

Try other words and phrases in keyword searches: "personal narratives," "correspondence," "diaries" or "interviews".

"world war" and "personal narratives" and french
skey france AND (underground OR resistance) AND "personal narratives"

When searching for the writings of an individual, enter the last name first:

bayle, pierre
blum, leon
reynaud, paul

You may also search by corporate authors - government offices, organization names, political parties, etc.:

France. Assemblie nationale
France. Bibliothhque nationale.
France. Conseil d'Etat
France. Cour des monnaies

Selected Holdings at Penn

The French Revolution research collection [microform] = Les archives de la rivolution française. Oxford, [England] : Pergamon Press, [1990?-
[Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfiche 771 and Guides]

Maclure Collection of French Revolutionary Material.
Original in the Rare Book Collection, Van Pelt Library, University of Pennsylvania. Microfilm. 371 reels. 35 mm. New Haven, Conn. Research Publications, 1969-70.
[Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfilm 1927; Guide to collection available in Van Pelt Reference: Z2179.P4]

Journaux ephemeres de la periode de la revolution.
[Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfilm cont. 508; a list of individual publications in this series will result from a title search for Journaux ephemeres de la periode de la revolution in Franklin]

French revolutionary periodicals.
[Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfiche 1135; a list of individual publications in this series will result from a title search for French revolutionary periodicals in Franklin]

French Books Before 1601. Lexington, Kentucky : Erasmus Press.
[Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfilm 2105; Guides available in Microtext area and Van Pelt Reference]

French Books 1601-1700. Watertown, Massachusetts : General Microfilm Company.
[Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfilm 4446]

Archives parlementaires de 1787 a 1860; recueil complet des dibats ligislatifs et politiques des chambres françaises.
[Van Pelt Library Stacks: J341 .H2], ser.1:v.1-ser.1:v.75,ser.1:v.77-ser.1:t.100, ser.2:t.107-ser.2:t.127
[Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfiche 127], ser.2, v.1-106

Journal officiel de la Commune de Paris. Coeuvres-&-Valsery : Ressouvenances, c1995-1996.
[Van Pelt Library Stacks: DC317 .J68 1997], v.1-3.

Le Moniteur universel.
[Van Pelt Rare Bk & Ms Library RBC: Folio 328.44 B1], 1811-1868.
Continues: Gazette nationale. Superseded by: Journal officiel de la Ripublique française .

France. Journal officiel de la Ripublique française [microform]. Paris : [s.n., 1870-1880]
[Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfilm cont 193], annee 2:no 244 (1870:sept.5)-annee 12 (1880).

France. Journal officiel de la Ripublique française. Table alphabitique de l'annie [microform]. Paris : Imp. A. Wittersheim et Cie,
[Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfilm cont 202], 1871-1963.

France. Journal officiel de la Ripublique française. Lois et dicrets [microform]. Paris.
[Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfilm cont 192], 1881-1944, 1977-1979.

France. Assemblie nationale (1871-1942). Chambre des diputis. Dibats parlementaires [microform]. Publisher: Paris : Imp. des Journaux officiels, 1881-1940.
[Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfilm cont 195], 1881-1940.
[Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfilm cont 647], 1881-1940.

France. Assemblie nationale (1871-1942). Chambre des diputis. Documents parlementaires annexes aux Procis-verbaux des siances [microform].
[Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfilm cont 196], 1881-1938.

France. Assemblie nationale (1871-1942) Sinat. Documents parlementaires [microform], annexes aux procis-verbaux des siances; projets et propositions de loi-exposis des motifs et rapports.
[Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfilm cont 198], 1881-1938.

France. Assemblie nationale, 1871-1942. Sinat.
Annales du Sinat. Dibats parlementaires [microform]. Paris : Imprimerie des Journaux officiels, 1881-1940.
[Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfilm cont 197], 1881-1940.

France. Journal officiel de la Ripublique française. Annexe [microform]. Paris : Imprimerie des Journaux officiels, -1938.
[Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfilm cont 199 ], 1905-1940, 1942-44.
Title varies Journal officiel de la Ripublique française. Annexe administratif and Journal officiel de l'Itat franJournal officiel de l'Itat français. [Annexe]

France. Journal officiel de la Ripublique française [microform]. Alger : Imprimerie officielle du Gouvernement ginirale de l'Algerie, 1943-1944.
[Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfilm cont 194], 1943:June-1944.
75e annie, no 1 (10 juin 1943)-76e annie, no 73 (31 ao{t 1944). After Aug. 1944 publication of the Journal officiel resumed in France. Official publication of the French government in exile.

France. Commission pour la publication des documents relatifs aux origines de la guerre de 1914. Documents diplomatiques français (1871-1914). Paris : Impr. nationale, 1929-1959
[LIBRA: 327.44 F844], ser.1:t.1-16; ser.2:t.1-14; ser.3:t.1-11

France. Commission de Publication des Documents Relatifs aux Origines de la Guerre 1939-1945. Documents Diplomatiques Français, 1932-1939. Paris: Imprimerie Nationale, 1964-1984.
1ere Sirie [1932-1935]. [Van Pelt Library Stacks: DC396 .A45], ser.2, t.1-t.13.
2eme Sirie [1936-1939]. [Van Pelt Library Stacks: DC396 .A45], ser.2, t.1-19

Cahm, Eric, comp. Politics and Society in Contemporary France (1789-1971); a documentary history. London, Harrap [1972].
[Van Pelt Library Stacks: JN2451 .C27 1972]

France during the German Occupation, 1940-1944; a Collection of 292 Statements on the Government of Marichal Pitain and Pierre Laval. Translated from the French by Philip W. Whitcomb. Stanford, Calif., Distributed by Stanford University Press for the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace, Stanford University [1958-1959]
[Van Pelt Library: DC397 .V523]

Pidoya, Jean Marie Gustave. La Commission de l'armie pendant la grande guerre; documents inidits et secrets. Paris, E. Flammarion [c1921]
[Van Pelt Library Stacks: 940.92 P345]

Milza, Pierre.Sources de la France du XXe Sihcle : (de 1918 a nos jours). Pierre Milza ; avec la collaboration scientifique et technique de Odile Gaultier-Voituriez, Carole Giry-Gautier et Dominique Parcollet. Paris : Larousse, c1997.
[Van Pelt Library Reference: DC363 .M56 1997 ]

Partie Ripublicain Radical et Radical-Socialiste (France). Compte-rendu stenographique des Congrhss nationaux [microform]. [Paris] 60 v.
[Van Pelt Library Microtext: Microfilm cont. 38], 30th (1933)-49th (1954), 51st (1955)-59th (1962)

La France du XXe Sihcle: Documents d'Histoire. Prisentis par Olivier Wieviorka et Christophe Prochasson. [Paris]: Editions du Seuil, c1994.
[Van Pelt Library Reference: DC369 .F694 1994 ]

Rice, Howard C. France, 1940-1942: a Collection of Documents and Bibliography. Cambridge, Mass., Harvard Co-operative Society, 1942. [French].
[Van Pelt Library: 940.53 R364]

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