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Current Information about Philadelphia THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED

This guide lists publications and other resources about contemporary Philadelphia with special emphasis on those that provide statistical information for small areas within Philadelphia.

Publications on Philadelphia can be found in several Penn Libraries. Van Pelt Library collects social sciences and humanities publications, as well as city governmental publications. The Fisher Fine Arts Library collects planning documents. Lippincott Library collects city financial publications, materials on the Philadelphia business community, and housing information.

  1. Philadelphia organizations and directories
  2. Philadelphia statistics, by subject
  3. Environment
  4. ZIP Code statistics
  5. Indexes and abstracts for locating statistical information

Municipal telephone directory. Philadelphia: Philadelphia Department of Public Property, Division of Communication Services. Irregular.
[Van Pelt Reference Desk: HE 8841 .P52 M865. Latest issue only
The essential telephone list for the city government. Complemented by contact information via Philadelphia: the web site,
City of Philadelphia services to business. 2nd ed. 1996 (?). Philadelphia: Mayor's Business Action Team.
[Van Pelt Reference: HF 54.52 .U6 C58 1996]
Online Info at [ ]
Toll, Jean Barth and Mildred S. Gillam (comp, ed.) Invisible Philadelphia: community through voluntary organizations. Philadelphia: Atwater Kent Museum, 1995.
[Van Pelt Reference Desk: F 158.18 .I58 1995
A mammoth "public history of voluntary organizations and nonprofit institutions in the City of Philadelphia, and often the Delaware Valley" through 1990. Articles usually include bibliographic notes.
Jaipaul. 1976. Directory of ethnic resources of Philadelphia and Delaware Valley. Philadelphia: Ethnic Heritage Affairs Institute.
[Van Pelt Stacks: F 158.9 .A1 J34]
Directory of research and data on Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania. 1993-1994. Philadelphia: Penn Program for Public Service, Center for Community Partnerships, University of Pennsylvania.
[Van Pelt: F 158.29 .D574. Latest at Reference Desk.]
Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance ... membership directory and resource guide. Philadelphia: GPCA.
[Van Pelt: NX 110 .P4 G743. Latest at Reference Desk]
Greater Philadelphia media guide. West Point, PA : Balset.
[Van Pelt and Annenberg: P 88.8 .G732.] Latest at Reference Desk.
Lists "primarily local interest mass-communications media -- newspapers, magazine, cable television, websites and broadcasters" in the Greater Philadelphia area. Continues "Publicity Guide" listed below.
Greater Philadelphia publicity guide. Ambler, Pa.: Fund-Raising Institute.
[Van Pelt and Annenberg: P 88.8 .G73.]
Regional network directory: a resource for furthering regional cooperation. 1994 ed. Philadelphia: Center for Greater Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania.
[Van Pelt: HD 2769.2 .P4 R445. Latest at Reference Desk.]
Howard, Joanne M. 1991. Who's who in the Delaware Valley: the leaders of greater Philadelphia. 2nd ed. Philadelphia: Leadership House.
[Van Pelt Reference Desk: F 158.25 .H68 1991]
Philadelphia creative directory. Elverson, PA: Philadelphia Creative Directory, Inc.
[Van Pelt: NX 110 .P49 1994. Latest in Reference.
Directory information for advertising/marketing/public relations, business services, computer services, copywriting, design, events planning/presentations, film and video, illustration, media/publishing, music/talent/theater, organizations and schools, photography, printing, and typography.
Michael, Jennifer (ed). Philadelphia folklife resources: a guide to local folk traditions. Philadelphia, Pa.: Philadelphia Folklore Project, 1991.
[Van Pelt Reference: GR103 .P5 1991]
The Metropolitan Philadelphia Indicators Project combines two types of information to illuminate conditions and trends in our 9-county region (defined as the central cities of Philadelphia and Camden along with the Pennsylvania counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery, and the New Jersey counties of Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and Salem). The first is a set of social, environmental and economic indicators that portray the quality of life in the regions communities. The second type of information comes from an annual household survey conducted by Temples Institute for Survey Research, asking respondents across the region how they assess the quality of life in their communities. Tracking over time the changes in the indicators and in the survey responses, we can better understand how citizens perceptions relate to the changing conditions on the ground.
Some good information about community development accross PA and in the Delaware Valley Region.
Some good information about community development accross PA and in the Delaware Valley Region.
Community resouce guide [online]. Third edition. Philadelphia: Office of Community Relations, University of Pennsylvania, [1997].
A Resource guide to the West Philadelphia community. 1994. Philadelphia: Office of Community Relations, Center for Community Partnerships, University of Pennsylvania.
[Van Pelt Reference Desk: F 158.68 .W5 G85 1994.
Lists schools, health care providers, churches, community organizations, and elected officials in West Philadelphia.
Where to turn: the comprehensive directory of health and human services in Philadelphia, Montgomery & Delaware counties. 1990-1991 ed. Philadelphia: Resource Center for Human Resources.
[Van Pelt Reference Desk: HV 98 .P4 W482 1990
"The most comprehensive directory of health and human services", listing nearly 2000 nonprofit agencies.
AIDS services. Philadelphia Fight.
Philadelphia FIGHT (FIGHT) is a comprehensive AIDS service organization providing primary care, consumer education, advocacy and research on potential treatments and vaccines.

Often the best place to find detailed information concerning a specific city, organization, or program. An overview of available resources, including indexing and archives for older news sources, is provided by the Van Pelt Reference special bibliography, Subject access to Philadelphia newspapers.
The Free Library of Philadelphia Newspaper and Database Division, Central Library at 1901 Vine Street, has an extensive collection of Philadelphia neighborhood newspapers, mostly weeklies, on microfilm:

Newspapers on microfilm at the Free Library: an alphabetical listing of the holdings of the Databases & Newspaper Center of the Free Library of Philadelphia. Philadelphia: Free Library of Philadelphia, 1997.
[Van Pelt Reference: Z6945 .F77 1997]
Searchable fulltext files of
Updated daily .
Ethnic Newswatch
  • Web-accessible collection of full text ethnic papers from around the United States.
  • Online coverage begins with 1990
  • Includes Philadelphia Tribune, the area's largest African-American newspaper
  • Includes the Jewish Exponent, a major area paper which has been published continuously since 1887.
Philadelphia Daily News. 1925-present. Daily.
[Van Pelt Microforms: Microfilm news 424 (1990-present)
[Van Pelt Current Periodicals: Latest 3 months]
Philadelphia Tribune. 1884-present. Triweekly.
[Van Pelt Microforms: Microfilm news 407 (1912-present
[Van Pelt Library Current Periodicals: Latest three months
Also in Ethnic Newswatch. Available fulltext online at http://www.phila-
Philadelphia Business Journal. 1982-present. Weekly.
[Lippincott Microforms: Film cont 110 (1982:Mar.29-1984:Sept.23). Lippincott Microforms: Business Collection (Nov. 19, 1984-Aug. 18, 1995)
[Lippincott Current Periodicals: Latest 2 years]
Philadelphia magazine. 1909-present. Monthly.
[Van Pelt: HC 108 .P5 G7
Indexing for Philadelphia magazine articles:
Access. Evanston, Ill.: J.G. Burke, 1975-present. Annual, with four-month updates.
[Van Pelt Reference: AI3 .A23 (1990-present)]
Stock, Walter D. Index to Philadelphia magazine, 1972-1991. Philadelphia: Free Library of Philadelphia.
[Van Pelt Reference Desk: HC 108 .P5 P56
Indexing for 1973-1990 also included in Popular periodical index. Camden: Rutgers Camden Library. [Van Pelt Reference: AI3 .P765]
Index to Philadelphia magazine, 1946-1978. Philadelphia: Paley Library, Temple University.
[Van Pelt Reference Desk: HC 108 .P5 P56]

Archival access to Philadelphia newspapers

Temple University's Urban Archives holds newspaper clippings and newspaper photograph and illustration archival materials for the Bulletin, Philadelphia Inquirer , and Philadelphia Daily News. Finding aids, access information, and subject heading lists can be found online at:

Newspaper clipping collections
Photographic and illustration collections

5. Philadelphia statistics, by subject

Sources for Philadelphia statistical information, especially predecessors for publications listed here, are listed in the Phila + PA Statistics looseleaf at Van Pelt Reference Desk. In addition, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission and Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, as well as other organizations, have produced many publications reporting statistics on Philadelphia. To identify these works, use keyword searching in Franklin, the online catalog of the Penn Library.

skey statistics AND skey philadelphia

NIS NeighborhoodBase. Cartographic Modelling Lab of the Unviersity of Pennsylvania
NeighborhoodBase is a publicly-accessible, web-based, geographic data application developed by the University of Pennsylvania's Cartographic Modeling Lab. The online mapping, reporting and data analysis tools can be used to focus in on a specific zip code, census tract or block group. Currently, NeighborhoodBase incorporates over 275 data elements, grouped into eight categories: * Housing Characteristics * Land Use * Property Ownership * Property Tax and Revenue * Real Estate Sales * Utility Information * Vacancy and Abandonment Indicators * U.S. Census Data (mostly 2000)
Census Data for Philadelphia
These profiles include four tables that provide various demographic, social, economic, and housing characteristics for. For detailed information on census data, see the Census Research Guide
Philadelphia Census 2000 Profile (pdf) (from Pennsylvania State Data Center)
Delaware Valley Profiles (from Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission)
Philadelphia City Planning Commission Guide to Data Sources
Identifies producers and repositories for data resources pertaining to Philadelphia for census data and maps, economic and employment data, housing program and residential sales data, land and property data, public and parochial school data, transportation and parking data, vital records, and zoning information. Provides an agency reference list and links to abstracts and bibliographies.
CityStats 05 (pdf) contains socio-economic and business trends data frequently requested of the City Planning Commission. Subjects include population, employment, income, retail sales, housing and office market activity, and an inventory of major development projects. Some tables compare City statistics with data for the Philadelphia PMSA.
Philadelphia City Planning Commission. 1991 rev. Philadelphia: PCPC.
Abstracts of major recent City Planning Commission publications are available online Older publications are listed in Philadelphia City Planning Commission publications [Van Pelt Reference: HT 168 .P43 P425 1991
The plan for...
The City Planning Commission has issued several plans for parts of Philadelphia. These plans provide excellent resources on all subjects. Plans can be found by doing keyword searches in Franklin for "city planning commission" and plan and philadelphia. More recent plans can be found on the CPCP website at Publication Abstracts.
The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission produces publications about Philadelphia and the surrounding counties as an integrated region. The Penn Library obtains most major DVRPC publications.
A list of DVRPC publications is available online.]
To identify Penn Library holdings of recent Philadelphia City Planning Commission and Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission publications, use keyword searching in Franklin, the online catalog of the Penn Library:
(corp philadelphia OR corp delaware) AND "planning commission"
Philadelphia Neighborhoods Planning Project.
The Philadelphia Neighborhoods Planning History Project creates a web presentation of the full content of 86 neighborhood planning surveys prepared and published by the Philadelphia City Planning Commission between 1946 and 1990. These reports contain descriptions of current conditions of housing stock; population trends; property turnover; public transportation; community activity.
Community profile: West Philadelphia Regional Library. 1990. Philadelphia: West Philadelphia Regional Library, Free Library of Philadelphia.
[Van Pelt Reference Desk: F 158.68 .W5 C66 1990
Each regional and branch library of the Free Library of Philadelphia has been requested to compile a "community profile". A complete set of these profiles is available at Extension Services Division, Central Library, Free Library of Philadelphia at 1901 Vine Street (215-686-5310). Community profiles for Germantown and the Northeast are also available at Van Pelt Library's Reference Department.
Neighborhoods Online,
A collection of links to non-profit resources operating out of Philadelphia Neighborhoods.
Atlas of the Delaware Valley. Direction 2020 report 14. Philadelphia: Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, 1994.
[Van Pelt Reference Oversize & Fine Arts Reference: G 1247 .D4 D4 1994]
The Philadelphia regional SCAN. Philadelphia: Community Leadership Seminars, 1986.
[Van Pelt Reference: HT 168 .P43 P55 1986]
Schwartz, Edward. 1982. Neighborhood service district profiles. Philadelphia: Institute for the Study of Civic Values.
[Van Pelt Reference Desk: HA 730 .P45 N45 1982
Provides performance information for city services, apparently by Police District. Sadly dated.
U.S. Bureau of the Census. 1974. Urban atlas: tract data for standard metropolitan statistical areas: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-New Jersey. Washington, D.C.: GPO.
[Van Pelt Reference Oversize, other locations: G 3824 .P5 1974 U55]

Pennsylvania Department of Health Vital Statistics
Recent Vital Statistics by County in Pennsylvania
Vital Statistics PA
Philadelphia Health Profile -- includes mortality, morbidity, natality and reported pregnancy, etc.
Vital statistics report. 1982-present. Philadelphia: Department of Public Health, Division of Health Programs Analysis. Annual.
[Van Pelt: RA 407.4 .P4 P544. Latest (2002) at Reference Desk. Also Biomedical
Includes data for Health districts. Some volumes provide Census tract data.
Philadelphia resident birth, death, disease and population data by health district, by neighborhood, and by census tract. 1991-present. Philadelphia: Department of Public Health, Division of Health Programs Analysis.
[Van Pelt (and Biomedical): RA 407.4 .P4 P5442. Latest at Reference Desk
Apparently supersedes:
Selected resident birth and death data by health district, by census tract, and by neighborhood. [1981?]-[1991?]. Philadelphia: Department of Public Health, Division of Health Programs Analysis. Irregular.
[Van Pelt: HA 730 .A5 P51. Latest at Reference Desk]
Penn Library - Philadelphia Vital Statistics
[Penn Library Web, URL:
Birth and death data for Philadelphia, its ten Health Districts, and Census Tracts. Extracted from Philadelphia resident birth, death, disease and population data by health district, by neighborhood, and by census tract (supra), and arranged as time-series data.

Many Philadelphia Health Management Corporation publications report on the findings of recurring surveys. They usually include statistics for the entire city, for Planning Analysis Sections, and for Health Districts. These can be identified in Franklin, the online catalog of the Penn Library, using keyword searching corp "philadelphia health management" or phmc
Some important PHMC publications are:
Community health at the crossroads : local health trends from PHMC's Southeastern Pennsylvania Household Health Survey, 1990-2000. 2000
"The report from the Philadelphia Health Management Corporation's (PHMC) Community Health Data Base provides trend data for the most important health issues facing people and communities today, including health status and health behaviors, access to and utilization of care, and care for special populations such as women, older adults, and children "
Location: Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks RA427 .P46 2002
Pennsylvania Department of Health
E-Guide to Health Statistics provides a detailed index to finding health statistics in Pennsylvania, many of which are available by county or health district (Philadelphia is its own health district in PA). Also see
Healthy People 2010(pdf) Philadelphia report includes a range of health indicators including detailed death rates
Access to health: a decade of research from the Philadelphia Health Management Corporation. 1992.
[Biomedical Reference: RA 407.4 .P4 A22 1992]
"Major findings from the Third Household Health Survey with comparisons between the 1991, 1987 and 1983 survey results."
Philadelphia Health Management Corporation. Neighborhood health profiles. 12 volumes. Philadelphia: PHMC, 1994.
[Biomedical Reference: Oversize RA 395 .A4 P4 1994
Contents: v. 1. Center city -- v. 2. South Philadelphia -- v. 3. Southwest Philadelphia -- v. 4. West Philadelphia -- v. 5. Lower North Philadelphia -- v. 6. Upper North Philadelphia -- v. 7. Bridesburg-Kensington-Richmond -- v. 8 . Roxborough-Manayunk -- v. 9. Germantown-Chestnut Hill -- v. 10. Olney-Oak Lane -- v. 11. Near Northeast -- v. 12. Far Northeast.
"Neighborhood-Oriented Health Care Data Base Project is directed towards providing the health care system and the community with a description of health status, the use of health care services and relative access to health care resources across different neigborhoods in the City".
Also see Neighborhood health profiles, 1985 edition. [Biomed Ref: Oversize RA 395 .A4 P4 1985]
Health status, utilization and access to medical care for Philadelphia's poor. 1989.
[Biomedical Reference: Oversize RA 448 .P5 H43 1989]
Homelessness in Philadelphia: people, needs, services. 1985.
[Biomedical: Oversize HV 4506 .P4 H7 1985]
Philadelphia's functionally impaired elderly and their use of in-home care. 1991.
[Biomedical: RA 645.3 .P5 1991]
More information about the Philadelphia Health Management Corporation may be obtained from
Philadelphia Department of Public Health. AIDS Activities Coordinating Office. AIDS surveillance quarterly update. 1994?-present. Philadelphia: AACO. Quarterly.
[Biomedical Reference: RA 644 .A25 A3766]
[Van Pelt Library RA644.A25 A3766]
Summary data for cases reported for Philadelphia, Pa-N.J. Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area and for Philadelphia city. Cumulative and year-to-date tables for Philadelphia adult and pediatric cases, with gender and race iterations, and for frequency of AIDS-defining diagnoses. One table shows cumulative and year-to-date counts and frequencies for Philadelphia AIDS cases by ZIP Code for areas with four or more cases reported.
Online source for information on hospital effectiveness, procedures done in hospitals, and country profiles in Pennsylvania. Print sources include : Hospital effectiveness report: [Region 9: Philadelphia county]. Vol. 1 (July 1-Sept. 30, 1989)-present. Harrisburg, Pa: PHCCCC. Quarterly, -1989; Annual, 1990-present. [Biomedical Reference: RA981.P4 H679
Approximately 55 data tables presenting data on two dozen general acute care hospitals with 100+ beds, describing "a hospital's record of effectiveness and how much it charges for its services".
Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council. Health care inpatient utilization using small area analysis: Region 9, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1988-present. Harrisburg, PA: PHCCCC, 1991-present. Annual.
[Biomedical Reference: RA 981 .P4 H429
"Documenting community-level variations in hospital admissions" using data on patients treated for cholecystectomy, adult pneumonia, acute myocardial infarction, and cesarean section. Small areas are 24 Health Market Areas, defined by ZIP code.
Independence Blue Cross of Greater Philadelphia. Community health care report. Philadelphia, PA: Independence Blue Cross, P ennsylvania Blue Shield, c198?-present.
[Biomedical Reference: Oversize HG 9397.5 .P4 B59
Report for 1986 includes treatment and charge data for specific hospitals.
Northwest Interfaith Movement Nursing Home Connection. Nursing homes in Philadelphia: a directory and consumer guide. 1988 edition. Philadelphia: NIMNHC, 1988.
[Biomedical Reference: RA 982 .P5 N85 1988
"The first single source of comprehensive information about long term care facilities in Philadelphia". Presents information on 54 facilities arranged geographically.
Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Philadelphia County Assistance Office. Annual report. Philadelphia: PCAO.
[Van Pelt: HV 87 .P5 A455. Latest in Reference
Summarizes public assistance provided to Philadelphia residents. Especially useful for definitions and program thresholds.
The Philadelphia County Assistance Office also publishes small-area counts for their programs (AFDC, SSI, Medical Assistance) as part of an in-house document. A copy of recent small-area data tables is kept in the Van Pelt Reference Desk vertical file.

For Education Statistics, please see the guide to Philadelphia Area Schools and their Neighborhoods at

NIS CrimeBase. Cartographic Modelling Lab of the Unviersity of Pennsylvania
CrimeBase is a publicly-accessible, web-based, geographic data application developed by the University of Pennsylvania's Cartographic Modeling Lab. Includes Police Department data about crimes in Philadelphia from 1998-present.
Philadelphia Police Dept. Statistical report. 198?-present. Philadelphia: Research and Planning Department, Philadelphia Police Department. Annual.
[Van Pelt Reference: HV 7601 .A47a
Counts of major crimes and minor crimes by Police District. Detailed breakdowns for accident reports by Police District. Detailed breakdowns for type of crime for entire city. Recent online information available from
Penn Library - Philadelphia Police Districts.
[Penn Library Web, URL:
Online profiles of individual Police Districts, combining Statistical report data for 1981-1996 with 1990 Census population and housing data.
Bureau of Justice Statistics includes national and local statistical information on the criminal justice system.
Pennsylvania. Dept. of Corrections. County prison and jail statistical report. [Camp Hill, Pa.] : Pennsylvania Dept. of Corrections, [1989]-present. Annual.
[Van Pelt: HV 8358 .P46
Continues: Annual statistical report of Pennsylvania county prisons and jails.
Pennsylvania. Dept. of Corrections. Annual statistical report, State correctional system. 1988/1989-present. [s.l.] : The Dept. Annual.
[Van Pelt: HV 7288 .A252. Latest year in reference]
Census of local jails, 1988: Volume II, Data for individual jails in the northeast. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Dept. of Just ice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1991.
[Van Pelt: HV 8746 .U5 C46 1991]
Results of the fifth census of county prisons and local jails and detention centers, providing data on capacity, court orders, consent decrees, and detention status. For Philadelphia county, jails are: County House of Correction, Holmesburg Prison, Philadelphia Detention Center, Prison Health Services Center, Work Release (Cannery), Work Release (Laurel Hall), Industrial Corrections Center.
Pennsylvania. Administrative Office of the Pennsylvania Courts. AOPC home page.
WWW pages include "Caseload Statistics of the Unified Judiciary", including Philadelphia Municipal Court, Philadelphia Traffic Court, and Common Pleas Court (for Philadelphia only: Civil Court, Orphans' Court, Family Court, Juror Utilization)
Pennsylvania. Court of Common Pleas (Philadelphia County). Family Court Division. Annual report. Volume 69-present, 1984-present. Annual.
[Biddle: KFX 2123 .M82]
The First Judicial District, Pennsylvania, covers Philadelphia county. Within this district, the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas consists of four separate courts: Municipal Court, Family Court, Orphans Court, and Traffic Court. Of these courts, only Family Court currently publishes its own annual report; Municipal Court published an annual report through 1991; the Court of Common Pleas published a collective annual report through 1978:
Annual report of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas and Municipal Courts.
[Biddle: KFX 2123 .M85]

The Committee of Seventy
The premier place for current and some historical election data in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia. Voter Registration Division. Annual report of the City Commissioners. Philadelphia: Office of City Commissioners, 1980-present. Annual.
[Van Pelt: JK 2174 .P3 P5. Latest at Reference Desk
Voter registration by wards and divisions, sex, race, party. Official vote by wards and divisions.
Pennsylvania. Department of General Services. Pennsylvania manual. Harrisburg: Dept. of General Services, 1927-present. Biennial (irregular).
[Van Pelt: JK 3630 .P4. Latest at Reference Desk
Some demographic data for Pennsylvania legislative districts.
Penn Library Guide to Elections
See also the guide to finding information about elections from the Penn Library

Five-year financial plan .... 1992/1996-present. Philadelphia: Office of the Mayor / Office of Budget and Program Evaluation. Annual.
[Van Pelt: HJ 9013 .P6 P463. Latest in Reference
Created in compliance with the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority, the plan summarizes the current and future missions, program initiatives (including past-year and proposed future statistical measures), performance issues, and principal budget requirements of the administration and its departments.
The five-year plan is updated by:
Quarterly city managers report .... (1993?)-present. Philadelphia: Office of Budget and Program Evaluation.
[Van Pelt: HJ 99013 .P6 M387. Latest two years only, in Reference]
Philadelphia City Code and Home Rule Charter. American Legal Publishing Corporation.
Searchable fulltext version of the Code and Home Rule Charter.
Ordinances of the city of Philadelphia. (1882)-present. Philadelphia: GMC.
[Biddle: KFX 2121 .A5
In addition to this bound set of ordinances, Biddle receives slip ordinances and retains unbound bills and resolutions for the current two years. Jenkins Law Library maintains a list of Philadelphia code parts affected for slip ordinances.
Includes online versions of the most recent, budget, five year plan, capital program, and city manager's report. A wealth of local government information. Be sure to look to the archived reports as well. See below for older versions.
The Mayor's operating budget for fiscal .... 2 vols. Philadelphia:. Annual.
[Van Pelt: HJ 9013 .P6 M386. Latest online at Reference
The "big" budget publication, providing departmental summaries by fund and for personal services, and division summaries and schedules for positions, purchase of services, materials, supplies, equipment, etc. as well as grant information summaries.
The Mayor's operating budget in brief for fiscal year .... Philadelphia:. Annual.
[Van Pelt: HJ 9013 .P6 M3862. Latest in Reference
"As proposed to the [City] Council". Presents summary tables of revenues and obligations for all City operating funds. Reviews the history of obligation levels over several years, as well as projects and proposes for future five years. Includes proposed Appropriation Ordinance for fiscal year.
The Mayor's fiscal ... operating budget. 1981/1982-present. Philadelphia: Office of the Mayor.
[Lippincott: HJ 9013 .P6e52.
The Mayor's operating budget and programs. (1957)-1980/1981.
[Lippincott: HJ 9013 .P6e52]
Investing in Philadelphia: the ... capital program. 1990/1995-present. Philadelphia: Philadelphia City Planning Commission. Annual.
[Van Pelt: HD 4606 .P5 A313. Latest in Reference
"Describes the [six-year] Capital Program to renew the City's extensive system of public facilities". Provides the original schedule of projects and amounts recommended by the City Planning Commission, modified and adopted by City Council and approved by the Mayor; includes later amendments. Arranged by City departments. A separate section lists projects by "neighhborhoods" (= Planning Analysis Sections), with maps.
City of Philadelphia capital program. 1981/1986-1989/1994.
[Van Pelt: HD 4606 .P5 A313]
Capital program, city of Philadelphia and School District of Philadelphia. 1972/1977-1980/1985.
[Van Pelt: HD 4606 .P5 A312]
Capital program, city of Philadelphia. 1945/1950-1971/1976.
[Van Pelt: HD 4606 .P5 A3]
Comprehensive annual financial report. (1982/1983)-present. Philadelphia: Office of the Director of Finance. Annual.
[Van Pelt: HJ 9013 .P6 B18. Latest in Reference
[Lippincott: HJ 9013 .P6b25. Latest in Reference
General purpose financial statements and the combining and individual fund and account group financial statements and schedules for all City funds and account groups and for entities for which the City is financially accountable. A brief statement on the economic and financial wellbeing of the City, and selected multiyear financial and statistical tables, are also provided.
Comprehensive annual report of the Director .... 1981/1982.
[Lippincott: HJ 9013 .P6b25]
Annual report of the Director .... 1973/1974-1980/1981.
[Lippincott: HJ 9013 .P6b25]
Financial report. 1952-1972/1973.
[Lippincott: HJ 9013 .P6b25]
Supplemental report of revenues and obligations. 1977/1978-present. Philadelphia: Office of the Director of Finance. Annual.
[Lippincott: HJ 99013 .P6b25 Suppl. Latest in Reference]
Compares actual revenues to adjusted revenue estimates and actual obligations to appropriations as adjusted and approved by City Council in the Operating Budget and Capital Budget ordinances.
Continues in part:
Report of bonded indebtedness. 1957-(1985/1986?).
[Lippincott: HJ 9013 .P6h6]
Annual report. 1975-present. Philadelphia: Dept. of Revenue. Annual.
[Lippincott: HJ 9013 .P6b
"A detailed statement of the operation of the ... Revenue Department", its Tax Revenue and Water Revenue Bureaux, and its Direct Tax Enforcement, Self-Assessed Tax Enforcement, Compliance, and General Support Divisions. Includes statistical tables showing collection histories of City and School District major revenue accounts. Provides summary schedules for current major revenues, with tax rates, due dates, and eligibility, and for tax rate changes since 1952.
Annual report. 1953-1973/1974. Philadelphia: Dept. of Collections.
[Lippincott: HJ 9013 .P6b]
City Controller's Office.
Pages provide "City Budget at a Glance" and executive summaries of the most recent city departments' audits.
Pennsylvania Economy League, Eastern Division produces reports analyzing Philadelphia municipal government and financing, as well as on more general economic and business issues.
A list of major PEL reports, 1987 to present, some with abstracts, is available online.
The Penn Library has received most Pennsylvania Economy League, Eastern Division publications. Use keyword searching in Franklin, the online catalog of the Penn Library, using "pennsylvania economy league", to find reports. Also, see the most recent Pennsylvania Economy League reports. Some recent publications are:

Philadelphia Office of Housing and Community Development. Year ... consolidated plan. 1995-present.
[Van Pelt: HD 7304 .P5 P544. Latest in Reference.
Combines several separate annual reports previously issued, including Comprehensive housing affordability strategy and Annual performance report, federal fiscal year ....
The Year 34 consolidated plan's executive summary has been made available online.
U.S. Bureau of the Census. American housing survey. Triennial publication cycle.
[Lippincott Reference: CD-ROM
Some small area data, for AHS housing zones. Printed summaries also in Lippincott Reference.
Assisted Housing: National and Local. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1994.
Site offers access to several datasets and publications. More than 60 Philadelphia projects are described.
Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data. Washington, D.C.: Federal Reserve Board.
[Van Pelt Microforms: US Documents microfiche FR 1.63/38 (Pennsylvania, 1990-1992)
Annual compilation of home mortgage lending practices, reporting personal characteristics of applicants and recipients by census tract for individual lending institutions. More detailed registers are maintained by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission [infra, under "Archival"].
Two WWW sites provide Philadelphia HMDA data:
HMDA Standard Reports. The Right to Know Network.
Provides area searches (all loans within a specified area), bank searches, and market searches (loans within a specified area for each bank).
Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) statistics. Essential Information.
Philadelphia Tax Assessment Records
Board of Revision of Taxes tax assessment records are kept in the records Center and City Archives, but remain in the custody of the Board of Revision of Taxes.

For more information, consult Lippincott Library Research Guide no. 18, "Metropolitan Philadelphia business resources"
Penn Library - Philadelphia Economic Statistics - ZIP Code data
Online profiles of Philadelphia ZIP codes for manufactures, retail trade, and service industries, providing establishment and employment counts and (for retail and service establishments) payroll and receipts/sales data by 4-digit Standard Industrial Classification code category. Derives from Economic census [infra].
Economic census. Quinquennial. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Bureau of the Census.
The Census Bureau conducts censuses of retail industries, service industries, manufacturing industries, agriculture, and related topics on a five-year cycle. The most recent economic census was conducted in 1992; publication is in progress.
Recent economic censuses provide receipt, payroll, and employment data for establishments for SIC or "Kind-of-business" codes by County and -- in electronic data releases only -- by ZIP Code.
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Annual report. 1916-present. Annual.
[Lippincott: HG 2613 .P54 F42]
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Business review. (1921)-present. Bi-monthly.
[Lippincott: HC 107 .A12 A2]
Research and Statistics Department, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.
Fulltext, often with tables and charts, of Business Review, Business outlook survey, "Beige Book": Commentary on Economic Conditions, Mid- Atlantic Manufacturing Index, and other monthly and quarterly publications.
Region III - Philadelphia, Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor
Fulltext of recent press releases, time series data (1986-present) for Consumer and Producer Price Indices, unemployment rate, average hourly earnings.
Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers
These research centers provide entrepreneurs and small businesses with consulting, training, and business information. The local SBDCs are:
Wharton Small Business Development Center, University of Pennsylvania
Temple University Small Business Development Center

Jenner, Carol B. and Harry F. Lins. 1991. Climatic atlas of the Delaware River basin. U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1392. Washington, D.C.: GPO.
[Van Pelt Reference: QC 984 .D3 J46 1991]
Goodwin, Bruce K. 1964. Guidebook to the geology of the Philadelphia area. Pennsylvania Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey, fourth series, Bulletin G41. Harrisburg: Dept. of Internal Affairs.
[Van Pelt, Fine Arts: QE 158 .P5 G6
Includes a brief overview of Philadelphia areal geology, but primarily a vehicle to present eight field trips, four along Wissahickon Creek (Valley Green North, Valley Green South, Bell's Mill Road, and Covered Bridge) and four suburban and rural quarries (Port Kennedy, Howellville, Bridgeport, and Glens Mills).
Bascom, Florence et al. 1909. Description of the Philadelphia District (Norristown, Germantown, Chester, and Philadelphia quadrangles, Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Delaware. U.S. Geological Atlas of the United States, Folio 162. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Geological Survey.
[Map Collection at High Density Storage
Topographical map sheets overlaid with geologic information, with accompanying text. The most recent detailed exposition of Philadelphia's geology. 1:62,500 scale.
Hall, Charles E. 1881. The geology of Philadelphia county and of the southern parts of Montgomery and Bucks. Second Pennsylvania Geological Survey, Report of Progress C6 and C7.
[Van Pelt: 557.48 P381.1 vols C6 and C7
The first serious report on Philadelphia's geology, extremely dated. Maps in the atlas secion were constructed from 1887 Philadelphia Water Department surveys.
Paulachok, Gary N. 1991. Geohydrology and ground-water resources of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. U.S. Geological Survey Water-supply paper W-2346. Washington, D.C.: USGS.
[Van Pelt: TC 801 .U2
Prepared in cooperation with the Philadelphia Water Department.
Paulachok, Gary N. and Charles R. Wood. 1984. Water-table map of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1976-1980. U.S. Geological Survey Hydrologic investigations atlas HA-676. Washington, D.C.: USGS.
[Van Pelt: G 3824 .P5C34 1984 P38
Prepared in cooperation with the Philadelphia Water Department. Scale: 1:50,000.
Delaware Estuary Program. 1995. The Delaware estuary: discover its secrets [public review draft, comprehensive conservation and management plan for the Delaware Estuary]. 2 volumes. Philadelphia: The Program.
[Van Pelt Reference, Fine Arts: TD 225 .D28 D459 1995]
U.S. Geological Survey. State water-data reports: hydrologic records of the United States, 1990-1993.
[Van Pelt Library Information Desk: CD-ROM 56]
U.S. Geological Survey. Hydro-climatic data network streamflow data set, 1874-1988 [CD-ROM].
[High Density Storage: QC 981.8 .C5 S53 1993]
U.S. National Climatic Data Center. 1994. Global daily summary: temperature and precipitation, 1977-1991 [CD-ROM]. Version 1.0. Asheville, N.C.: NCDC.
[Van Pelt Library Information Desk: QC 901 .A1 G56 1994]
Pennsylvania monthly local climatological data. 1983- . Asheville, N.C.: National Climatic Data Center.
[Van Pelt Microforms: Microfiche U.S. Doc C55.286/6-40]
Van Pelt Microforms holds monthly local climatological data for the Delaware Valley states. Consult the U.S. Documents notebook at Van Pelt Reference Desk for more information on depository climatological data. Also, the Bulletin, Inquirer regional, and Philadelphia almanacs (supra) provide useful presentations of daily data.
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Philadelphia County Notebook.
Provides information about DEP programs, grants, and enforcement actions. Links to DEP databases for air quality, Superfund sites.
HAZDAT. U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.
Hypertext form-driven access to ATSDR's Hazardous substance release / health effects database, providing information on the release of hazardous substance from Superfund sites or from emergency events. Links to ATSDR's Public health statement texts provide substance-specific information. Queries allowed for site activity, site contaminant, toxic ological profile, and Public health statement texts.
LANDVIEW III: environmental mapping software [CD-ROM]. 11 CD-ROMs. 1997. Washington, D.C.: Environmental Protection Agency.
[Van Pelt Reference Moelis CD Area: HA 201 1990 .L26 1997
Mapping data with display software for 1990 Census geography down to Block groups and EPA-regulated sites selected from Aerometric Information Retrieval System, RCRA Biennial Reporting System, CERCLA Information System (including National Priority List and non-NPL), Permit Compliance System, and Toxic Release Inventory System.

U.S. Bureau of the Census. Summary Tape File 3B , ZIP code statistics, 1990 Census of Population and Housing.
See "1990 Census" section [supra].
The 1990 marketer's handbook: Volumes I and II, Pennsylvania ZIP code data. 2 vols. Middletown, PA: Pennsylvania State Data Center, 1993.
[Van Pelt Reference: HA 603 .P46 1993]
U.S. Bureau of the Census. 1992 Economic Census: Volume 2, ZIP code statistics. Washington, D.C.: B ureau of the Census, 1993- .
[Lippincott Computer Area: HC 106.8 .E2727 1994
See "Business" section [supra]
The Lifestyle ZIP code analyst. 1991- . Wilmette, Ill.: Standard Rate & Data Service.
[Lippincott Reference: HF 5415.33 .U6 L56]
Gould, Jay M. (Alice Tepper Marlin, ed.) Quality of life in American neighborhoods: levels of affluence, toxic waste, and cancer mortality in residential ZIP code areas. Boulder: Westview.
[Van Pelt Reference: RA 645 .C3 G68 1986]
Claritas Corporation. REZIDE: the national encyclopedia of residential ZIP code demography. Arlington, Va.: Claritas, 1983.
[Lippincott Reference: HA215 .R49 1983]
Reports 1980 Census data. Unlike most ZIP-code data publications: includes ZIP codes with no population, with brief note on nature of ZIP code.
CACI, Inc.-Federal. Sourcebook of ZIP code demographics. 1990- . 7th edition- . Fairfax, Va.: CACI. Annual.
[Lippincott: HA 203 .S66. Latest at Reference Desk]
Continues Sourcebook of demographics and buying power for every ZIP code in the USA. "[1990] Census edition" is also at Lippincott Reference Desk: HA 203 .S662.
CACI, Inc. Demographic sourcebooks [CD-ROM]. 1990 Census ed.
[Lippincott Computer Area: HA 203 .S6622]
Demographics USA. 1993- . New York: Market Statistics.
[Van Pelt Reference: HF 5415.1 .S87]

U.S. Bureau of the Census. Statistical abstract of the United States. 1878-present. Washington, D.C.: Bureau of the Census. Annual.
[Van Pelt: HA 202. Latest year at Reference Desk. Latest 10 years in Reference
Online at:
Statistical Universe. 1973-present (U.S. gov't sources), 1980-present (other sources). Congressional Information Service, Inc.
Bibliographic indexes, with detailed abstracts, for statistical publications published by the U.S. government [ASI], by U.S. state governments and private organizations [SRI], and by major intergovernmental organizations [IIS]. The Penn Library will own many of the items in these sets: use Franklin to identify these.
Free Library of Philadelphia's Government Publications Department owns the ASI, SRI, and IIS microfiche collections.
State and local statistics sources. 1990/1991-present. 1st edition-present. Detroit, Mich.: Gale.
[Van Pelt: HA 214 .S738. Latest in Reference]
"A subject guide to statistical data on States, Cities, and Locales, covering agriculture, business, education, energy, environment, finance, labor, law enforcement, manufacturing, public welfare, real estate, taxation, transportation, [etc.]" The first edition indexes serial or recurring publications issued by federal, state, and local governments, chambers of commerce, university economic and research bureaus, banks, research institutes, economic development agencies, and utility companies. Geographic coverage includes the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.
Entries are classified within 52 major subject headings for each State. Two appendices identify source publications and nonprint sources of statistical data.
International City Management Association. Municipal year book. 1934-present. Washington, D.C.: ICMA.
[Van Pelt: JS 344 .C5 A24. Latest at Reference Desk]
"An authoritative resume of activities and statistical data of American cities, " treating municipal government operations. Contains useful bibliography of print and electronic sources for a broad range of urban topics.

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