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Political Science - Research Guide

This bibliography of reference resources attempts to include the major resources under each category, but it is of necessity highly selective. The Library holds many similar titles, which can be found on the Reference Room shelves between Library of Congress call numbers J and JX and G through Franklin searches.


  1. Penn Library Special Bibliographies
  2. Franklin
  3. The Internet
  4. Encyclopedias
  5. Dictionaries
  6. Guides
  7. Yearbooks and Country Reports
  8. Bibliographies
  9. Indexes, Abstracts, and Databases
  10. News Sources
  11. Directories
  12. Documents
  13. Statistics Sources
  14. Atlases and Maps
  15. Defense and Military Preparedness
  16. Foreign Trade and Investment

  1. Related Penn Library Special Bibliographies

  2. FRANKLIN and other library catalogs

    • Franklin - (The Library's online public access catalog) For help in using Franklin, ask at a Reference Desk, and see the: Franklin Help Pages

      SUBJECT HEADINGS for use in Franklin ( Subject ) searches. This list is suggestive only of the types and patterns for headings. For a full list of Subject Headings, see: Library of Congress Subject Headings, 5 vols, Annual (ask at the Reference Desk) See also: Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) for Political Science

      business and politics
      comparative government
      international business enterprises
      international law
      international relations
      japan foreign relations united states
      local government
      national security
      peace treaties
      political rights
      political parties
      political science
      politics and religion
      right and left
      security international
      strategic alliances business
      treaties collections
      united states foreign economic relations
      united states foreign relations
      united states foreign relations
      united states foreign relations japan
      united states relations
      womens rights
      world politics
      world politics 1989

      Try Franklin Keyword searches such as:

      • nkey france - "france" in author name
      • skey japan - "japan" in a Subject Heading
      • (treaties OR treaty OR alliance?) AND japan AND "United States"

    • WorldCat - (via web)
      WorldCat lists over 35 million items -- books, serials, sound recordings, musical scores, visual materials, maps, machine-readable files, and manuscript or archival materials -- located in over 4500 libraries. FirstSearch, the same user-friendly interface thats available for MLA and Books in Print, allows the searcher to find items by author keyword, title keyword, or subject keyword, by phrase, or by various combinations. Online help is always available.

  3. THE INTERNET -- The are many recent political documents and resources on the Internet.

    See also the Penn Political Science Department's Home Page

    Or do a search of the Internet using the Internet Search Tools.


    • Encyclopedia Britannica Online

    • Oxford companion to politics of the world. N.Y., Oxford Univ. Pr., 2001. 1018 p. index. Long signed articles on people, places, and concepts; many entries include bibliographies.

    • A Companion to contemporary political philosophy . ed. Robert E. Goodin and Philip Pettit. Oxford, Blackwell, 1993. 677p. index. 41 essays on topics such as: socialism, power, state, welfare, anarchism, etc., with bibliographies. (Van Pelt Reference JA 71 C565 1993)

    • Encyclopedia of Democracy. Wash. D.C., CQ, 1995. 4 vols. 1554p. 417 long signed articles on concepts, countries, regions, and persons, with bibliographies. No article on "Democracy" per se, but see the Introduction and articles on "Democratization" and "Types of Democracy." (Van Pelt Reference JC 423 E53 1995)

    • Encyclopedia of Government and Politics. Ed. M Hawkesworth. London, Routledge, 1992. 2v. 84 long signed articles, with bibliographies. (Van Pelt Reference JA 61 C66 1992)

    • World Encyclopedia of Parliaments and Legislatures . Wash. D.C., CQ, 1998. 2vols. 878 p. glossary, index. For each country 2-15 page article, with bibliography. (Van Pelt Reference JF 511 W67 1998)

    • Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion. Washington, C.Q., 1998. 2 vols. Ed. Robert Wuthnow. Long signed articles with bibliography. Religions, people, countries, concepts. (Van Pelt Reference BL 65 P7 E53 1998)
    • The Encyclopedia of Political Revolutions. Ed. Jack Goldstone. Wash., CQ, 1998. 580p. Index. Long signed articles with bibliographies. Thematic map timeeline, 1494-1989. (Van Pelt Reference Stacks JC 491 E63 1998)

    • Encyclopedia of the Third World. Ed. George Kurian. 4th ed. N.Y., Facts on File, 1992. 3 vols. 2363p. (Van Pelt HC 59.7 K87 1992)

    • Arms, Thomas S. Encyclopedia of the Cold War. N.Y., Facts on File, 1994. 628p. (Van Pelt Reference D843 A668 1994)

    • Nolan, Cathal J.The Longman Guide to World Affairs. White Plains, Longman, 1995. 450p. (Van Pelt Reference D 217 N63 1995)

    • Encyclopedia of revolutions and revolutionaries. Ed. Martin van Creveld. N.Y., Facts on File, 1996. 494p. (Van Pelt Reference D 21.3 E33 1996)

    • Cook, Chris, revised by Whitny Walker. The Facts on File world political almanac: from 1945 to the president. 4th ed. N.Y., Checkmark Books, 2001. 600p. (Van Pelt Reference Desk D843 C5798 2001)

    • Day, Alan J., Richard German and John Cambell, eds.Political Parties of the World, 4th ed. New York: Stockton, 1996. 683p. (Van Pelt Reference JF 2051 D39 1996)

    • International encyclopedia of public policy and administration. Ed. Jay Shafritz. Boulder, Westview, 1998. 4 vols, 2504p. Index. 900 signed articles, with bibliographies. Example topics: administrative state, agency theory, Beveridge Report, Delphi technique. due process, community control, Japanese administrative culture, debt, voucher system, Weber, zoning. (Van Pelt Reference H 97 I574 1988)

    • Political Encyclopedia of the Middle East. New York: Continuum, 2002. 944p. Ed. Avraham Sela. Table of basic social data. (Van Pelt Reference Stacks DS 62.8 P64 1999)

    • The encyclopedia of human rights. Ed. Edward Lawson. 2d ed. New York, Taylor and Francis, 1996. 1715p. Long articles on countries, organizations, topics; texts of major documents, bibliography, chron. list of documents; index. (Van Pelt Reference JC 571 E67 1996)


    Search in Franklin: "political science dictionaries"; "world politics dictionaries", for many other political science dictionaries, including some in languages other than English.

    • Dictionary of Government and Politics. Chicago, Fitzroy Dearborn, 1998. ed. by P.H. Collin 2d. ed. 301p. British. (Van Pelt Reference JA 61 6 1998)

    • Urwin, Derek W. A dictionary of European history and politics, 1945-1995 Derek W. Urwin. London ; New York: Longman, 1996. v, 423 p. Events and issues; territories; organizations; and individuals. ( Van Pelt Reference D1051 .U78 1996 )

    • Ziring, Lawrence, 1928- International relations : a political dictionary Lawrence Ziring, Jack C. Plano, Roy Olton. 5th. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 1995. x, 458 p. : ill. 714 entries, arranged alphabetically under 12 broad topics, such as "Nature and Role of Foreign Policy", "Ideology and Communication", etc. Index. ( Van Pelt Reference JX1226 .P55 1995 )

    • Plano, Jack C.The American political dictionary. Fort Worth, Harcourt, 1993. 11th. ed. 759p. (Van Pelt Reference JK 9 P55 1993)

    • Safire, William Safire's new political dictionary. N.Y., Random House, 1993. 930p. (Van Pelt Reference JK 9 S2 1993)

    • McLean, Iain and Alistair McMillan.Concise Oxford dictionary of politics. 2nd ed. N.Y., Oxford Univ. Pr., 2003. 606p. (Van Pelt Reference JA 61 C665 2003)

    • Cassell dictionary of modern politics. London, Cassell, 1994. 340p. (Van Pelt Reference JA 61 C37)

    • Shafritz, Jay, Phil Williams and Ronald S. Calinger. Dictionary of 20th-century world politics. N.Y., Holt, 1993. 756p. (Van Pelt Reference JA 61 S53 1993)

    • Gay, Kathlyn and Martin K. Gay. Encyclopedia of Political Anarchy . Santa Barbara, ABC Clio, 1999. 242p. Index. Several hundred short articles with bibliography. E.g., Anabaptists, Chomsky, Diggers, Russian Anarchism, Zapata, etc. (Van Pelt Reference HX 830 G39 1999)


    • Scott, Gregory M. The political science student writer's manual / Gregory M. Scott, Stephen M. Garrison. Englewood Cliffs, N.J. :Prentice Hall, c1995. 302 p. Includes a list of scholarly political science periodicals, pp. 97-101. (Van Pelt Reference JA 86 S39 1995)

    • A New Handbook of Political Science. edited by Robert E. Goodin and Hans-Dieter Klingemann. N.Y., Oxford Univ. Pr., 1996. 845p. Name and subject indexes. Chapter bibliographies. Systematic discussion of the major areas of the discipline, in 35 bibliographic essays by political science faculty members. (Van Pelt Reference JA 66 N49 1966)

    • Johnson, Janet B., Richard A. Joslyn, and H.T. Reynolds.Political science research methods. 4th ed. Wash, D.C., CQ Press, 2001. 492 p. index. Textbook on political science research. (Van Pelt Reference JA 73 J64 2001)

    • Information sources in politics and political science; a survey worldwide . Dermot Englefield, Gavin Drewry, eds. London, Butterworths, 1984 509 p. index. Detailed bibliographic essays by various authors. (Van Pelt Reference JA 71 I39 1984)

    • York, Henry E. Political science; a guide to reference and information sources . Englewood, Co., Libraries Unlimited, 1990 249p. index. Annotated bibliography of reference works. (Van Pelt Reference JA 71 Y67 1990)

    • Guide to reference books. Ed. Robert Balay. Chicage, ALA, 1996. 2020p. The major guide to reference works in all subject areas. See "Political Science" pp. 1038-1112. (Van Pelt Reference Desk Z 1035.1 G89 1996)

    • Reich, Bernard, ed. Handbook of Political Science Research on the Middle East and North Africa. Westport, Greenwood, 1998. 392p. Bibliographic essays by various authors. Appx: Reference works. (Van Pelt Reference JQ 1758 A58 1998P)

    • Morehead, Joe. Introduction to United States Government information sources. 6th ed. Englewood, Colo., Libraries Unlimited, 1999. 491p. The most up-to-date guide to U.S. government publications. (Van Pelt Reference Desk ZA5055.U6 M67 1999)

    • Schmeckebier, Laurence. Government publications and their use. 2d ed. Washington, Brookings Institution, 1969. 502p. Extremely valuable for historical information. (Van Pelt Reference Desk Z 1223 Z7 S3 1969)

    • Boyd, Anne. United States Government Publications 3d. ed. New York: H.W. Wilson, 1949. 627p. Superseded in part by Schmeckebier. (Van Pelt Reference Z 1223 Z7 B7 1950)

    • Government agencies. Editor-in-chief Donald R. Whitnah. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1983. 683 p. (Van Pelt Reference Desk JK 421 G65 1983)

    • Tobin, Jack. Guide to human rights research. Cambridge: Harvard Law School Human Rights Program, 1994. 228p. Annotated bibliography of reference works, books, series, and periodicals. Topical arrangement. Includes information on computer resources and the Internet. Name and topical index. (Van Pelt Reference K 3236 T63 1994)



    • Statesman's Year Book. London, Macmillan, 1864- . Library has: 1864- . (Van Pelt JA 51 S7; latest at Reference Desk)

    • Political Handbook of the World. N.Y. Published for the Center for Comparative Political Research of SUNY Binghamton and for the Council on Foreign Relations by McGraw-Hill, 1927- . Library has: 1927- . (Van Pelt JF 37 P6; latest at Reference Desk)

    • Europa World Year Book. London, Europe, 1959- . Library has: 1959- (Van Pelt JN 1 E85; Latest at Reference Desk)

    • International Year Book and Statesmen's Who's Who East Grinstead, Kelly's Directories, 1953- . (Van Pelt JA 51 I57; latest at Reference Desk)

    • The World factbook. 1981- Washington, D.C., Central Intelligence Agency, 1981- ( Van Pelt G122 .U56a; latest at Reference Deak; Lippincott G122 .U56a;)

    • Country profile. London, U.K. : Economic Intelligence Unit, 1986- Go to the databaseBusiness Source Premier. For Country Reports (quarterly) and Country Profiles (annual) do the following: Click on Publications. In the Browse Publications box, type: country report and (the name of the country you want).There is a 6 month delay on the reports due to publisher restrictions. For country reports use this same strategy. For older print issues of the EIU Country Reports, search Franklin as follows: Search for: country report Search by: Title

    • Area Handbooks/Country Studies : a country study. Federal Research Division, Library of Congress. Includes: chronology, history, geography, religion, language and ethnic groups, economy, government and politics, national security, bibliography, glossary, maps, index. (Latest editions in Van Pelt Reference and online)

    • Department of State publication. Background Notes series. Mar 1992-Dec 2003 (included in Ebsco megafile)

    • L'Annee Politique, Economique, et Sociale. Paris, 1945 - . 1996 is over 500 pages, index. Chronological arangement. (Van Pelt DC 398 A6 ; latest in Reference; 1874-1905 microfilm 463)

    • Craighead's international business, travel, and relocation guide to ... countries. 6th ed. (1992-93)- Detroit: Gale Research Inc., c1991- . Library has: 1994/95, 1996/96. 1996/97 is in 3 vols., 4696p. (Latest in Van Pelt Reference HF 5549.5 E45 D56)

    • Culturgrams: the nations around us. Provo, David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies, Brigham Young University, 1997. Vol. I Americas and Europe. Vol II. Africa, Asia, and Oceania. 4 page reports on 164 countries, featuring values, customs, and cultural assumptions. History, religion, appearance, customs, lifestyle, and society. (Van Pelt Reference GT 150 C85 1997)

    • Washington Almanac of International Trade and Business. . Wash. D.C., Almanac Publishing, 1995/96- . Biographies of foreign ambassadors to the U.S., consular offices, embassy staff, foreign currencies, holidays, time zones. U.S. Government offices having to do with foreign trade, foreign agents; index. (Latest in Van Pelt Reference JX 1691 I684 1995/96)


    • Africa contemporary record. London, Africa Research, 1968- (Van Pelt D1 L43; latest two editions in reference)

    • Africa today. London, Africa Books Ltd., 1996. 3d ed. 1669p. Maps. Lists of organizations, heads of state, flags, topical essays. Country reports of 20 to 70 pages. Include maps of natural resources, political parties, trade unions, history and politics. Separate section of thematic maps. (Van Pelt DT 1 A2213)

    • Africa South of the Sahara. London, Europa Publications Ltd., 1971- . (Van Pelt DT 1 A219 Latest at Reference Desk)

    • The Far East and Australasia. . London : Europa Publications, 1969- . (Van Pelt DS 502 F37; Latest at Reference Desk)

    • The Middle East and North Africa. London : Europa Publications, 1964 -. (Van Pelt DS 49 M5; Latest at Reference Dest)

    • Batalden, Stephen K. and Sandra L. Batalden.The Newly Independent States of Eurasia; Handbook of Former Soviet Republics. 2d ed. Phoenix, Oryx, 1997. 233p. (Van Pelt Reference DK 17 B34 1997)

    • South America, Central America and the Caribbean London : Europa Publications, 1985- . (Van Pelt F 1406.5 S687; latest at Reference Desk)

      Human Rights

    • See also: "Country Reports" in Human Rights - Penn Library Bibliography.

    • U.S. Department of State. Country Reports on Human Rights Practices. Washington, DC, 1979- . Annual. Report submitted to the Committee on Foreign Relations, U.S. Senate and Committee on Foreign Affairs, U.S. House of Representatives by the Dept. of State. The 1996 volume (1513p.) contains 194 reports. Includes topical articles, table of economic and military assistance from the U.S., and status of international human rights conventions. Library has: 1979-. (Latest in Van Pelt Reference JC 571 U48a)

    • Amnesty international report. 1975/76- London: Amnesty International. Annual. Articles andcountry reports (152 in 1995). Appendices: addresses of Amnesty Int. around the world; signatories of selected treaties. (Latest in Reference JC 571 A44a) Selected Reports online

    • Yearbook on human rights. NY: UN, 1946- . Reports on national developments, activities of supervisory bodies, international developments in the UN system. (Van Pelt JC 571 U4)

    • Yearbook of the united nations, 1946 - . NY: UN, 1946 -. See index under "human rights", "torture", "civil and political rights", etc., for many references. (Van Pelt Reference JX 1977 A37 Y4)

    • Freedom in the world. NY: Freedom House, 1978- . Annual. Articles, charts, tables, ratings, and maps. Country summaries for 191 nations and 58 related territories. (Latest in Van Pelt Reference JC 571 F66 19..)


    • Eccleshall, Robert and Michael Kenny. Western political thought: a bibliographical guide to post-war research. N.Y., Manchester Univ. Pr., 1995. 342p. Arranged by time period, ancient history to twentieth century. (Van Pelt Reference JA 83 E28 1995)

    • Sukhwal, B.L. Political Geography; a comprehensive systematic bibliography. NY, AMS Press, 1996. 714p. Topical arrangement of references to 17382 books and articles. Broad topics, such as "Frontiers...", "Electoral behavior", etc., subarranged by region. (Van Pelt Reference JC 318 S85 1996)

    • Martin, Fenton S. and Robert U. Goehlert. The American Presidency: a bibliography . Wash., D.C., Congressional Quarterly, 1987. 506p. (Van Pelt Reference JK 511 M36 1987)

    • Goehlert, Robert U. and Fenton S. MartinThe United States Congress: an annotated bibliography. Wash., D.C., Congressional Quarterly, 1995. 640p. (Van Pelt Reference JK 1061 G632 1995)

    • Goehlert, Robert and Hugh Reynolds. The Executive Branch of the U.S. Government; a bibliography.Westport, Greenwood, 1989. 379p. Arranged by executive department. Author and subject index. (Van Pelt Reference JK 421 G56 1989)

    • Human rights on CD-ROM (computer file). Centre for Human Rights. New York: UN, 1993- . Contains bibliographic references to United Nations documents and publications including information taken from the UN materials database (Docfile) of UNBIS, the United Nations Bibliographic Information System. Updates the print monograph entitled: Human rights bibliography. (Van Pelt Reference CD-ROM K 3236 H864)

    • Human rights bibliography: United Nations documents and publications, 1980-1990. N.Y: United Nations, 1993. 5 vols. 2048 p. Arranged by category, with author and subject indexes. (Van Pelt Reference K 3236 H863 1993)

    • United Nations reference guide in the field of human rights. N.Y: UN, 1993. 124p. Bibliography of 579 UN publications relating to human rights, in a topical arrangement, with UN document numbers. Subject Index. (Van Pelt Reference JX 4263 P3 UN3553 1993)


      Political Science Indexes

    • ABC Pol Sci. Santa Barbara, ABC-Clio, Indexing of articles listed in Tables of Contents of 300 political science journals in European languages. (On CD-ROM at Van Pelt Reference Moelis JA 1. A223, from 1984-1999 )

    • International bibliography of the Social Sciences, 1981- . (Penn Library Database). International bibliography of the social sciences: Political science. Paris, UNESCO, 1951- . Annual. The volume for 1995 includes over 6000 entries: articles selected from 2500 journals, and books, in over 70 languages, from 60 countries. English translations of titles, but no abstracts. Author, place name, and subject indexes. "foreign relations" finds 5064 entries as of 10/98. (Van Pelt JA 71 I453; latest 5 years in Reference; Penn Library Database, 1981 -).

    • International Political Science Abstracts, 1989- . (Penn Library Database) International political science abstracts. Paris, Intl. Political Science Assn., 1951- . Abstracts of articles selected from over 900 scholarly journals worldwide, in European languages. Author and subject indexes. The print version is in storage JA 36 I5, 1989-1999.)

    • Combined Retrospective Index to Journals in Political Science, 1876-1974. 8 vols. Wash. D.C., Carrollton Pr., 1978. (Van Pelt Reference JA 1 A5)

      Related Indexes

    • ABSEES (via Web) The American bibliography of Slavic and East European studies (ABSEES). Columbus, American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, 1957- . ABSEES Online is the online version of The American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies. The period of coverage is 1990 to the present; there is selective coverage of materials published before 1990. The update frequency is monthly. Between 5,000 and 7,000 new records are added each year. ABSEES Online can be searched by ten different fields, including author, title, subject, date of publication, and publisher. (Van Pelt DJK 1 A437; latest 5 years in Reference)

    • EBSCO Megafile. EBSCO provides indexing and abstracting for more than 16,000 scholarly and general interest journals. Searches can be limited to refereed, academic journals.

      AccessUN, 1946- . Index to United Nations documents and publications. Index to all publications, including documents, mimeographed items, official records, and periodicals from the core of the United Nations organization, e.g. the General Assembly, Security Council, and Economic and Social Council. Not included are publications of related groups such as FAO, WHO, UNICEF and UNESCO.

    • America: History and Life, 1964- . Santa Barbara, ABC-Clio, 1954- . Article abstracts on the history of the U.S. and Canada, pre-history to the present. Citations from over 2300 journals in 30 languages, book reviews, and doctoral dissertations. "foreign relations" finds 9556 entries as of 10/98. (Van Pelt Reference E 171 A447; and Penn Library Database, 1974- , updated 3 times per year.)

    • Bibliographie der Wirtschaftswissenschaften Gottingen, Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht, 1921- . Library has: 1921-1999 . Books and articles in many languages, with author, subject, regional, and source journal indexes, in English and German.. (Van Pelt H 5 B425)

    • ciao: Columbia International Affairs Online -- CIAO is designed to be the most comprehensive source for theory and research in international affairs. It publishes a wide range of scholarship from 1991 on that includes working papers from university research institutes, occasional papers series from NGOs, foundation-funded research projects, and proceedings from conferences. Each section of CIAO is updated with new material on a regular schedule. Working papers are augmented every month, as are conference proceedings. Links and resources, the schedule of events and the response files are updated weekly. New journal issues and books are added as they become available.

    • FACTIVA (Use Internet Explorer 5.1 or higher) Dow Jones Interactive is a full-text online service that provides access to sources of national and international news, business and general information. News sources include newspapers, magazines, media transcripts and wire services. In addition, the service provides access to several financial databases (e.g., Media General). Sources: Newspapers, magazines, media transcripts, wire services, and financial filings. Dates Covered: Dates vary. Most publications begin in the late 1980s or early 1990s. New York Times full-text for the last 90 days, abstracts from 1980- ; Times [London], 1992- ; Wall Street Journal, 1984-. English abstracts of a number of major foreign language newspapers are indexed. (Penn Library Database)

    • EconLit Covers accounting, consumer economics, monetary policy, labor, marketing, demographics, modeling, economic theory, and planning. Primarily English language, some foreign language publications included. Articles from over 550 international economic journals, as well as books, dissertations, full-text book reviews from the Journal of Economic Literature, essays in collective volumes, and Abstracts of Working Papers. See Journals indexed in EconLit. 1969-present.

    • FRANCIS (via Web) Institut de l'Information Scientifique et Technique -- Paris, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (INIST-CNRS). Multilingual, multidisciplinary book and article references in the humanities (63%) and social sciences (33%). (Penn Library Database)

      Handbook of Latin American Studies, 1980- . Library of Congress, Hispanic Division, 1935 -. Indexes books and articles in European languages. A feature of the print version is the presentation by noted scholars of bibliographic overviews for each field and many subfields. Since 1964 the volumes alternate coverage every year between social sciences and humanities. (Van Pelt F 1401 H363; latest 5 years in Reference; and Penn Library Database)

    • HAPI, Hispanic American Periodicals Index, 1980- . Los Angeles, UCLC Latin American Center, 1970 - . Indexes 250 journals, in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. (Van Pelt F 1401 H577; latest 5 years in Reference) An important source for articles about Latin America and in many cases the only source for articles from journals published in Latin America. It indexes 250 journals, mainly in Spanish, Portuguese and English. Coverage starts in 1970. (Van Pelt Reference F/1401/H577)

    • Historical Abstracts, 1970- . Santa Barbara, ABC-Clio, 1955- . Abstracts of articles from scholarly journals, covering world history outside North America from 1450. "foreign relations" finds 16,390 entries as of 10/98. (Van Pelt Reference D 299 H53; and Penn Library Database, 1970- .)

    • International African bibliography. London, Mansell, 1971- (Van Pelt DT 1 I574; latest 5 years in Reference)

    • International bibliography of Economics. Paris, UNESCO, 1952- Annual. Currently the annual volume includes over 7000 entries: articles selected from 2500 journals, and books, in over 70 languages, from 60 countries. English translations of titles, but no abstracts. (Van Pelt HB 1 I644; latest 5 years in Reference)

    • International bibliography of Sociology. Paris, UNESCO, v.5- , 1955- Annual. The 1995 volume includes over 6000 entries: articles selected from 2500 journals, and books, in over 70 languages, from 60 countries. English translations of titles, but no abstracts. Author, place name, and subject indexes. (Van Pelt HM 1 I534; latest 5 years in Reference)

    • International bibliography of the Social Sciences, 1981- . (Penn Library Database). International bibliography of the social sciences: Political science. Paris, UNESCO, 1951- . Annual. The volume for 1995 includes over 6000 entries: articles selected from 2500 journals, and books, in over 70 languages, from 60 countries. English translations of titles, but no abstracts. Author, place name, and subject indexes. "foreign relations" finds 5064 entries as of 10/98. (Van Pelt JA 71 I435; latest 5 years in Reference; Penn Library Database, 1981 -).

    • International development abstracts. Norwich, Geo Abstracts, 1982- . Abstracts over 4700 articles per year, from 500 international journals. Covers current literature for developing and newly industrialized countries, "transitional economies" and "Fourth World" issues. (Van Pelt HC 59.69 I57; latest 5 years in Reference)

    • ISI Citation Indexes The ISI Citation Indexes include the Science, Social Science and Arts & Humanities Citation Indexes. The database covers 1993 to the present and is updated weekly. Both keyword and citation searching are available. The database covers 5,300 science , 1,700 social science, and 1,140 arts & humanities journals. (Penn Library Database)

    • Journal of economic literature. Nashville, American Economic Association, 1969- (Lippincott Reference HB 1 J6)

    • JSTOR Searchable full-text of long runs of social science journals, in some cases back into the 1800's. Covers: Anthropology, Asian Studies, Ecology, Economics, Education, Finance, History, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, Population Studies, Sociology journals, and Statistics. See: Contents page.

    • Lexis/Nexis Academic Universe -- LEXIS/NEXIS Academic Universe is a full-text online service which provides access to sources of national and international news and business information, biographical data, and some selected legal materials. News sources include newspapers, magazines, broadcast transcripts, and wire services. Among the document sources included are the U.S. Code and Federal Case Law.

    • Lexis/Nexis Congressional Universe -- Provides U.S. legislative and government information. Much of the material is fulltext. Contents include pending bills, laws, legislative histories, committee reports and documents, Congressional hearings and committee prints, and biographical data about members of Congress.
      Coverage and update schedule for Congressional Universe content

    • The Middle East. Abstracts and index. Pittsburgh, Northumberland Press, 1978- (Van Pelt DS 41 M44; latest 5 years in Reference)

    • Periodicals Contents Index (PCI). Chadwyck-Healey Ltd. PCI Web is an electronic index to article titles and authors in over 2000 periodicals in the humanities and social sciences, from their first issues (in some cases back in to the 19th century) to 1990/1991. It will eventually index 3,500 journals and 15 million individual articles. An online Title List of the 3,290 journals so far identified for inclusion in PCI Web is available for review. The scope is international, including journals in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and other Western languages.

    • PAIS International, 1972- . Indexes social and public policy literature (journal articles, books, official documents, etc) published in English, 1915- , in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish, 1967- . Emphasizes political science, economics, international relations, public administration, education, sociology, demographics and social work. "foreign relations" finds 21,737 titles as of 10/98. (Van Pelt Reference JA 1 P357; and Penn Library Database).

    • Population Index. (1986- via web). Princeton, Woodrow Wilson School, Office of Population Research, 1937- . Covers the world's demographic and population literature, incl. articles selected from 400 journals, books, dissertations, data files. Author and geographical indexes. Older part on JSTOR back to 1937.

    • Project Muse. Searching of recent years of over 40 full-text, full-image scholarly journals in the social sciences and humanities. See: Database Holdings page.

    • Sage race relations abstracts. Thousand Oaks, CA, Sage Publications, 1975- . (Van Pelt HT 1501 S23; latest 5 years in reference)

    • Sage urban studies abstracts. Thousand Oaks, Ca., Sage Publications, 1973- . Quarterly. 1995 cumulation contains long abstracts of over 1000 articles from several hundred professional journals. Covers local politics, government, and law, social policy, and social services, as well as urban planning and development (Van Pelt HT 51 S24; ;atest 5 years in Reference)

    • Sociological abstracts. Sociological Abstracts, 1952- . Over 15,000 long abstracts per year of articles in scholarly sociology journals. Includes political sociology, social change and economic development, social problems and policy, etc., world-wide; The database includes Social planning, policy and development abstracts (SOPODA), 1979- .

    • World agricultural economics and rural sociology abstracts. Oxford, Eng. Commonwealth Bureau of Agricultural Economics, 1959- . Over 7000 long abstracts per year, from several thousand international journals. Author and subject indexes. Sections on: regional policy and development, international trade, environment and natural resources. (Van Pelt HD 1401 W6; latest 5 years in Reference)


    • See also: News Sources - available at the Penn Library.

    • Factiva is a full-text online service providing access to 8,000 sources in 22 languages for national and international news, business, health and general information. Most coverage dates from the last decade. FACTIVA is a joint venture of Dow Jones and Reuters.

    • Ethnic newswatch, 1990- . Full text of ethnic newspapers and other publications from ethnic and minority press of the U.S. Updated quarterly (and on CD-ROM in Annenberg)

    • European Access; the current awareness bulletin to the policies and activities of the European Union. London, Chadwyck-Healey, 1980- . Library has: 1990- .(Van Pelt Reference HC 2411.2 E743)

    • Facts on File, 1940- . -- (Van Pelt Reference D 410 F35; current year at Desk)

    • Finding Newspapers in the Penn Libraries

    • Foreign Broadcast Information Service - Daily Reports. Latest years are online as World News Connection (WNC) . As of January 1999, items dated in most cases since 1990 and added since 1994 were included in the database.
      • "Structured Searching" permits true Boolean, AND, OR, NOT, and adjacency searching, and gives the most relevant results.
      • For best results when using "Free Text Searching" (relevancy ranked), use the "Meanings" option to weight your most important search terms.
      • Broad "Region and Topic" searching is also offered.
      The Daily Reports are also on microfiche in Van Pelt from 1978 through summer 1996. See below, for indexing to these earlier reports.

    • Index to the Times, 17-- . [LONDON] (Van Pelt Reference AI 21 T5)

    • Keesings record of world events, 1931- . (Van Pelt Reference D 410 K4; on CD-ROM 1960 - ., Van Pelt Reference CD Area D 410 K41)

    • Lexis/Nexis Academic Universe -- A full-text online service which provides access to sources of national and international news and business information, biographical data, and some selected legal materials. News sources include newspapers, magazines, broadcast transcripts, and wire services. Among the document sources included are the U.S. Code and Federal Case Law. Includes the BBC Summary of World Broadcasts .

    • New York Times, 1851- . (Van Pelt Reference AI 21 N44)

    • Transdex index, 1974-1996 . Index to Joint Publications Research Service (JPRS) translations. (Van Pelt Reference AS 36 U574 and microfiche 163)

    • Note: Annenberg Library has printed transcript indexes and microfiche copies of transcripts for PBS, ABC, and CBS news extending back to the 1970's.


    • Encyclopedia of Assocations - Penn Library Database

    • American Political Science Association Directory of members. Weshington, D.C., The Association, 1994. (Van Pelt Reference JA 28 A559 1994-1996.

    • American Political Science Association Graduate Faculty and Programs in Political Science, 1995-97. Washington D.C., The Association, 1995. (Van Pelt Reference Desk JA 88 U6 G8 1995-1997)

    • International Information Directory. Wash., D.C., CQ, 1998-. Name and Subject Indexes. Information, including email and web addresses for over 4000 organizations dealing with the full range of international issues. Includes international, U.S. government, and private non-profit organizationswith offices in the Washington D.C. area. Arranged by subject and sub-topic: Agriculture Communications, Crime, etc. (Van Pelt JZ 4838 I58 Latest in reference)

    • International Relations Research Directory. London, Europe, 1995. Lists over 1000 research institutes in more than 100 countries, with address, phone, e-mail, staff, mission, and major publications. (Van Pelt Reference JX 1291 I57 1995)

      United States Government manual. 1973/74- Wash. DC, Office of the Federal Register. ( Latest at Van Pelt Reference Desl JK 421 .A3 )

    • Human rights internet reporter master list; a listing of organizations concerned with human rights and social justice worldwide. Supplement to Vol. 15 of the Human Rights Internet Reporter. Alphabetical list, with acronym, geographic, subject indexes. (Van Pelt Reference JC 571 H76963 v.15 1994)

    • Africa: human rights directory & bibliography. Ed. by Laurie Wiseberg and Laura Reiner. Cambridge, MA: Human Rights Internet, 1989. 308p. (Van Pelt Reference JC 599 A36 A36 1989)


    • CIS Index, and CIS Annual, 1970- . (Van Pelt Reference JK 1001 C65) -- Catalogs, abstracts, and indexes all publications of Congress, except Bills and the Congressional Record. Covers Reports, Documents, Committee Prints, and Hearings. Includes Legislative Histories of Public Laws. Indexes by subject, name (author, witness), bill, report, and document number. Online as
    • Lexis/Nexis Congressional Universe

    • CQ Weekly Report, 1956- . (library has: v.23- ., 1965- . Van Pelt JK 1 C15; latest 5 years in Reference; latest 3 months at Reference Desk) -- A 50 page weekly report, summarizing the activities of Congress and including House and Senate votes and status of major legislation. Online from 1983. The CQ Almanac, 1948- , summarizes information from the CQ Index (Library has: v. 8- , 1952- . JK 1 C66; latest 10 years in Van Pelt Reference)

    • Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, 1965- . (Van Pelt J 80 A284; latest year in Van Pelt Reference). -- Texts of Addresses, Bill Signings, Communications to Congress and Federal Agencies, ExecutiveOrders, Interviews, Statements, etc. Quarterly, semi-annual, and annual name and subject indexes.-- See also, Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States, 1929-33, 1945- (Van Pelt J 80 A283).

    • UNDOC UN Documents Index. (Van Pelt Reference JX 1977 A1 A153)

    • Index to proceedings of the General Assembly. 1950- . (Van Pelt JX 1977 A44)

    • Human rights: a compilation of international instruments. Centre for Human Rights, Geneva. NY: United Nations, 1973-. Vol. 1, in 2 pts. 950p. 95 documents from 1926-1993. Vol. 2 contains instruments of regional intergovernmental organizations. Arranged by broad topics, such as: discrimination, nationality, slavery, social welfare. Chronological list. Chart: status by country. Editions are issued at roughly 10 year intervals. (Van Pelt Reference K 3238 H85)

    • Basic documents on human rights. edited by Ian Brownlie and Guy S. Goodwin-Gill. 4thed. Oxford: Clarendon Pr., 2002. 896 p. Text of 52 documents arranged in broad categories. Brief background notes and references. Includes the main instruments of the United Nations, as well as regional documents. Index. (Van Pelt Reference K 3238.A1 B76 2002)

    • Human rights: sixty major global instruments introduced, reprinted, and indexed. Winston E. Langley, ed. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland, 1992. 369p (Van Pelt Reference K 3238 H859 1992)


      Internet Resources

    • Statistics Resources on the Internet - see especially FEDSTATS

    • United Nations. Statistics Division

    • see below: World Development Report


    • Statistical Universe Indexes U.S., state, and some privately published statistical data. The online equivalent of ASI, IIS and SRI below.

    • IIS; index to international statistics. Washington: CIS, 1983-. Monthly abstract and index issues, with quarterly and annual cumulations. Indexes all types of statistical publications of international, intergovernmental organizations. Indexes topics and countries. Has lists "BY Catagory", including "By Country", with sources that give data for many countries subarranged by topic. Abstracts list all subjects and geographic areas covered. (Van Pelt Reference Index Area)

    • American statistics index (ASI); a comprehensive guide and index to the statistical publications of the U.S. government. Washington: CIS, 1973- . See Categies, such as "By City" and "By Foreign Country" (Van Pelt Reference Index Area)

    • Statistical Reference Index (SRI); a selective guide to American statistical publications from private organizations and state government resources. Washington: CIS, 1980- . See Categories, such as "By City" and "By Foreign Country" (Van Pelt Reference Index Area Z 7554 U5 S828 1995))

    • Kurian, George. Global Data Locator Lanham, Md., Bernan Pr. 1997. 375p. Annotated and descriptive reviews and tables of contents for 240 statistical publications, in socio-economic subject areas. In particular, 3 ot 4 page analyses of major sourcebooks, such as: Human development Report, UNESCO Statistical Yearbook, UN Statistical Yearbook, World Development Report, Gale Country and World Rankings Reporter, INSTAT: International Statistics Sources, International Historical Statistics..., Statistical Abstract of the World, World Bank Atlas, World Tables. (Van Pelt Reference HA 36 K87 1997)

    • Kurian, George Thomas. Sourcebook of global statistics George Thomas Kurian. New York, NY: Facts on File, c1985. xi, 413 p. ( Van Pelt Reference HA 155 K86 1985 )

      General Statistics Sources

    • Kurian, George. Fitzroy Dearborn Book of World Rankings . Chicago, Fitzroy Dearborn, 1998. 403p Index. 300 tables ranking world countries in physical, demographic, economic, cultural, and social areas. Gives sources. (Van Pelt Reference Desk HA 155 K87 1998)

    • Demographic Yearbook. United Nations, Statistical Office, 1948- . (Latest at Van Pelt Reference Desk HA 12.5 D45 ...)

    • The illustrated book of world rankings. Armonk, NY: Sharpe Reference, c1997. Over 300 tables of social and economic data, with graphs and charts, for most of the world's countries. (Van Pelt Reference Area HA 155 K871 1997)

    • International Institute for Environment and Development. World Resources. N.Y., Basic Books, 1986- . Library has: 1986- . Demographic, energy, land use, agriculture, water, urban environment, and basic economic indicators. (Latest at Van Pelt Reference Desk HC 10 W827)

    • Muller, Georg P. Comparative world data : a statistical handbook for social science Georg P. Muller with the collaboration of Volker Bornschier. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, c1988. viii, 496 p. Country data on various social factors, 1970-1980 (Van Pelt Reference HA 155 M85 1988 )

    • Human Development Report. UN Development Program, 1990- . Indicators: Human development index; gender-related, deprivation, trends, gaps, women, children, health, education, communication, employment, wealth and poverty, resource flow, military, urbanization, demography, resources, energy, national income, violence and crime, pollution (Van Pelt HD72 .H85; latest in Reference)

    • The Least Developed Countries: ... report. 1984-present. New York: United Nationsl Conference on Trade and Development. Annual. (Van Pelt: HC 59.7 .L347. Latest year at Van Pelt Reference)

    • Matter of Fact; statements containing Statistics on current social, economic, and political issues. Ann Arbor, Pierian Press, 1986- . Semiannual. Excerpts from: cong. hearings, Cong. Rec., web sites, newspapers and periodicals. Arranged by Library of Congress Subject Heading. Sources given. (Van Pelt Reference AG 5 M37)

    • State of the world: a Worldwatch Institute report on progress toward a sustainable society. 1984-present. New York: Norton. Annual. (Van Pelt: HC 59 .S734. Latest year at Van Pelt Reference) Long articles on specific topics, varying among issues. Bibliographic footnotes frequently rely upon popular press. Excerpts of recent issues are available at the Worldwatch Institute web site.

    • Statistical Yearbook. United Nations, Statistical Office, 1947- . (Latest at Van Pelt Reference Desk HA 12.5 U63 ...)

    • Third World Guide 93/94. Montevideo, Instituto del Tercer Mundo. Long country reports, with basic socio-economic data. (Van Pelt HC 59.69 G843 19..)

    • UNESCO. Statistical Yearbook. Paris, UNESCO, 1963- . (Latest at Van Pelt Reference Desk AZ 361 U45 1996 ...)

    • Vital signs. 1992-present. New York: Norton. Annual. (Van Pelt Reference: TD 193.2 .B76) A Worldwatch Institute publication presenting several dozen basic indicators for food production, energy, and environment, and other topics. Online Introduction

    • World Bank atlas. 1966- Washington, D.C.: World Bank. 1966- Library has: 1974- . Maps and tables. (Van Pelt G 1046 G1 I5; Latest in Reference )

    • World Bank. Social indicators of development. Annual. Washington, D.C., World Bank, 1988- . Text and tables. Demographic, economic, and land use data. Library has: 1990- . (Latest at Lippincott Reference Desk HC 59.69 S63 1996)

    • World Bank. World development Indicators. Text and tables. Demographic, economic, and land use data for 133 countries.

    • World Bank. World population projections. Washington, D.C, World Bank, 1984- . Biennial. Ceased? Population projections to 2150.Projections of life expectancy, growth rate, fertility rate, etc. to 2030. (Latest at Van Pelt Reference Desk HA 154 W66))

    • World Bank. World Tables. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1976-1995. Ceased. (Van Pelt HC 59 W669 19..; Latest in reference)

    • World development indicators on CD-ROM. Washington, D.C.: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/The World Bank. Annual 1997- . Includes: Periodical Periodical Summary: "Grouped under six headings world view, people, environment, economy, states and markets, and global linksthe data provide a comprehensive statistical survey of world development" User's Manual. (Lippincott Library Snyder Computer Area HC 59.69 W683; Latest only retained)

    • World economic and social survey Department of Economic and Social Information and Policy Analysis. New York: United Nations, 1994- ill. Annual Includes tables. (Van Pelt HC 59 A169; latest at Reference Desk)

    • World population prospects. 1982-present. New York: Department of International Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations. Irregular. (Van Pelt, Lippincott: HA 155 .W685. Latest issues at Van Pelt Reference, Lippincott Reference) Population estimates and projections through 2025.

    • World resources. New York: Basic Books, c1986- . ill. Biennial. Urban environment, global conditions: polulation, land cover, food and agriculture, energy, water, atmosphere and climate. Tables throughout. (Van Pelt HC 10 W827; latest in Reference)

    • Penn World Tables, Mark 5 - Summers, Robert and Heston, Alan, "The Penn World Table (Mark 5): An expanded Set of International Comparisons, 1950-1988", Quarterly Journal Of Economics, vol 106, no. 2 (May 1991), pp. 327-368. Socio-economic indicators from 1950-1988, for most countries.

    • A Statistical Portrait of the United States. Social Conditions and Trends. 2nd ed. Ed. Mark Littman. Lanham, Bernan Pr., 2002. tables. (Van Pelt Reference HA 214 S84 2002)

      Historical Data

    • International Historical Statistics: Africa, Asia & Oceania, 1750-2000 / B.R. Mitchell. 4th rev. ed. Tables of social and economic statistics. New York, N.Y. : Stockton ; Basingstoke : Macmillan, 2003. 1113 p. (Van Pelt Reference HA 4675 M55 2003)

    • International Historical Statistics: the Americas, 1750-2000. B.R. Mitchell. Tables of social and economic statistics. 5th ed. NY, Stockton Pr., 2003. 830p. (Van Pelt Reference HA 175 M55 2003)

    • International Historical Statistics: Europe, 1750-2000 / B.R. Mitchell. 5th ed. Tables of social and economic statistics. New York, N.Y. : Stockton ; Basingstoke : Macmillan, 2003. 960 p. (Van Pelt Reference HA 1107 M5 2003)

      Specialized Data

      Education Indicators; an international perspective. U.S. Dept. of Educ., 1996. 312p. (Van Pelt Reference L 112 E34 1996)

    • Energy balances ... and electricity profiles ... for selected developing countries and areas. <1st> (1977-1980)- New York, N.Y.: United Nations, 1983- . (Latest in Van Pelt Reference HD 9502.A1 E51)

    • Energy balances of OECD countries. Bilans energetiques des pays de l'OCDE. 1974/76- Paris, International Energy Agency. (Latest in Lippincott Reference HD 9502 A1 O74a )

    • European Marketing Data and Statistics 1977 . London, Euromonitor, 1975- . (1963-67, 1977[inc]- in Lippincott Reference HA 1107 E87;)

    • FAOSTAT statistics database. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Online multilingual database containing over 1 million time-series records covering international statistics in production, trade, food balance sheets, food aid shipments, fertilizer and pesticides, land use and irrigation, forest products, fishery pr oducts, population, and agricultural machinery. Compiles data presented annually in topical series of FAO Yearbook. Part of the UN common statistics database.

    • Global economic prospects and the developing countries. 1991-present. Washington, D.C.: World Bank. Annual. (Van Pelt: HC 59.69 .G58. Latest at Van Pelt Reference) "Analyzes the links between developing countries and the world economy, particularly in the areas of trade, foreign direct investment and other capital flows, and commodity markets". Each issue treats a special topic.

    • Handbook of international economic statistics 1992- The Agency, 1992- . Country reports with charts and maps. Much standard of living data. (Latest in Van Pelt Reference HA 155 U54a )

    • International Marketing Data and Statistics . London, Euromonitor, 1975- . Not currently received. 1999 is the latest received. (Lippincott Reference HA 42 I56)

    • World Economic Factbook. London, Euromonitor, 1993- . GDP, per capita GDP, pop, birth rate, urban pop, life expectancy, literacy, tradse, consumption, trading partners,etc. Not currently received. 1998/99 is last received. (Lippincott Reference HC 59.15 W675...)

    • World Education Report. Oxford, UNESCO, 1991- . (Latest in Van Pelt Reference L 101 A2 W675)


    • The Book of the World. NY, Macmillan, 1995. 533p. The largest one volume atlas in the reference collection. Good topographic and political maps. Excellent maps of 31 world cities. Index. (Van Pelt Reference G 1021 K3842 1995)

    • The Dorling Kindersley world reference atlas. New York ; London: Dorling Kindersley, c1994. 1 atlas (732 p.) : col. ill., col. maps Country reports, maps, charts, data on climate, communications, tourism, people, politics, world affairs, aid economics, environment, media, education, crime, wealth, health world ranking in 8 social areas. Separate section of global issues. ( Van Pelt G 1021 D63 1994 )

    • Noin, Daniel. Atlas de la population mondiale Daniel Noin ; avec la collaboration de Claire Sottiaux ; et la participation de Michele Beguin, Denise Pumain, Gildas Simon, des correspondants de la Commission de geographie de la ... Paris: Recluse et La Documentation francaise, c1996. 160 p. : ill. Topical arrangement. (Van Pelt Reference HB 1951 N65 1996)

    • Dockrill, M. L. Collins atlas of twentieth century world history. Glasgow : HarperCollins, 1991. 160 p. (Van Pelt Reference G 1035 D63 1991 )

    • Dockrill, M. L. Atlas of world development. New York : John Wiley & Sons, 1994. 346 p. ( Van Pelt Reference G 1046 E1 U5 1994)

    • Segal, Aaron. An atlas of international migration; cartography by Patricia M. Chalk and J. Gordon Shields. London; New York: Hans Zell Publishers, 1993. vii, 233 p. (Van Pelt Reference G 1046 E27 S4 1993)

    • Thomas, Alan, 1948- Third world atlas. Washington, D.C.: Taylor & Francis, 1994. 80 p. (Van Pelt Reference Oversize G 1046 G1 C7 1994)

    • Kurian, George Thomas. Atlas of the Third World. 2nd ed. New York, N.Y.: Facts on File, c1992. 384 p. (Van Pelt Reference G 1046 G1 K8 1992)

    • Hartman, Tom, 1935- A world atlas of military history, 1945-1984; maps by John Mitchell ; introduction by J.D. Lunt. New York: Hippocrene Books, c1984. 108 p. (Van Pelt Reference G 1046 S73 H37 1984)

    • Anderson, Ewan W. Atlas of world political flashpoints : a sourcebook in geopolitical crisis by Ewen W. Anderson ; maps produced by Gareth Owen under the direction of Don Shewan. New York, NY : Facts on File, 1993. 243 p. ( Van Pelt Reference G 1046 F1 A5 1993)

    • Boyd, Andrew, 1920- An atlas of world affairs. 9th ed. London ; New York : Routledge, c1991. 240 p. ( Van Pelt Reference G 1035 B6 1991)

    • World Bank atlas. 1966- Washington, D.C.: World Bank. 1966- Maps and tables. ( Latest at Lippincott Reference Desk G 1046 G1 I5; Latest in Van Pelt Reference G 1046G1 I5 )

    • Leonard, R. L. World atlas of elections : voting patterns in 39 democracies. London : Hodder and Stoughton, c1987. 159 p. (Van Pelt Reference G1046.F9 L46 1987)

    • Chaliand, Gerard, 1934- A strategic atlas : a comparative geopolitics of the world's powers. Gerard Chaliand, Jean-Pierre Rageau ; translated from the French by Tony Berrett ; maps by Catherine Petit. New York : HarperPerennial, 1992. 223 p. (Van Pelt Reference G 1046 F1 C513 1992)

    • Lilley, w. State Atlas of Political and Cultural Diversity. Wash., D.C. CQ Inc., 1997. 298p. Thematic maps of ethnic groups by congressional districts. Tables with demographic data for ethic groups by district. (Van Pelt Reference G 1201 E25 L5 1997)

    • Russian Economic Atlas. Washington, Russian Info and Business Center, 1997. 466p. (Van Pelt Reference HC 244 R87 1997)


    • Booth, Ken. Keyguide to information sources in Strategic Studies. NY, Mansell, 1994. 242p. Index. Guide to research. Chapters describing the field, research centers, and research and reference resources. (Van Pelt Reference U 162 B73 1994)

    • The Middle East military balance 1983- Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv University, 1983- General articles, and detailed country reports on military aid, infrastructure, and armaments. (Van Pelt UA 853 N4 T35; latest in Reference)

    • World military expenditures and arms transfers. 1974- Washington, U. S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency. Rankings, charts and tables. (Van Pelt UA 17 W677; latest in Reference; URL for U.S. Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation.

    • The Military balance. 1971/72- . London, International Institute for Strategic Studies. Library has: 1971- . Detailed country reports on personnel and armament. (Van Pelt UA 15 L65; latest at Reference Desk)

    • The defense policies of nations: a comparative study edited by Douglas J. Murray and Paul R. Viotti. 3d. ed. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, c1994. xxiv, 611 p. : ill., maps. Have earlier editions. 21 long articles on countries and regions, with bibliographic notes. Glossary, Index. (Van Pelt Reference UA 11 D387 1994)

    • SIPRI yearbook : world armaments and disarmament. 1972- . Stockholm: Almquist & Wiksell ; New York : Humanities Press, c1972- xxiv, 611 p. : ill., maps. Long articles on major topics and areas of conflict: Korea, Yugoslavia, arms control, non-proliferation, etc. Tables of military expenditure, arms production. (Van Pelt UA 10 I55; latest at Reference Desk)

    • Defense and foreign affairs handbook. 1976/77- xxiv, 611 p. : ill., maps. Library has: 1986, 1991. 1991 edition is over 1200 pages. Four to 10 page country reports, include history, politics, and economics, but primarily defence conditions. Tables, bibliography, atlas. (Van Pelt UA 10 D43 )

    • Spector, Leonard. Tracking Nuclear Proliferation; a guide in maps and charts . Wash., D.C., Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. 194p. Articles, maps, charts, and 17 country reports. (Van Pelt Reference U 264 S635 1995; 1998 edition in process)


      Trade Data

      Try Franklin Subject Heading searches such as:

      exports united states statistics periodicals
      imports united States statistics periodicals
      balance of trade
      commercial statistics periodicals

      For journal articles, use the Penn Library's Business Management Databases -- for example: Factiva includes 10,000 articles on "International Trade"; and TableBase includes tabular economic data from many journals and other publications.

      Trade data between United States and other countries will be found in a set of CD-ROM databases at the Lippincott Library:

    • U.S. exports history [electronic resource] : historical summary ... (Lippincott Library Reference Desk HF3003 .U856 Latest disc only retained.) It gives detailed export/import information by products and by country.

      See also:

    • World Trade Annual. N.Y. Walker. (Current 3 years in Lippincott Reference HF 53 W6)

    • International Trade Statistics Yearbook. U.N. Library has: 1950- . (Van Pelt Library HF 91 U473; latest in Reference)

    • You can find trade data on the Web via Lippincott's homepage: -- You'll see STAT-USA listed as one of our databases. Click on that, then click on GLOBUS & NTDB. You'll see links to import/export data.

    • Country by Commodity Trade Data 1998 U.S. Bureau of the Census []

      For links to all online statistical resources, see Penn Library e-resources or Good Starting Points for Statistics.

      See also: Statistics, above in this bibliography for many other print and electronic resources. In particular, the World Development Report, in print, and online as Excel files, includes: Exports and Imports and Basic Indicators.

      Direct Investment Data

    • World Investment Directory (Lippincott Reference HG 5701 W67)

    • World Investment Report (Lippincott Reference HG 4538 W67)

    • U.S. direct investment figures are found in the July issue of the: Survey of Current Business. 1921- . (Lippincott Library, 1921- HC 101 A13) also .