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NEH Summer Institute: Indian Ocean: Cradle of Globalization - Course Guide

Penn Library guide for
NEH 2002 Summer Institute:
Indian Ocean: Cradle of Globalization

This guide will help you to use the Penn Library when researching topics on the Indian Ocean and the landforms it washes, particularly East Africa, the Arabian littoral, coastal Iran and South Asia, and the island nations of Comoros, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritius, and Seychelles as well as French Reunion.

Materials containing relevant information are collected chiefly by Van Pelt Library (social sciences, including history, political science, and economics, and area studies, including African studies, Middle Eastern studies, and South Asian studies). Lippincott Library, the Wharton School's library, collects economic, commerce, and trade information, including statistical materials. In addition, the University Museum Library's holdings in anthropology, ethnography, and archaeology and the Biomedical Library's public health and biology collections may also be useful.


Dictionaries and encyclopedias | Atlases and statistics
Handbooks | Guides to the literature and bibliographies
Franklin | Indexes and abstracts | Research collections
News sources and web sites | Quick links to good reading:
Geography and environment | Migration and diaspora | Economy, trade and commerce | Slavery | Politics | Society | Literature


Dictionaries and encyclopedias are the best places to start when you're just beginning or need basic understanding. The entries in good encyclopedias will provide brief bibliographies, too. Use "Keyword Searching" in Franklin to find encyclopedias and dictionaries:

(dictionaries OR encyclop?) AND ...

Encyclopedia of Asian history. 4 vols. New York: Scribner, 1988.
[Van Pelt Reference and Museum Reference: DS31 .E53 1988]
Prepared for the Asia Society.

Columbia chronologies of Asian history and culture / John S Bowman, ed. New York: Columbia University Press, 2000.
[Van Pelt Reference: DS33 .C63 2000]
Geographically arranged chronologies for major countries. Includes Maldives. Subject index.

Encyclopaedia of Islam. New ed. Leiden: Brill, 1960-present.
[Van Pelt Reference, Van Pelt Middle East Seminar, Van Pelt South Asia Reference, Museum Reference: DS37 .E523]
[CD-ROM format (1999): Van Pelt Reference Moelis CD Area: DS37 .E5232 1999]

Encyclopedia of Africa south of the Sahara / John Middleton, ed. in chief. 4 vols. New York: C. Scribner's Sons, 1997.
[Van Pelt Reference, Museum Reference: DT351 .E53 1997]

Encyclopedia of world cultures / [Human Relations Area Files]. 10 volumes. Boston, Mass.: G. K. Hall, 1991-1996.
[Museum Library Reference: GN550 .E53 1991]
[CD-ROM version (Macmillan Reference USA, 1998): Museum Library Desk: GN307 .E54 1998]
eHRAF Collection of Ethnography. Human Relations Area Files.
[Online via Penn Library Web]
Described in greater detail below. An encyclopedic article for each eHRAF culture is excerpted from Encyclopedia of world cultures.

African historical dictionaries. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow, 1974-present.
[Various locations, most in Van Pelt Reference]
Often criticized by specialists, some recent titles include:
  • number 82, Historical dictionary of Djibouti / Daoud Aboubaker Alwan. 2000. [Van Pelt Reference: DT411.5 .A34 2000]
  • number 71, Historical dictionary of South Africa / Christopher Saunders et al. 2nd ed. 2000. [Van Pelt Reference: DT1772 .S38 2000]
  • number 59, Historical dictionary of the Comor Islands / Martin Ottenheimer and Harriet Ottenheimer. 1994. [Van Pelt Reference: DT469 .C7 O88 1994]
  • number 50, Historical dictionary of Madagascar / Maureen Covell. 1995. [Van Pelt Reference, Van Pelt Stacks: DT469 .M285 C69 1995]

Dictionnaire des littiratures de langue frangaise / Jean-Pierre de Beaumarchais et al. Nouve. ed mise jour et enrichie. 4 vols. Paris: Bordas, 1994.
[Van Pelt Reference: PQ41 .B4 1994]


Indian Ocean maps. Perry-Castaqeda Library Map Collection, University of Texas-Austin.
[Online via UT Library Online]
Mostly JPEG-format images of maps produced by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Includes maps from the CIA's Indian Ocean atlas, 1976 (see below).

Indian Ocean atlas / Prithvish Nag, ed. 1st ed. Calcutta: national Atlas & Thematic Mapping Organisation, Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, 1998.
[Van Pelt Reference Atlas Cases: G2851 .C7 N28 1998]

Indian Ocean atlas Washington, DC: Central Intelligence Agency, 1976.
[Van Pelt Reference Oversize, Museum Oversize: G2850 .U55 1976]

Historical atlas of Islam = Atlas historique de l'Islam / Hugh Kennedy, ed. 2nd rev. ed. Leiden: Brill, 2002.
[Van Pelt Reference Atlas Cases: G1786 .S1 H6 2002]
Originally published in affiliation with Encyclopaedia of Islam Approximately 1/3 of maps relate to Indian Ocean region. CD-ROM (bound with book) provides placename searching but little else.

UN Statistics Division common database [UNSTATS].
[Online via Penn Library Web]
Online compilation of IGO statistical time series for nations, providing more than 300 statistical series mostly for 1970 to the present. Data sources from UN, FAO, ILO, IMF, Unesco, World Bank, and other international governmental organizations.

International historical statistics: Africa, Asia & Oceania, 1750-1993 / B. R. Mitchell. 3rd ed. New York: Stockton Press, 1998.
[Van Pelt Reference: HA4675 .M573 1998]
Handy compilations of time series data culled from many sources. Indian Ocean country statistics are sparse.

READING ABOUT THE INDIAN OCEAN REGION - Handbooks, Guides to the Literature, Bibliographies

The literature on the Indian Ocean region is enormous and complicated. These are tools to help cut through the noise.

HANDBOOKS summarize whole subject areas, evaluating research as well as identifying important research tools and resources.

Use "Keyword Searching" in Franklin to find handbooks:
handbook? AND ...

Chaudhuri, K. N. Asia before Europe: economy and civilisation of the Indian Ocean from the rise of Islam to 1750. Cambridge University Press, 1990.
[Van Pelt: DS339 .C48 1990]
"Does for Indian Ocean what Braudel did for Mediterranean" (AHA guide to historical literature, 3rd ed., entry 3.37).

Library of Congress Country Studies: Area Handbook series.
[Online via Library of Congress web]
These handy volumes provide narrative descriptions of physical environment, historical setting, society, religion, education, health and welfare, government, politics, and international relations. In many cases, titles have gone through several editions since the 1960s, providing snapshots of current conditions. Check Franklin for paper holdings.
In addition to volumes devoted to individual countries, titles relevant for Indian Ocean studies include:

Oxford history of the British Empire. Volume 5: Historiography / Robin W. Winks, ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 1999.
[Online via Penn Library Web (Penn Library E-books Project)]
An excellent study, with massive bibliographic apparatus, on the development of interpretations of the history of the British empire. Chapters discuss regions, aspects of society, technology, and culture, and the demise of the empire.

Littiratures de l'Ocian Indien / Jean-Louis Joubert. (Universitis francophones. Histoire littiraire de la francophonie.) Vanves: EDICEF, 1991.
[Online via AUF Bibliotheque en ligne]
[Van Pelt: PQ3897 .J68 1991]
Overview of literary figures and litterature among the francophone islands.

GUIDES TO THE LITERATURE and BIBLIOGRAPHIES provide useful entry points by evaluating and highlighting the most important research tools and resources.

Use "Keyword Searching" in Franklin to find bibliographies and guides to the literature:
skey bibliography AND ...

World bibliographical series. Santa Barbara, CA: Clio Press.
[Various locations, most in Van Pelt Reference]
Overall, an excellent series, describing English-language works with brief annotations on many topics. Recent volumes include:
  • volume 85, Indian Ocean / Julia J Gotthold. 1988. [Van Pelt Reference and Van Pelt Stacks: DS335 .G68 1988]
  • volume 29, Oman / Frank Clements, comp. 1994. [Van Pelt Reference: DS247 .O6 C45 1994]
  • volume 50, Yemen / Paul Auchterlonie, comp. Rev. ed. 1998. [Van Pelt Reference: DS247 .Y4 A93 1998]
  • volume 81, Iran / Reza Navabpour, comp. 1988. [Van Pelt Reference: DS251.5 .N38 1988]
  • volume 26, India / Ian D Derbyshire, comp. Rev. ed. 1995. [Van Pelt Reference: DS407 .D473 1995]
  • volume 158, Maldives / C. H. B. Reynolds, comp. 1993. [Van Pelt Reference Stacks: DS486.5 .M3 R49 1993]
  • volume 20, Sri Lanka / Vijaya Samaraweera, comp. 1987. [Van Pelt Reference: DS489 .S26 1987]
  • volume 92, Somalia / Mark W DeLancey et al., comp. 1988. [Van Pelt Reference: DT401.5 .S65 1988]
  • volume 118, Djibouti / Peter J Schraeder, comp. 1991. [Van Pelt Reference: DT411.22 .S34 1991]
  • volume 25, Kenya / Dalvan Coger, comp. Rev. ed. 1992. [Van Pelt Reference: DT433.522 .C62 1996]
  • volume 54, Tanzania / Colin Darch, comp. Rev. ed. 1996. [Van Pelt Reference: DT448.2 .D37 1996]
  • volume 165, Madagascar / Hilary Bradt, comp. 1993. [Van Pelt Reference and Van Pelt Stacks: DT469 .M26 B72 1993]
  • volume 153, Seychelles / George Bennett, comp. 1993. [Van Pelt Reference: DT469 .S422 B46 1993]
  • volume 78, Mozambique / Colin Darch, comp. 1987. [Van Pelt Reference: DT453 .D37 1987]

The American Historical Association's guide to historical literature. 3rd ed. 2 vols. Oxford University Press, 1995.
[Van Pelt Reference Desk, Museum Reference: D20 .A55 1995]
Not intended to list reference tools, but handy for identifying recent good or innovative scholarly reading on historical topics. Earlier editions are in the Van Pelt stacks. Relevant sections include:
  • "Islamic world to 1500". vol. 1, pp. 498-526.
  • "Middle East and North Africa since 1500". vol. 1, pp. 527-559.
  • "South Asia". vol. 1, pp. 427-475.
  • "Sub-Saharan Africa". vol. 1, pp. 560-616.
  • "World history: cross-cultural trade and exchange" and "... cross-cultural travelers". vol. 1, pp. 59-62.

Guide des sources documentaires sur l'Ocian indien / Greco Ocian Indien du CNRS. Aix-en-Provence: Presses Universitaires d'Aix-Marseille, 1985.
[Request through RLIN or WorldCat.]

Central western Indian Ocean bibliography / A. J. Peters and J. F. G. Lionnet. Atoll Research Bulletin no. 165 (May 2, 1973). Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution, 1973.
[Van Pelt Reference: DT468 .P48 1973]

Contribution frangaise ` la connaissance giographique des "Mers du Sud": bibliographie des principaux travaux scientifiques frangais traitant des ocians Pacifique et Indien, des mers australes et de leurs nles / Frangois Doumenge, Alain Huetz de Lemps, and Odile Chapuis. (Nles et archipels, 9.) Talence: GRET, Institut de giographie, CEGET-CNRS, 1988.
[Request through RLIN or WorldCat.]

Bibliographie de l'histoire des grandes routes maritimes 1932-1974. Vol. 5: Ocian indien / Jean Claude Roda. Saint-Denis, Riunion: Bibliothique universitaire de la Riunion, 1976.
[Request through RLIN or WorldCat]

Ports and port cities as places of social interaction in the Indian Ocean region: a preliminary historical bibliography / Peter Reeves, Frank Broeze, and Kenneth McPherson. [Nedlands, Western Australia]: University of Western Australia, Centre for South & Southeast Asian Studies, 1981.
[Request through BorrowDirect]

"L'Ocian indien occidental avant l'arrivie des Portugais: orientation bibliographique pour une itude des cttes africaines, des nles et des routes maritimes du sud-ouest de l'Ocian indien" / D. Le Blevec. Cahiers du Centre universitaire de la Riunion vol. 8 (1976): 5-22.
[Request through BorrowDirect]

Notre librairie: Revue des littiratures du Sud. Paris: Association pour la Diffusion de la Pensie Fran8aise (ADPF). 1969-present.
[Van Pelt: PN841 .N67]
[Online, recent issues only, via ADPF web]
Produces a special issue irregularly surveying recent literary works from the Indian Ocean region. See these issues:
  • no. 143 (Janvier-Mars 2001). LittIrature insulaires du Sud. [Online via ADPF web]
  • no. 130 (). 500 nouveaux titres de littirature des Caraibes et de l'Ocian Indien.
  • no. 128. Cing ans de littiratures (1991-1995): Haiti, Ocian Indien (tome II).
  • no. 116 (Janvier-Mars 1994). 2000 titres: Littiratures de l'Ocian Indien.
  • no. 114. Littirature mauricienne.
  • no. 104 (Janvier-Mars 1991). Dix ans de littiratures. Caraibes, Ocian Indien (tome II).

Bibliographie de Madagascar / G. Grandidier. 3 vols. Paris: Comiti de Madagascar, 1906-1935 [reprint: Nendeln/Liechenstein: Kraus Reprin t, 1978].
[Van Pelt Reference: Z3701 .G85 1978]

Madagascar and adjacent islands: a guide to official publications / Julian W Witherell, comp. Washington, DC: Library of Congress, 1965.
[Van Pelt Reference: Z3702 .U5]
A bibliography of foreign official publications produced by Madagascar, Comoros, Riunion, Mauritius, and Seychelles.

Bibliography of Mauritius, 1502-1954, covering the printed record, manuscripts, archivalia, and cartographic material / A. Toussaint and H. Adolphe. Port Louis: Esclapon for the Mauritius Archives Dept., 1956.
[Van Pelt: Z3703 .M3 A5]
"A selective annotated bibliography on Indian immigration in Mauritius" / S. Deerpalsingh. In: Indians overseas: the Mauritian experience / U. Bissoondoyal, ed. Moka, Mauritius: Mahatma Gandhi Institute, 1984. Pages 369-436.
[Request through RLIN or WorldCat.]

Bibliographie de la Riunion, des origines ` 1975 / Jean Claude Roda. Multiple volumes? Saint-Denis, Riunion: Association historique internationale de l'Ocian indien, 1982- .
[Request through RLIN or WorldCat.]

"Documentation pour une histoire des Seychelles" / Jean-Michel Filliot. Les Seychelles et l'Ocian indien / Bernard Koechlin, ed. (Ocian indien / recherches et documents.) Paris: L'Harmattan, 1984. Pages 135-148.
[Van Pelt: DT469 .S44 S49 1985]

Bibliography on Andaman and Nicobar Islands: covering anthropology, bi ology, geography, geology, history, statistics, etc. / Sumedha Chawla and T. N. Pandit. Calcutta: Anthropological Survey of India, Govt. of India, 1981.
[Van Pelt South Asia Reference: DS486.5 .A5 C492 1981]

A bibliography of Ceylon: a systematic guide to the literature on the land, people, history, and culture published in Western languages from the sixteenth century to the present day / H. A. I. Goonetileke. 3 vols. (Bibliotheca Asiatica 5, 14, 16.) Zug, Switzerland: IDC, 1970- .
[Van Pelt: DS489 .G66 1970]

East and northeast Africa bibliography / Hector Blackhurst. (Scarecrow area bibliographies, 7.) Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 1996.
[Van Pelt Reference: DT365.18 .B55 1996]

The Arab state of Zanzibar: a bibliography / Norman Robert Bennett. Boston: G. K. Hall, 1984.
[Van Pelt:DT449 .Z23 B35 1984]
"A bibliography of primary sources for Tanzania [and islands], 1799-1899 (books only)" / Andrew D. Roberts. Tanzania notes and records no. 73 (1974): 65-92.
[Museum Kolb Collection: DT436 .T3]

Somalia: a bibliographical survey / Mohamed Khalief Salad. (African Bibliographic Center. Special bibliographic series, n.s., no. 4.) Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1977.
[Van Pelt Reference: DT401.5 .S25 1977]

READING ABOUT THE INDIAN OCEAN REGION - Using Franklin in the Penn Library

Use Franklin to identify and locate in the Penn Library books, periodicals, and bibliographic and numeric data files in electronic format.

CAVEAT: Biddle Law Library holdings do not appear in Franklin. Use LOLA, the Biddle catalog to search Biddle's holdings.

The best way to use Franklin is to search by Library of Congress subject heading. Some subject headings pertaining to the Indian Ocean region used in Franklin are:

Africa, East Mauritius
Africa, Eastern Mayotte
Africa, Sub-Saharan Mercenary troops
Ahmad ibn Majid al-Sadi, fl. 1462-1498 Merchants
Andaman and Nicobar Islands (India) Monsoons
Arabian peninsula Muslims
Chagos Islands Nederlandsche Oost-Indische Compagnie
Cheng, Ho, 1371-1435 Periplus Maris Erythraei
Coelacanth Persian Gulf
Comoros Persian Gulf region
Compagnie des Indes Persian Gulf states
Cowries Ratsiraka, Didier, 1936-
Decolonization Reunion
Denard, Bob, 1929- Seychelles
Dhows Slave traders
Diego Garcia Slavery
East India Company Slavery and Islam
French franc area Slave-trade
French overseas departments Socotra (Yemen)
Gama, Vasco da, 1469-1524 Sri Lanka
Ibn Batuta, 1304-1377 Sugar growing
Indian Ocean Sugar trade
Indian Ocean region Sugar workers
Islands of the Indian Ocean Sugar -- Manufacturing and refining
Lakshadweep (India) Sugarcane industry
Madagascar Swahili language
Malagasy Republic Swahili-speaking peoples
Malagasy language Tea
Maldives Tea plantation workers
Mascarene Islands Tea trade

Keyword searching using Library of Congress subject headings and subheadings is very useful for combining different concepts into one search, for restricting searches to geographic areas, and for identifying unfamiliar Library of Congress subject headings (e.g., from known catch-phrases):

mauritius AND sugar? AND slave?
("denard bob" OR mercenar?) AND comoros
(madagascar OR malagasy) AND (coloni? OR decolonization)
("east africa?" OR swahili? OR zanzibar) AND "slave trade?"

Some Franklin subject heading subdivisions are useful for limiting searches for specific aspects of a subject. Use skey subject keyword field code to combine these with other search terms:

skey antiquities skey "foreign relations"
skey commerce skey "islamic influences"
skey "economic conditions" skey "oriental influences"
skey "emigration and immigration" skey "politics and government"
skey "ethnic identity" skey "strategic aspects"
skey "foreign influences" skey "social conditions"
skey "social life and customs"

Some Franklin subject heading subdivisions are useful for identifying genres. Use skey subject keyword field code to combine these with other search terms:

skey bibliography skey maps
skey biography skey "personal narratives"
skey "description and travel" skey sources
skey guidebooks skey statistics

The Penn Library Web provides extensive help for searching Franklin.


Whether in print or electronic (online or CD-ROM) format, serial bibliographies, indexes, and abstracts are regularly published, continuing bibliographies offering subject and author access to periodical or newspaper articles, books, book chapters, essays in collections, etc.

Penn Library Web Databases
The Penn Library Web Databases tool may be used to identify relevant databases for subject communities, such as Anthropology, History, Political Science or Sociology, and for area studies.

Bibliography of Asian studies. 1957-present.
[Online, 1971-present, via Penn Library Web]
[Print, 1957-present: Van Pelt South Asia Reference (Room 551): DS1 .B393]
[Annual print issues, 1957-1968, online, via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]
The principal index for western-language books, articles, and book chapters on East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. Although "Indian Ocean" is identified as a country within "Asia", "Maldives" appears as a country within "South Asia".

International African bibliography. 1971-present.
[Van Pelt: DT1 .I574. Latest five years in Van Pelt Reference.]
Indexing with abstracts for current scholarly literature on Africa. From vol. 10 (1980) to present, separate section covers Indian Ocean countries.

Africa south of the Sahara, index to periodical literature, 1900-1970 / African Section, Library of Congress. 4 volumes. Boston: G. K. Hall, 1971.
[Van Pelt Reference Stacks: Z3503 .U47 (shelved in Oversize section, at west end)]
With supplements covering up to 1977, provides excellent anglophone and francophone coverage of journal literature. Geographical arrangement with topical subdivisions and catalog card reproduction format may be clumsy for some users, but worth the effort! Based upon Library of Congress holdings and indexing from CARDAN (Centre d'analyse et de recherche documentaires pour l'Afrique noire, Paris), Cidesa (Centre international de documentation iconomique et social africaine, Brussels), FNSP/CDC (Fondation nationale des sciences politiques, Centre de documentation contemporain), and INADES (Institut Africain pour le development economique et sociale, Abidjan).

Index Islamicus. 1665-present.
[Van Pelt Reference: BP166.2 .I53...]
[CD-ROM, 1906-present: Van Pelt Reference Moelis CD Area BP166.2 .I5342]
The principal index for Islamic studies, covering western-language books, articles and book chapters, and reviews on all aspects of Islam and Muslims, past and present. Geographic areas covered include all Muslim-majority countries and Muslim minority populations worldwide. The CD-ROM version often crashes; the print version's backfile is awesome.

Historical abstracts. 1970-present.
[Online via Penn Library Web]
Excellent coverage of worldwide scholarly journal literature (and some books and dissertations) on non-United States history during the modern period to the present. Search interface permits time-period subject searching.

International bibliography of the social sciences (IBSS). 1951-present.
[Online via Penn Library Web]
Sponsored by Unesco, this provides the best coverage of worldwide scholarly literature, including journal articles, books, and book chapters, in anthropology, economics, political science, and sociology. A GOOD STARTING PLACE

PAIS International. 1915-present.
[Online, 1972-present, via Penn Library Web (OVID)]
[Print, 1915-1994, Van Pelt Reference: JA1 .P357]
Indexes, with some abstracts, articles, books, government documents, and some grey literature on contemporary political, social, and public policy issues worldwide. Covers materials in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Print backfile provides good access to policy literature throughout the twentieth century.

Bulletin analytique de documentation politique, economique et sociale contemporaine. Fondation national des sciences politiques, 1946-1998.
[Van Pelt: H3 .B855]
French-language public affairs index, very useful for "current history" research on francophone countries.


Large collections of documents, publications, and other primary source material may be very useful. However, these collections -- each one often represented by a single Franklin record -- may get lost among your search results. The research collections below reflect a small selection of the Penn Library's vast research materials.

Major microform sets in the Penn Library
Many research collections are available in microformats. This list identifies the major microform sets.

eHRAF Collection of Ethnography. Human Relations Area Files .
[Online via Penn Library Web]
Continues the microfiche collection, Human Relations Area Files [HRAF], held in the University Museum Library. The two resources reproduce collections of ethnographic texts on approximately 450 cultures worldwide, with indexing for more than 700 categories of human behavior.
Indian Ocean cultures covered by eHRAF and HR AF include:
  • Somali. OWC MO04. Probability Sample File. Fiche: 1850-1965, 31 documents. eHRAF: 1600-1985, 14 documents.
  • Tamil. OWC AW16. Fiche: 1950-1970, 41 documents.
  • Sinhalese. OWC AX04. Probability Sample File. Fiche: 1950-1970, 8 documents. eHRAF: ca.1860-1985, 10 documents.
  • Vedda. OWC AX05. Fiche: 1860-1940, 5 documents.
  • Andamans. OWC AZ02. Probability Sample File. Fiche: 1900-1975, 11 documents. eHRAF: 1900-1975, 12 documents.
  • Maritime Arabs [past and present of maritime Oman, Aden, and Red Sea and Persian Gulf shores]. OWC MK02. Fiche: 1930-1950, 4 documents.
Outline of cultural materials.
[Online via HRAF web]
Subject codes for paragraph-level indexing of HRAF and eHRAF texts. This page provides codes and labels, with no annotations.
Outline of world cultures.
[Online via HRAF web]
Culture codes for the cultures covered in the HRAF resources. This page provides codes and labels, with no annotations.

Raw, medium, well done: a critical review of editorial and quasi-editorial work on pre-1885 European sources for sub-saharan Africa, 1960-1986 / Adam Jones. (Studies in African sources 1.) Madison: African Studies Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1987.
[Van Pelt: DT352.65 .J66 1987]
Geographic index identifies translated, transcribed or otherwise edited sources as well as secondary works focused on specific sources relevant to the East African coast, including Mozambique, Zanzibar, and the Comoros.

Indian sources for African history: guide to the sources of the history of Africa and of the Indian diaspora in the basin of the Indian Ocean in the National Archives of India / S. A. I. Tirmizi. 3 vols. (Guides to the sources for the history of the nations. 2nd series: Africa south of the Sahara, vol. 10/1.) Delhi: International Writers' Emporium, 1988- .
[Van Pelt: DT20 .A12 T573 1988]
Although the materials described are archival in nature, this is a useful guide for identifying materials potentially available in microform.

Gallica Voyages in Afrique / Bibliothhque nationale de France
[Online via BNF web]
Provides original writings by western explorers of Africa. Reproduces 900 monographic volumes, 30 periodicals, and 80 maps from the Bibliothhque nationale print collections, 20 hours of sound recordings from Musie de la parole et du geste, and 6500 photographic images from Sociiti de giographie.

Source book on Arabian Gulf states: Arabian Gulf in general, Kuwait, Q atar, and Oman / Soraya M. Kabeel. Kuwait University, Libraries Dept., 19 75.
[Van Pelt: DS247 .A13 K24]

The Persian Gulf pricis / J. A. Saldanha, comp. 8 vols. Gerrards Cross, Eng.: Archive Editions, 1986.
[Van Pelt: DS326 .S346 1986]
Reprints an 18-volume (1903-1908) collection of British and East India Compa ny records on Persian Gulf political, economic, and slavery affairs, 1600-1905.

British parliamentary papers.
The Penn Library has very rich holdings, some unique. Easiest access to significant documents is provided through the finding aids of the Irish University Press "Thousand-volume series", which is scattered throughout Van Pelt Library's stacks according to subseries subject.
  • Catalogue of British parliamentary papers in the Irish University Press 1000-volume series and area studies series, 1801-1900. Shannon: Irish University Press, 1977.
    [Van Pelt Reference: Z2019 .I732]
    Short titles for documents within each volume, with discursive annotations on volume highlights.
Consult the Van Pelt Library special bibliography, British Government Publications, for additional information.

Royal Commonwealth Society, London, photograph collection. 808 fiches. Zug, Switzerland: IDC, 1986.
[Museum Library: Microfiche 19]
Approximately 45,000 historical photographs on British colonial and Commonwealth topics from mid-1850s to mid-1980s.
Historical photographs of the Middle East. 194 fiche. Zug, Switzerland: IDC, 1985.
[Van Pelt Microtext Center: Microbook 18]
More than 16,000 historical photographs from 1858-1973 on political, historical, archaeological, and anthropological events in the Middle East (including North Africa, Sudan, Eritrea, Afghanistan, and Central Asia). Collected by the Middle East Centre, St Antony's College, Oxford.

UN ODS. United Nations. [online]
[Online via Penn Library Web (United Nations web)]
Fulltext of UN documentation from 1992.
UN documents and publications [microform]
[Van Pelt Reference Government Documents Room]
[Indexed by AccessUN [online via Penn Library Web].
Documents, including masthead documents, Official Records, limited and restricted documents, and regional commissions, from 1946 to present. For more information, consult United Nations Publications, Van Pelt Library special bibliography.

United Nations Development Programme Project Reports.
[1972-1988: Van Pelt Microtext: Microfiche 1100. Indexed in Access UNDP, Penn Library Web]
[1998-present: UNDP Documentation Library]
Project reports funded by the UNDP and executed by IGOs, INGOs, and national government agencies. Report types include technical, evaluative, and final or terminal reports. Excellent source for groundlevel development activity worldwide.

World Bank Documents & Reports.
[Online via Penn Library Web]
International Monetary Fund Publications.
[Online via Penn Library Web]
UNESDOC: the UNESCO Documents Collection.
[Online via Penn Library Web]
[Online via Penn Library Web]
These IGO databases provide page-image fulltext of publications and documents. Depth and breadth of coverage varies: UNESDOC omits the major UNESCO publications but includes local workshop reports; SourceOECD holds the very valuable OECD statistical annual publications but no working documents; the large World Bank database provides a broad range of scholarly monographs and conference reports as well as working documents and background papers.

Human Rights Watch publications. 1980-present. Annual update.
[Van Pelt Microtext Center: Microfiche 1117]
Reproduces all Human Rights Watch publications. See Human Rights Watch publications: catalog index for individual titles.

Human rights documents. South Asia. IDC. 1983-1994.
[Van Pelt Microtext Center: Microfiche 906]
Reproduces documents on human rights issued by nongovernmental organizations in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, mostly during the 1980s.
Political pamphlets from the Indian subcontinent. CIS.
[Van Pelt Microtext Center: Microfiche 815]
Reproduces more than 2,000 English-language pamphlets published from 1915 through the present and held by the Library of Congress. Pamphlets cover mainstream, special interest, and fringe groups from British Imperial India, and the modern countries of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.


Indian Ocean Islands by Region and Country.
[Online via Columbia University Libraries web]
Part of the "African Studies" section of the World Wide Web Virtual Library. L'Annuaire Internet de l'Ocian Indien.
[Online via]
A good starting place for web sites from and about Indian Ocean countries.

COI Infonet / Commission de l'Ocian Indien.
[Online via COI-Info web]
Organizational documents, annual reports, and other publications relating to this organization for strengthening diplomatic, economic and commercial, and cultural ties among Comoros, Riunion, Madagascar, Mauritius, and Seychelles.

Universiti de l'Ocian Indien.
[Online via COI Infonet web site]
The coordinating organization for postsecondary institutions in the five COI countries. Jointly administered by the Commission de l'Ocian Indien and the European Union.

Ocean Data and Information Network for Africa (ODINAFRICA) / Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO and others.
[Online via UNESCO web]
Cooperative project among African countries for Indian Ocean-related marine sciece and ecological data and information. Includes Marine Species Database for Eastern Africa (MASDEA), searchable database for biogeographic/taxonomic information on Western Indian Ocean and East African marine species.

Indian Ocean Rim Network (IORNET) / Indian Ocean Rim Busine ss Facilitation Centre.
[Online via IORNET]
Web site for Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation. Includes annual reports from the Indian Ocean Region Academic Group (IORAG) and other working groups. Primarily useful for business and applied economics research.

Culture(s Ocean Indien.
[Online via COI web]
Web site directory identifying organizations individuals in the cultural professions in Comoros and Mayotte, Reunion, Madagascar, Mauritius, and Seychelles.

Journal of Indian Ocean studies. New Delhi: Society for Indian Ocean Studies, 1993- . Three issues a year.
[Van Pelt: DS331 .J68]
Continues Indian Ocean news & views.

Penn Library - News Sources
This page links to major subscription electronic news sources as well as to guides to major archival collections of worldwide news sources available in print or microform.

[Online via Penn Library Web]
Easiest fulltext news service to search. Has strong overseas English-language news coverage. Most coverage dates from the last decade.
LEXIS-NEXIS Academic Universe.
[Online via Penn Library Web]
Similar, slightly weaker coverage to Factiva. Very difficult to search fulltext or to restrict searching to single news sources. Excellent coverage of US broadcast news media.

FBIS and World News Connection.
These resources provide English-language fulltext translations for non-English local broadcast and print news reports from locations around the world. Invaluable for reading alternative or local press coverage. WNC is a "lite" product. Use FBIS whenever possible.
For more information on Penn Library FBIS holdings, consult FBIS daily reports Van Pelt Library special bibliography.
World News Connection. 1994-present.
FBIS publications. [CD-ROM]. 1996-present.
[CD-ROM at Van Pelt Reference Moelis CD Area: D856 .F357]
FBIS daily reports. [Microfiche]. 1974-1996.
[Microfiche at Van Pelt Reference Government Documents Room: SuDoc PrEx 7.10:FBIS-...]
Indexed by Foreign Broadcast Information Service Index (Penn Library Web).


A selection among online resources available for Penn readers, including digital books.

Geography and Environment

"Physiography of the Indian Ocean" / B. C. Heezen and Marie Tharp. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences vol. 259, no. 1099 (April 7, 1966): 137-149.
[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

"Long-term climatic change in the Western Indian Ocean" / D. R. Stoddart and R. P. D. Walsh. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences vol. 286, no. 1011 (July 3, 1979): 11-23.
[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

"Subtropical convergence fluctuations and Quaternary climates in the Middle Latitudes of the Indian Ocean" / Allan W. H. Be and Jean-Claude Duplessy. Science, n.s., vol. 194, no. 4263 (October 22, 1976): 419-422.
[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

"The historic biogeography of India: isolation or contact?" / John C. Briggs. Systematic Zoology vol. 38, no. 4 (December 1989): 322-332.
[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

"An integrated environmental assessment of the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia" / Andrew R. G. Price et al. Environmental conservation vol. 25, no. 1 (March 1998): 65-76.
[Online via Penn Library Web (Cambridge)]

"Environmental carrying capacity and tourism development in the Maldives and Nepal" / Katrina Brown et al. Environmental conservation vol. 24, no. 4 (December 1997): 316-325.
[Online via Penn Library Web (Cambridge)]

"On the vegetation of Seychelles" / Desmond Vesey-Fitzgerald. Journal of Ecology vol. 28, no. 2 (August 1940): 465-483.
[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

"Further studies of the vegetation on islands in the Indian Ocean" / D. Vesey-Fitzgerald. Journal of Ecology vol. 30, no. 1 (February 1942): 1-16.
[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

"Population monitoring of the coelacanth (Latimeria chalumnae)" / Karen Hissmann, Hans Fricke, and Jurgen Schauer. Conservation biology vol. 12, no. 4 (August 1998): 759-765.
[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

"Two living species of coelacanths?" / Mark T. Holder et al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America vol. 96, no. 22 (26 October 1999): 12616-12620.
[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

Migration and Diaspora

"Creolite in the Indian Ocean: two models of cultural diversity" / Francoise Lionnet. Yale French Studies no. 82, Post/Colonial Conditions: Exiles, Migrations, and Nomadisms vol. 1 (1993): 101-112.
[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

"Crossers of the sea: slaves, freedmen, and other migrants in the northwestern Indian Ocean, c. 1750-1914" / Janet J. Ewald. American Historical Review vol. 105, no. 1 (February 2000): 69-92.
[Online via Penn Library Web (History Cooperative)]

"On the problem of sea voyages of ancient Africans in the Indian Ocean" / Yu. M. Kobishchanow. Journal of African History vol. 6, no. 2 (1965): 137-141.
[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

"Arabic in Madagascar" / Kees Versteegh. Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies vol. 64, no. 2 (June 2001): 177-187.
[Online via Penn Library Web (Cambridge)]

"Locations for South Asian diasporas" / Sandhya Shukla. Annual review of anthropology vo. 30 (2001): 551-572.
[Online via Penn Library Web (Annual Reviews)]

"We have the best gods! The encounter between Hinduism and Christianity in La Reunion" / Christian Ghasarian. Journal of Asian and African studies vol. 32, no. 3 (December 1997): 286ff.
[Online via Penn Library Web (1File)]

"Iranians abroad: intra-Asian elite migration and early modern state formation" / Sanjay Subrahmanyam. Journal of Asian Studies vol. 51, no. 2 (May 1992): 340-363.
[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

Economy, Trade, and Commerce

"The Arab agricultural revolution and its diffusion, 700-100" / Andrew M Watson. Journal of economic history vol. 34, no. 1 (The tasks of economic history): 8-35.
[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

"From the Mediterranean to India: documents on the trade to India, South Arabia, and East Africa from the eleventh and twelfth centuries" / S. D. Goitein. Speculum vol. 29, no. 2, pt. 1 (April 1954): 181-197.
[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]
"A first announcement and a preliminary report about a collection of letters, legal docuemnts, accounts and other papers", aka the Cairo Genizah!

"The itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela: a twelfth-century Jewish description of north-east Africa" / Robert L. Hess. Journal of African History vol. 6, no. 1 (1965): 15-24.
[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

"Un voyage de Goa a Ormuz en 1520" / Jean Aubin. Modern Asian studies vol. 22, no. 3 (1988) (Special issue: Asian studies in honour of Professor Charles Boxer): 417-432.
[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

"Trade and state in the Arabian Seas: a survey from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century" / R. J. Barendse. Journal of World History vol. 11, no. 2 (Fall 2000): 173-225.
[Online via Penn Library Web (Project Muse)]

"Of Imarat and Tijarat: Asian merchants and state power in the western Indian Ocean, 1400 to 1750" / Sanjay Subrahmanyam. Comparative Studies in Society and History vol. 37, no. 4 (October 1995): 750-780.
[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

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[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

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[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

"Persians, pilgrims and portuguese: the travails of Masulipatnam shipping in the western Indian Ocean, 1590-1665" / Sanjay Subrahmanyam. Modern Asian studies vol. 22, no. 3 (1988) (Special issue: Asian studies in honour of Professor Charles Boxer): 503-530.
[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

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[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

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[Online via Penn Library Web (Cambridge)]

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[Online via Penn Library Web (ECO)]

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[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

"Cross-cultural perceptions of piracy: maritime violence in the western Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf region during a long eighteenth century" / Patricia Risso. Journal of World History vol. 12, no. 2 (Fall 2001): 293-319.
[Online via Penn Library Web (Project Muse)]

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[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

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[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

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[Online via Penn Library Web (ScienceDirect)]

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[Online via Penn Library Web (ScienceDirect)]

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[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

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[Online via Penn Library Web (ECO)]


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[Online via Penn Library Web (Penn Library E-books Project)]

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[Online via Penn Library Web (Cambridge)]

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[Online via Penn Library Web (Cambridge)]

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[Online via Penn Library Web (1File)]


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[Online via Penn Library Web (ECO)]

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[Online via Penn Library Web (Cambridge)]


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[Online via Penn Library Web (Catchword)]

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[Online via Penn Library Web (1File)]

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[Online via Penn Library Web (JSTOR)]

"Writes of passage: the Cape of Good Hope in late seventeenth-century narratives of travel to Asia" / Robert Launay. Journal of Asian and African studies vol. 36, no. 4 (November 2001): 419ff.
[Online via Penn Library Web (1File)]

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