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Poster printing service: How it works

1) By appointment

This is the recommended option.  Choose this option if any of the below apply to you:
  • you have not used our service before
  • you are not able to save your poster as a PDF file, or if for some reason the PDF file is distorted or not formatted properly  
  • you need help formatting your poster
  • you have used our service before and are a satisfied customer, so you want to come see us even if you don't need to :)


2) By email

This option will save you a trip to the library, but use ONLY IF you agree to the following terms:
  • You are able to save your poster as PDF in an email-able file size (usually under 25MB).
  • We will print the file that you send us AS IS and you agree to pick up and pay for the poster.
  • We will let you know if something is terribly wrong, such as blurry images, and give you a chance to send us a different file.  We will not proof your poster for typos or minor formatting issues.
  • If we do find major issues with the poster file, we may ask you to come in person before we print it.
Please note that the same turn-around restrictions (24 hours) apply to posters submitted via email.