PowerPoint Basics

Opening PowerPoint
Understanding the screen
Inserting slides

Adding and editing content

Inserting text
Inserting notes, headers and footers
Formatting text and lists

Working with design

Customizing background
Applying and creating templates
Design tips

Working with graphics

Downloading, inserting and editing images
Image Resources for Health & Life Sciences
Drawing and editing objects

Working with animation

Animating text and images
Slide transitions

Adding sound and video

Sounds, narration and music
Video requirements

Graphs and tables

Working with graphs
Importing and linking data from Excel to PowerPoint

PowerPoint online

Hyperlinks and action buttons
Putting up a presentation on the web

Printing and Presenting

Printing options
Running a slide show


PowerPoint DO's and DON'T's
Other PowerPoint websites
Workshop evaluation
(for on-site workshop participants only)

Inserting slides in PowerPoint 2000 | in 2002

After you have opened a new presentation, PowerPoint displays the New Slide dialog box containing several AutoLayouts. AutoLayouts provide a pre-determined layout for each specific type of slide, such as bulleted lists, graphs, and/or images. Click on each thumbnail image and a description will be printed in the message box. Highlight the layout you want and click OK.

New Slides
The same dialog will appear every time you insert a slide. You can insert a slide through the Insert menu --> New slide, or by clicking on the New Slide icon on the toolbar.

The new slide will be added after the current one. If you are in Outline view, you can click on the outline to highlight the slide after which you want to add the new slide and follow the steps for inserting slides.

* You can change a slide's layout at any time. Just click on the Format menu --> Slide Layout to see the Layout Dialog.

Inserting slides in PowerPoint XP | back to top

Once you have opened a new presentation in the 2002 (XP) version, the Task Pane on the right side of the screen will display options. Click on Blank Presentation to see possible layouts for your slide (known as AutoLayouts in the 2000 version). These are predetermined layouts for each specific type of slide, such as bulleted lists, graphs, and/or images. Click on the image to select your layout.

New Slides
The "Slide Layout" Task Pane will appear every time you insert a new slide. The directions for inserting a new slide are the same in both the 2000 and 2002 (XP) versions.

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