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Adding Video

Step 1: Creating
Before you can place a video file in Microsoft PowerPoint, it must be digitally encoded using a video encoder. When encoding video, you must use a compression scheme or codec. Codecs are types of compression schemes. There are many (Sorenson, Real, WindowsMedia). The codec you will use for Microsoft PowerPoint will be Apple Cinepack or just cinepack.

  • After encoding your video, you must make sure the file has a suffix name of .mov or .qt for Windows machines.

If you do not have equipment or software to digitize and compress your media content, Space Planning and Operations Audio Visual staff will provide you with the service.

Step 2: Saving
When saving your files, create a new folder in which to place all of your encoded media files that will be used in the presentation.

Save the PowerPoint file to the same folder.

When traveling to another computer be sure to transfer the entire folder, NOT the PowerPoint file alone, or else the video will not play.

Step 3: Inserting Video into PowerPoint
When you have your video files, you can insert them directly into PowerPoint.

There is nothing complicated about inserting a video file into PowerPoint, as the steps are very similar to those for inserting sound:

  1. Select Insert Menu < Movies and Sounds < Movie from File

  2. Find the movie file in your folder and double-click on it.

For more info:

What is a CODEC?

Visit Microsoft's Microsoft's PowerPoint 2002 support center

See article on Multimedia and PowerPoint at http://www.indezine.com/products/powerpoint/ppmultimedia.html

Contact the Space Planning and Operations Audio Visual staff at 215-898-0514.

Need help? Email me! varvarak@mail.med.upenn.edu