PowerPoint Basics

Opening PowerPoint
Understanding the screen
Inserting slides

Adding and editing content

Inserting text
Inserting notes, headers and footers
Formatting text and lists

Working with design

Customizing background
Applying and creating templates
Design tips

Working with graphics

Downloading, inserting and editing images
Image Resources for Health & Life Sciences
Drawing and editing objects

Working with animation

Animating text and images
Slide transitions

Adding sound and video

Sounds, narration and music
Video requirements

Graphs and tables

Working with graphs
Importing and linking data from Excel to PowerPoint

PowerPoint online

Hyperlinks and action buttons
Putting up a presentation on the web

Printing and Presenting

Printing options
Running a slide show


PowerPoint DO's and DON'T's
Other PowerPoint websites
Workshop evaluation
(for on-site workshop participants only)

Putting your presentation on the web

Making your presentation available online has several advantages:

  • You can access it from anywhere in the world, provided that you have access to the Internet

  • You can easily send and receive presentations by e-mail

  • You can broadcast your presentation online as you are giving it, using a microphone and/or a digital camera

To convert your presentation into Internet format, you need to save it as an HTML file first:

  • Open the presentation you want to convert to HTML

  • Select File Menu < Save as HTML... (or Save as Web Page)

  • Assign a name to this new file and choose a location where to save it (make sure you remember where you saved it!)

  • Click Save.

    This action will create a web page (.html) with your presentation, as well as a folder that contains all the necessary files that will display your presentation on any browser. The html file and the folder will have the same name - the one you assigned when you saved them - and are both needed to view your presentation.

  • Upload both the html file and the folder in the desired remote server. Your presentation is "live"!

It is possible that the html file won't keep some of your transitions and animation effects. For tips on how to create simple animation effects that work anywhere, click here.

The more images and effects you include in your presentation, the larger the html page and its folder will be. If you only have a limited storage space on the remote server, you may want to keep this in mind and design your presentation accordingly.
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