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PowerPoint 2007 - Notes, Headers, and Footers

Notes | Headers & Footers

Adding Notes

There are two ways to insert notes in PowerPoint.

1. To insert short notes: In the Normal view, click on the Notes box at the bottom of your screen and type your text.


2. To insert longer notes: Click on the View tab. Under Presentation Views select the Notes Page button. Type your notes in the space that appears below your slide.

Presentation Views - Notes Page


Inserting Headers & Footers

To add a header and footer, click on the Insert tab, then on the Header & Footer button. The Date & Time and Slide Number buttons will bring up the same dialog box.

Header & Footer Dialog

1. Fixed and Automatic Dates - PowerPoint gives you the option to add either a fixed date and time, which will remain the same, or a date and time that automatically update. If you choose to have a date and time that automatically update, the date and time will always match the date and time that you run your slide show.

2. Slide Number - Check this box to show the slide number.

3. Footer - Check the Footer box and add text to have text appear at the bottom of the slide.

4. Apply/Apply To All - To insert your chosen elements into your slide, select Apply to have the information appear only on your current slide, or Apply To All to have it appear on every slide. If any of the information is repeated on the title slide, check the Don't show on title slide box to avoid repeating the information.

5. Preview - The Preview box shows you where on your slide the information will appear. You can not change this from within this screen, but once you insert the information you can click and drag the box anywhere in your slide, just like any other text box.

Note: If you chose to Apply To All, moving the text box in one slide will not effect the placement of the information in the rest of your slides.

6. Notes and Handouts - Under this tab, you can choose your header and footer preferences for your handouts.

For more advanced options for headers and footers, see section on Master Slides.

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